Natracare Review..Tampons, Pads, Liners and Baby Wipes.

Natracare… I am a huge fan of this brand. Not only are their products certified organic, but just going to their website, they are 100% all about educating their customers. They give 9 different reasons on why to choose Natracare, and back up every single issue and reason. Love it. Some companies can care more about making a sale, so seeing that they put so much into educating meant a lot to me.

One of the main graphics that you will see when getting to their website here is…


This speaks volumes to me and is a pretty good wake up call. So one woman alone uses 11,000 pads or tampons in the lifetime…. take that times the 130 million adult women that live in the U.S. alone for example…  now think about the landfills and what we are doing to our earth. All the toxic plastic and the effects on our world…  let alone your health!   Let that sink in a bit..  If you need to know what can happen and the issues conventional tampons and pads can cause overall… check it out here..


I am pleased I was able to try out a few different products from Natracare..  They didn’t disappoint one bit! I tried their pads, tampons, liners, and baby wipes.


First, I’ll start with the pads.

I was and always have been a tampon user. I really didn’t get into using pads until my oldest child was born. I don’t know what made me make the switch. I think it was the over sized pads from the hospital and the sexy netted underwear you had to wear after child birth. I guess it got me out of my tampon comfort zone, because I had no other choice. Thankfully it was around that time I started looking for more natural options. It did seem though that no matter what kind of pads I would try they reminded me of those thick pads from the hospital, making me feel like I had a bigger diaper on than my daughter.

This was one huge plus for me with Natracare… their pads are thin BUT absorbent!



I was able to wear it with no leaks, no issues until the next change when I would go to the bathroom.  They have wings to help secure it, so I had zero bunching issues. It’s extra absorbent, so you don’t feel yucky when you wear it.. you know what I mean.. like when you can feel the wetness from your period sitting on top on your pad and not absorbing into it..  It stayed slim even when it was time to change it. So many positives to this pad.


It comes in a biodegradable wrapped. The back of it is waterproof that is plant based. Chlorine free, plastic free, certified organic cotton cover, no perfumes or dyes and just overall great!

INGREDIENTS Pad: Certified organic cotton, ecologically-certified cellulose pulp, corn starch, non-toxic glue.
Wrapper: Compostable starch film.
Next, I tried the panty liners.

I was unsure if I’d really get to see how absorbent they were, because I only use liners on my heavier days with tampons. However, I put one in my underwear when I was trying out a new menstrual cup. By not inserting my cup correctly, it leaked and luckily I was wearing a liner. My panties were safe! As thin as they liners are, they are perfect for a back up or a really light day.


Just like the pad, they have a certified organic cotton cover, no perfumes, dyes or chlorine, they are individually wrapped with a biodegradable wrapper and not made with any type of plastic! Thumbs up in my book! 

INGREDIENTS Pad: Certified organic cotton, ecologically-certified cellulose pulp, corn starch, non-toxic glue.
Wrapper: Compostable starch film.



can get a pretty bad rap, which in most cases rightfully so. Conventional tampons are horrible.. mixing rayon and non organic cotton that is chlorine bleached, surrounded in toxic plastic..  yikes! Plus, have you ever noticed when removing a tampon on a lighter day, how it kinda just shreds apart? Well, don’t ya think some of that cotton and rayon is left behind? Toxic shock, infection and it can even dry you out! Natracare had a great photo representing this!


See what I’m talking about now?

Anyway, the tampons worked great for me. No more or not less than other brands.. However knowing that it’s certified organic is a big deal. There is no plastic, no dyes, no chlorine bleaching..Overall, if you are a tampon user.. I’d highly suggest Natracare!


INGREDIENTS- organic cotton…  that’s it.


Lastly, the Baby Wipes..

Having 2 children, I go through a lot of baby wipes. A lot of the time, I’ll make my own wipes using organic soaps and essential oils, but having the convenience of them being in a package and not have to take a whole 5 mins to make them ( I know,pathetic right? However, I know moms out there agree..5 mins is 5 could be getting something else done)..  Anyway, the convenience is nice.. I used to buy any kind that was on sale. Which really made no sense. I was so worried about not using disposable diapers to where I used cloth, but yet I still used conventional wipes… haha.. I was trying atleast.

Seriously though, conventional wipes are a whole mix of who knows what on a mystery cloth. Parabens and formaldehyde releasing chemicals, fragrances and dyes, and a whole bunch of irritants. Think about if you child has a diaper rash and they cry or complain when you use a wipe to clean them off.. Most think it’s because you are touching the irritated skin..but a lot of the times, it’s burning and irritating the skin even more. Poor baby bums..


The Natracare brand is actually award winning and I can see why. They are super soft, gentle and smell great. The cloth is 100% organic cotton and the overall make up of the wipes including all the ingredients are 82% organic.


I went through and looked at the ingredients. Most of them I was familiar with and the others I ran through the EWG (Enviromental Working Group) for their ratings of toxicity. I am happy to report I found no issues. All rated a rating of 1, besides the Limonene, which rated a 6. On the label they noted that the Limonene is something that naturally occurs in citrus essential oils and the side effects were only for irritation and nothing major. So overall,  a fantastic brand of natural and organic wipes!


So, there you have it! Natracare! A pretty stellar organic brand that I highly suggest. If you’d like to check out Natracare, go to their website or check them out on facebook!

Have you tried Natracare or have any other organic brands of feminine products.. please tell me down in the comments!






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