Tamalia Naturals Review

Tamalia Natural Organic Skincare is an Organic and 100% Natural company that offers a wide variety of skin care. The one thing that I found intriguing from the very start is that every product is made to order. So, that means when you place your order, they make it and ship it. It has never sat on a shelf! I found this to be super beneficial. Not only are they using high quality ingredients, but it’s also fresh! Huge plus for me!

The two products I tried was the Rose Facial Moisturizer and the  Organic Calendula Salve.


I got the most use out of the facial moisturizer obviously….and I really liked it! It smelled amazing and it wasn’t greasy or heavy. It absorbed quickly and made my skin really smooth. I’ve been using it for a while now and over time I have noticed my pores actually look smaller! I wish I would of taken before and after photos, but I guess I didn’t think a moisturizer would do so much. My skin looks more even and softer.

On their website they also state that if you use it on a daily basis, you’ll notice the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and it prevents and treats acne! Which I can say I have noticed that I’ve barely had any pop up pimples!


The Calendula Salve came just at the right time. I was looking at making my own salve. Neosporin is full of harmful nasty ingredients.

You can read more why you need to switch from Neosporin to a natural product HERE.

Looking at Tamalia’s Calendula Salve ingredients, it’s everything that I would use in my own salve. It’s perfect. With having 2 kids, we have lots of bumps and bruises. Plus, I may or may not burn my hand on a regular basis on our toaster oven. haha..  You’d think one of these days I’d remember it was hot!

So, I’ve had more incidences than I care to admit that I was able to use the Salve on. It was perfect. It helped take the sting out of burns, the pain out of cuts and scrapes and using it over the duration of the wound, it helped with healing! I think this is one that I’ll keep purchasing instead of trying to make my own! Plus, the smell was pretty good! I really liked the addition of the lavender oil!


I’m overly pleased by both of these Tamalia products. The ingredients are good and the quality is even better. If you’d like to check out these products yourself go to their Website!

You can also stay up to date on what they are offering over on their Facebook page!

Thanks Tamalia Naturals!!  A+ in my book!

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