The Project Begins…

So you may be wondering what is Oh My Organics, but first let me give you a little background.

My husband, Joe, and I have been married for almost 6 years and we have 2 daughters, a 3 year old named Rylynn and a 1 year old named Remy. We love cooking together and we did it all the time before we had children, but now with kids, it rarely happens..  I can barely use the restroom without getting interrupted, let alone being able to prepare a meal with him without some sort of crisis happening or Remy just deciding at that moment would be best if she cried during the whole time we made dinner.  Let me tell you though, we’re pretty good in the kitchen, however, we just made what tasted good and didn’t really care what went into it.  When I went to the grocery store I just threw stuff in my cart not even batting an eye at anything organic.  I didn’t understand the concept at the time and I don’t think I really cared.  It’s kinda sad to think about it now.

Luckily, after we had Rylynn something clicked.  We wanted to do better.  I don’t think we knew what that meant just yet, but we were making an effort.  We made all our own baby food, we used cloth diapers and started reading labels.  I was still absolutely clueless, but I felt like we were making strides into the right direction. I did a lot of researching and became more aware that the things I did was only a start. Talk about being overwhelmed… Pesticides, GMOs, MSG, and thousands of toxic chemicals, in virtually everything.  Thankfully, our eyes were open and we were ready to make even more changes.  Between a coworker and our church we had a great group of friends that were like minded who taught us a lot.  It was a big Ah-Ha moment for us and we jumped in with both feet. We were reading labels, buying fresh ingredients and organic when available and even jumped on the essential oil band wagon.

After having Remy it solidified our ways even more. We not only wanted to do right for ourselves, but especially our children! Over this past fall, I joined a Non Toxic company that opened our eyes to things that we’re putting on our bodies everyday and the effects from that were scary! The more I learned, the more I needed to educate others.  Now listen, I know making a switch like that isn’t easy. Saying and doing are two completely different things.. However, its where Oh My Organics is going to help..

Here is how it started.  One day I’m browsing Pinterest, because what else do you do during your kids naptime?  I come across some of these blogs and let me tell you, some of these blogs I couldn’t believe the attention they were getting from what they were writing about. So I thought if they could do it, then maybe I could too, and who knows maybe I’d be good at it!

If I am going to do this, I want it to do something that helps others.  I started thinking about my journey and how stressful it was. Understanding what organic was and the things that came with it. Which brands were trustworthy, which foods taste good, where I could find it and one of the big things for us was how to get it and not have it break the bank! So my idea started to evolve. The idea of making the decision of what organic products to choose a little easier. Review them, then share my thoughts. Helping to educate why spending just a little more money on organic is worth it! Not only for them, but also for the environment.

At first, I kinda thought this idea was out of my league, but in my heart, I knew, I would be passionate about it. I shared it with Joe and of course he was super supportive like with anything that I choose to do. We played with the name a bit and Oh My Organics came about. I am very excited about this and I hope you all enjoy this journey with me. I hope that at least one thing that I talk about may make a difference in someones life.. and from all that being said….  So begins the project!!!  Oh My……..Organics!

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