Clif Kids Z Bar Review

 Energy Bars… I have a love/hate relationship with them..

 I feel like most energy bars are pointless. The only energy you get is from the crap ton of sugar that’s in them. As quick as your sugar high hits, it’s gone and it leaves you hungry again. However, I do have admit, these were good. I was pleasantly surprised that these organic bars only have 12g of sugar and no high fructose corn syrup,artificial colors or flavors. All of the sweetness comes from real food, no additives! I was happy with the ingredients and it kinda tasted like a cookie!

When my daughter tried them she referred to it as a treat. She loved it. So, in a pinch if I didn’t make my own bars, I know I could buy these and they would be okay.

They do come in other flavors that I have not tried yet, but I have looked up ingredients for the other flavors and I thought they looked good.

So if your looking for a snack to put in you or your kids lunch that’s not a candy bar or something loaded with who knows what. Pack one of these!

Have you tried the Clif Z Bars? What are your thoughts!?

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