Biokleen Product Review

When I was searching for new cleaning products, I came across Biokleen. They have all natural household cleaners. As many know, I am pretty picky when it comes to what products I allow in my home. I have 2 young children and my youngest gets into everything. So, having a safe alternative that works is important.

I tried 3 of their products. The Laundry Liquid, the Oxygen Bleach Plus and the Bac-Out Stain Remover. I’ve been trying these products for a while now to really form an opinion. Here are my thoughts!

biokleen Laundry Liquid


This Laundry Liquid is formulated mainly for HE washers, however I had a standard washing machine at the time. What I liked is that they had listed how to use it for standard wash as well, so I knew I wasn’t going to screw anything up. It does say 64 loads, but if you’re like me and use it for a standard washer, you’ll get about half as many washes since you’ll need to use more liquid. It doesn’t contain any Phosphate, chlorine, ammonia, petroleum solvents, butyl, glycol ether, metasilicate, brighteners, SLES, or EDTA. Looking at the ingredients, I was pretty happy. Everything is plant based and it really did work!

My kids are pretty messy. My 3 year old is pretty careful, but she always seems to get something on her. My 16 month old has an adventurous spirit. She has no boundaries when it comes to dirt and messes. So, when I first used this liquid, it was on some straight up muddy clothes. Clothes came out great and looked fresh!

Another thing I really liked about this was the packaging. It’s made from 100% cardboard and newspaper. and the bottle actually pulls apart at the seam.


So, from there youll have 2 different pieces. the cardboard/newspaper outer shell and the inside bad that held the liquid. According to their website it’s 70% less plastic than regular laundry bottles. I found this pretty impressive!


See! Pretty cool huh? So, then you can dispose as you’re supposed to!

biokleen Oxygen Bleach Plus


Next, I tried the Oxygen Bleach Plus. I could go on forever why regular bleach is horrible for you, but many may not understand how oxygen bleach is different. One huge thing is….it’s not bleach! Like this product, it’s mainly a washing soda or sodium carbonate. With regular bleach, you can’t wash your colors with it… oxygen bleach you can and it will actually brighten them! It’s a safer alternative and way better for the environment. It’ll whiten your whites and it won’t break down your clothes and wear them out faster.


So, what did I think? I really liked it! I had a stain I couldn’t get out of my daughters white shorts. Playing outside and falling in a mud puddle while we were at a friend’s house sat too long. I washed it once and there was a faded grey stain all over her shorts. I basically just told her to wear them under long dresses or to bed, I thought they were ruined. When I got the Oxygen Bleach Plus, I thought, I’d give it a try. Well what do you know.. it got the stain out. Please forgive me, I did take photos, but my phone went all wacko and I had to get a new one and lost the before and after picture. Trust me though, it worked wonderfully!

biokleen Bac-Out


I have dogs so Bac-Out was right up my alley. Especially with our Schnauzer with a sensitive stomach..  That dog is prone to getting an upset and throwing up. Ugh! Let me tell you though, this stuff worked. It’s citrus and plant based with live enzymes cultures that really eat at the odors and eliminate them. I’ve invested in enzyme treatments and cleaners in my time of having animals and nothing really eliminated the stain and the odor, that didn’t leave the fabric or carpet funky feeling. We have a whitish carpet and the carpet looked better after using Bac-Out than before the incident even happened. It’s pretty concentrated, but you don’t have to dilute it to use it. Just point and squirt.. I’m a fan!


Looking at the ingredients, everything is plant based. The big warning for children had me look into it a little further. As that always raises a red flag for me even when its advertised as safe. According their website, they basically say since it is a household cleaner and even though it’s not toxic, they just want to raise awareness to be careful with using household cleaners around children. If they were to get it in their eyes, it would burn etc. So, just be aware!

Overall, I really liked the biokleen products. They tackled every job I gave them and succeeded! It’s nice to see that there are natural cleaning products out there that really work and aren’t misleading with labeling. What you see is what you get here.

Thanks biokleen!

If you’d like to check out biokleen and it’s products head over to their website HERE or their Facebook page HERE!

Have you used biokleen? Share your thoughts down below in the comments!

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