Montebello Pasta with Simply Nature Marinara and Kirkwood Sausage Recipe and Review

So, last night I needed to make dinner. We were out playing outside all day, I had nothing lined up to make!

I looked into the pantry and I found  some organic farfalle  pasta, aka bow tie

and a jar of organic marinara sauce.


 Spaghetti is always quick and easy. Looked in my fridge and found a package of chicken sausage stuffed with feta cheese and spinach.  The sausage is all natural, no nitrates or nitrites, no hormones or antibiotics and the chickens were fed a vegetarian diet!


This was so quick to throw together and was pretty tasty! Grilled the sausage, boiled the noodles and warmed the sauce on the stove. and TADA!! Dinner was done!

 Both my  kids ate it no problem. My 3 year old, she’s a super picky eater and she finished it!

Other than a quick dinner, what did I really think?

Montebello Organic Pasta- I was VERY surprised how  well this cooked. Usually with organic pasta, I feel like once you get  to the al dente  state and can quickly turn to mush. This no where near got there. I cooked it for around 10-11 mins which is a couple mins past the instructions (only because I was multitasking) and it stayed firm! I did have some left overs and next day pasta can be very hard and tough. This was just as a great as  the day before! Loved this pasta!  I got this pasta from Great website!

Simply Nature Organic Marinara Sauce-  I was really happy with this sauce. It had some great flavor. Next time I’ll probably season it more with some oregano or basil, but this time I wanted it as is so I could review it appropriately. Ill continue to buy this. The ingredients were great! I buy this sauce at Aldi.

 Kirkwood Chicken Sausage- It was easy to cook and tasted good! Kirkwood has a great line of Never Any! It’s meat without hormones or antibiotics, nitrates or nitrites and I’ve been really happy with this brand! 

What is your favorite  quick spaghetti dinner? Share in the comments!


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