Babo Botanicals Sunscreen Review

Well, Summer has come and gone.. sorta..  Here in Ohio, we’re still cruising in 80+ degree weather with raging sun. So, sunscreen is still a must. I’ve tried a handful of sunscreens this summer, but I was still on the lookout for an all natural or organic sunscreen that was a spray. I know, I know, aerosol usually means not so great ingredients, however I was determined to find something!

The convenience of a spray is nice, but the smell and sting isn’t pleasing to anyone. So, I started searching around for a fragrance free, natural aerosol and what do ya know… I found Babo Botanicals!


It came at the perfect time too! The weekend of Labor Day! We had some cookouts to go to, that would include a lot of time outside in the sun. I knew I wanted to try it out! I get a little nervous trying new sunscreens. My husband and I both have really fair skin so, our children have been blessed with beautiful porcelain skin, but cursed because, if they even think of the sun…they will get a sunburn! It’s awful!

At our first cookout, I brought my girls over and sprayed them down. I did not spray it directly on their face though. I sprayed it on my hand first and rubbed in on the face. It absorbed quickly and didn’t bother them one bit.  Best part..It’s not greasy one bit!!

My older daughter can run around for one minute and be the sweatiest kid possible. Beat red face with sweat runs. This always makes me nervous with sunscreen. We have had incidences where she sweat and got burnt where the sunscreen dripped off basically. Babo prevented it! Yes she sweat, but she didn’t burn! YAY!!

Neither one of the girls got in the water, the sunscreen however is water resistant. I love that. With these hot days that were still having, we are still swimming!

Over the rest of the weekend, we continued to use the sunscreen as we played outside. Overall I am very happy! Plus, looking at the ingredients..


I don’t see anything bad! WOO HOO! To top it off its for super sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, dairy, soy and gluten free and safe to use on babies and children. Hit every point that I was looking for. I am more than pleased by the way this sunscreen held up!

I strongly suggest you looking into Babo Botanicals for next summer season! Unless, you still have 80+ degree weather like we have here.. Then go check it out here… right now!  Babo Botanicals can also be found on Facebook!

Have you tried Babo Botanical sunscreen before? Share your thoughts down in the comments!

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