Bambo Nature Diaper Review

Oh diapers… I can not wait till I don’t have to buy them anymore. However until that point, I try to be as picky as I can be with what brands I buy. Babies can have super sensitive skin and diapers can be one of the main reasons why they can get diaper rash. Conventional diapers bleach their cotton, use perfumes and fragrances and even chlorine. Not to mention, most that you buy can sit in the landfill for 500 YEARS before decomposing! YIKES!

I am a big supporter for cloth diapering. They are more of an investment in the beginning, but the money you save over time is huge. I’ve cloth diapered both my children to a certain age. Let’s be honest though, cloth diapers aren’t always the easiest when your on the go. The convenience of disposable diapers is huge.

A while back, I made a post about natural and organic brands for baby products. One of the categories were for diapers. Some of them I had already tried, but one I hadn’t yet was Bambo Nature. It was time!

Bambo offers a eco friendly diaper that is super absorbent, but doesn’t have any of the harmful chemicals or allergens.


My youngest is in diapers 24/7 and my oldest only wears some form of diaper or pull up to bed. I knew I’d be able to give these diapers a good test! Both of my girls wear a size 5, and Bambo’s sizing is true.

I have to mention that they are absolutely adorable and very soft!


They held up to every absorbency test that I could throw at them. If it was either overnight or a long outing, we never had an issue with leakage. The one thing I loved, was that it kept the moisture off the surface. So, even if the diaper was wet, it didn’t feel like that.

They are really flexible and held up the test of an 18 month of running around with just the diaper on. She’s pretty rough on diapers. One, she loves to be naked, so she definitely tried to rip it off a few times…it stayed on!

She’s got some thigh rolls and most diapers leave marks.. not these, she seemed pretty comfortable in them…

I mean, look at this diaper bum!


Is that not just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

ok.. I may be a tad bit bias…

BUT, I really liked these diapers!

They are such a great alternative to conventional diapers.

They are not that much more either than conventional diapers and you get so much more with them. Knowing that they have zero irritants and allergens, means less diaper rash and less chemicals being introduced into your baby’s body!

You can easily get these diapers for Bambo’s website or other retailers. They also make pull ups and baby wipes!

Have you tried Bambo? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Or… What is your favorite natural or organic disposable diaper brand? Please share in the comments!

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