Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal Review

I love oatmeal. Its quick to make and very filling. A great grab and go breakfast. Even better, Bob’s Red Mill make these quick cooking cups that are convenient when you’re running out the door.

Upon opening the cup, I was pretty impressed. You could see all the ingredients. The Oats, cinnamon, salt, apple chunks, chia seeds and flax seeds. There weren’t bits and pieces, they were whole oats and quality ingredients!


This was super easy to make too. I boiled water in my percolator and filled the cup up to the designated line.


Put the lid on it and waited the suggested 3 minutes. However, I felt like it needed a couple more mins to fully absorb all the water. Nonetheless, it was still quick. Once it was done doing it’s thing… it looked and smelled amazing!



If you’re used to eating a packaged oatmeal, say like Quaker Oats or some other conventional brand, you’ll notice that Bob’s Red Mill is not as sweet as the others. It doesn’t have all the extra added sugars and who knows what. Which you could see the difference, because it wasn’t powdery like the conventional brands. The only thing that I may add to the Bob’s Red Mill is a little more organic cinnamon.

The nutritional facts are great! For only 270 calories that filled me up, I was excited! Pair this with a banana and breakfast is complete!


Overall, this is a great oatmeal! I loved the apple chunks, as they don’t skip on the quality and amount! I had a bunch in every bite!  The one thing I will add though…..please wait for it to cool! Those little apple chunks can get super hot and will burn your mouth if you’re not careful!

I will definitely keep these oatmeal cups in my pantry at all times. My husband was a huge fan of the blueberry oatmeal that they carry. They run about $1.88 at the store, which is a great price for an all natural, gluten free breakfast!

If for some reason you don’t have Bob’s Red Mill at your store, you can also purchase them here in a 12 pack of multiple flavors.

What is your favorite kind of Oatmeal? Tell me down in the comments! 

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