How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs in the Oven.

I could eat hard boiled eggs all day long… My favorite way to eat them though, on a salad. They just mesh so well with the salad dressing. It’s wonderful…..However what isn’t wonderful…. is making them. I dread boiling the water and then second guessing the whole process. Do I put them in when the water is cold and bring it to a boil or do I put them in after it boils? I can never remember. Then once they are done, that stupid green ring from being over cooked appears! UGH!! It always fails me.

Now, since I’ve been using the oven method, I always have boiled.. uhh I mean baked eggs in my refrigerator! It is fool proof. I love it! So, today I thought I’d share how I do it. Plus, to top it off.. they peel soooo easy! It’s crazy! Before, I had the ugly, crater eggs. Now, they are perfectly shaped.. Yes, they may have some not so pretty spots that I’ll show you here in a bit, but trust me you’re going to love this.

What you need: eggs, a muffin tin and an oven!

Step 1: Put eggs in muffin tin.


Step 2: Bake at 325 degrees for 30 mins.


Step 3: Remove eggs from oven and immediately place in an ice bath until cool.


Step 4: Peel your eggs. I personally like to lay it on a paper towel putting firm pressure on it….


and roll….


Giving you a cracked shell all around.


LOOK!!!  A perfect egg!!


However….  DO NOT BE ALARMED! There will probably be some dark spots on your egg where it rested against the pan! It’s still yummy!


The inside is PERFECT!! No Green Ring!!!


There you have it.. How to make the perfect unboiled, hard boiled egg that’s baked! Best method yet! If you like a softer egg, just take it out sooner. All ovens are different, so you may have to play around with times! ENJOY!!

If you have anymore quick hacks like the egg baking, post down in the comments!!


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