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October 2016

Dapple Review,

As a mom, I use a lot of detergent, dish soap and cleaning supplies.. I’m always looking for new options as far as brands go. Yes, I always prefer to make my own, however if I run out of something, it’s nice to be able to reach for a bottle I trust to use around my kids.

The wonderful people over at Dapple sent me a few products to try just for that reason. They believe that products should be made with children in mind, and the messes that they make. For instance, using regular dish soap on bottles and sippy cups, they realized it was leaving a film and scent on all the bottles that they didn’t want. The lingering floral scent from the soap was not a safe mesh with the milk that was put in it.

They decided to make plant based products without any harmful chemicals or fragrances/perfumes, that was designed to clean up all the messes that children can make!

I love their message, because when I buy anything anymore, I turn the bottle over and read the ingredients. If there is one thing in the product that has me concerned to use around my daughters… I put it back.  With cleaning products, it’s really easy to pollute your home, I do my best not to do so.

Dapple has some pretty awesome products. I encourage you to head over to their website and check them out!

Remember the dish soap I was talking about?


I really liked this. My kids…. well my 18 month old is an expert at hiding things, especially her sippy cup. So, when I see a hidden sippy cup, my stomach instantly turns. I’m praying it’s no more than a day old and it’s just water. However, that’s never the case.. It’s always a 2 or 3 day old sippy cup of almond milk. I can see the dreaded thick milk film on the side of the cup and consider just throwing the whole cup away!

This soap though is good! Cuts right through it with no problem! Big thing I like is that it is fragrance free. So, you don’t have the gagging smell of old almond milk and flowers. That happened once, never again!


Check out those ingredients! I love their humor too. Notice the difference though, most warning labels consist of “if consumed, contact poison control”. Not dapple, theirs say “drink water to dilute”. It’s all plant based and natural products. It can give moms that breathe easy feeling when it comes to cleaning products.

Next, Cleaning Spray!


Babies have blowouts. It happens A LOT! I’ve gotten pretty smart and stopped changing diapers on those pretty little changing table pillow cases. We have ruined more of those than I know. However, now that we’re changing on easy to clean surfaces, the last thing I want to do is spray some chemical filled spray where they will be laying on it again, an hour later. Just doesn’t seem right to me. Plus, most cleaners have bleach or stinky chemicals to where their room now smells.

Dapple has an awesome lemon scented spray that cuts through any disgusting mess and leaves a clean smell after. It’s their nursery cleaner and I love it. I don’t only just use it in the nursery, but also for wiping down highchairs and their food trays.


I want you to go find the cleaner you are using now. Read the warning label. I bet most don’t say just drink a glass of water if ingested.. Once again… it’s safe! They even have a little tip which I know a lot of people don’t consider when they are buying a “natural” product. You have to read your ingredients..Some can still have allergens and toxic by products.

I really love this brand!


What every kitchen needs….Cleaning Wipes!

20161015_130839After our kids are done eating or while we are cleaning the kitchen, most people reach for a tub of cleaning wipes. If this is you, I encourage you to read the ingredients. Most of us know that cleaning wipes consist of bleach. Not exactly kid friendly.

Dapple cleaning wipes really cut through the grit and grime and clean! I was pretty impressed when I used it on my stove. I am an incredibly messy person when it comes to cooking. Things overflow and get cooked onto my stove top. I have sauces and oils all over the counter and my oldest never fails to say “mommy, you made a mess!”

I love how durable the wipes are and the messes it can easily clean. They can scrub and not crumble and tear, but they are so gentle when needed.


Once again, look at the ingredients. Cleaners made from vegetables, sugar and apples! Hard to believe considering how well these wipes clean! Great to have in the car too. I’ve spilled my coffee in the console and didn’t have the time to clean it up right away. What a sticky mess. Used a wipe and bam it was gone and no sticky residue.

Last, but definitely not least…. Laundry Soap!


Now, this may not pertain to all moms, but I like to cloth diaper. It was always such a pain though to find a safe detergent that I could use that was compatible with my inserts and covers. Plus, my youngest breaks out with eczema here and there, so a natural soap is important. Finding something that fit both of these categories and actually cleaned was difficult.

Dapple cut through the poopy diapers, cleaned the clothes, and didn’t make Remy’s eczema act up.

All of the cleaning agents are derived from vegetables, glucose and coconuts. Love it!


Overall, dapple is pretty awesome. I was so excited to see that when they say it’s safe for babies and children….they mean it! It’s just not a labeling scheme to get you to buy. They taking quality ingredients and make something great for families.

I’d recommend Dapple 100%!

Check them out on Facebook or their Website….either way.. make sure you see what all they have to offer!!



Yarok Haircare Review

Not sure if many of you know, but I work one day a week at a hair salon. I’ve been doing hair now for 11 years and love it. I’ve tried so many shampoos, conditioners and hair products. In the past couple of years, I’ve been looking for more natural and organic based products and unfortunately our local supply house doesn’t carry any. Most are filled with parabens, pthalates, sulfates and other chemicals that in the end do more damage to the hair than good.

I always suggest a brand to my clients so they can continue their hair care regimen at home, like many stylists do. However, it always bothered me that they are going home and using something filled with so many toxins and it was me who gave it to them. Something that I suggested to them, and it’s now polluting their home. To most people, this isn’t an issue because they don’t know or don’t care about all the details or ingredients and how harmful they can be. They just want their hair to look good.

I got to the point where I just wasn’t going to do that anymore and I made the switch. I was only using non toxic hair care on all my clients. Surprisingly enough, they all loved it. The issue that I was having though, it wasn’t working for everyone. With so many hair textures, I needed more. I needed more options.

I did some research and reached out to Yarok! An awesome woman named Jessica, who is also a hairstylist, returned my email. She knew exactly what my struggle had been and was more than accommodating when it came to allowing me to review their products. I knew I’d get these products into the salon, so I could give it a good run for what they could do.


When I got everything I could not wait to try it. In fact, I may or may not of got a shower and washed my hair right away..  what? ….I was excited!   Here were my thoughts…

First, I wanna start with the basics.. Shampoo!


So, when we talk about moisturizing shampoo, I think thick and creamy. We rarely get that with shampoo. Usually it’s thin and clear..what’s moisturizing about that? Yarok’s moisture shampoo was awesome. It was thick and creamy and glided through my hair. Usually my hair after I shampoo it, is a ratted mess. Not with this. I was pretty surprised. If my hair wasn’t as dry as it is, I probably could of skipped the conditioner.

I left the shampoo in the shower for my husband to try. He has some length on his hair and its pretty coarse. As soon as he got out of the shower, he just looked at me… I didn’t say a word. He said, “I really like that shampoo”. He’s pretty honest too. If he doesn’t like something, he will say it. So I pleased that he tried both the shampoo and conditioner and was pleased!

Big thing for me is that I don’t have to worry about my color stripping out fast. I color my hair red and I can tell you..I hate coloring it so much. With this, I have no worries. A little tip for my readers… if you enjoy getting your hair colored, only use a sulfate free shampoo. If it has any sulfate, your color will fade fast.

With this it’s made from vitamin infused water and Organic Fair Trade African black soap! It also has tons of hydration from the Argan, Organic Coconut and Organic Hemp Seed Oils! This is a good one!

The only thing that I wasn’t super excited about was the scent. Just didn’t mesh well with me. 

According to their Yarok Bible, Argan Kernel and Nut Oils are great for repairing damaged hair, moisturizing, repairing split ends while restoring shine; increases hair growth and helps control, cure and prevent dry, itchy scalp.

The other shampoo I got to try was the Volumizing Shampoo!


This is huge desire for so many of my clients. They all want fuller hair with more volume. I wanted a shampoo to offer them that was natural. Usually when they want fuller hair, they are teasing their hair as much as possible and depending on what they are using for shampoo, it’s breaking their hair off.

I used this on a few different clients. Short hair, shoulder length hair with layers and even a girl with long one length hair. I was pretty surprised that after blow drying the hair, even the ends had more volume. They say that the organic and natural herbs, flowers, vitamins, minerals and essential oils actually plump the hair. I’d have to agree with this!

The Calendula oil in the shampoo soothes inflammation and irritation. It clarifies, fights dandruff, improves texture,shine and elasticity and even brightens highlights!

The volumizing line also has a Conditioner!


This was probably a favorite of mine. I can never get a conditioner through my hair at my temples. It always gets tangled and I feel like I have to rip through it. Not with this. Hair glided right through my fingers. This was a huge headache saver for me….literally!

My husband is a huge fan of this conditioner. He will keep saying..”feel how soft my hair is”. I think it’s safe to say it won him over.

Best thing that I noticed is that it is really creamy, and most creamy conditioners will leave your hair flat…  not the case here! Love it!

Nettle is one of the ingredients- rich in vitamins and minerals, improves the strength and supports hair growth!


So, after you get out of the shower always use a Leave In Conditioner!!


I used this a lot on my daughter’s hair. I only wash my hair about every 4-5 days and I try to wash hers every 2-3 days. She could probably go longer if she didn’t sweat so much when she sleeps. She is pretty tender headed. Always flinching when a brush comes near her head. However, this did help with some of the tangles and it actually helped her hair curl a little more than normal.

I like it because my hair feels smooth while it’s wet. If I don’t use anything, my hair feels really blown out and there is that fried texture.

It’s good to put on your hair before you blow dry it to protect it from the heat as well. This is super important. Always use some form of heat protection.

One of the ingredients is Primrose Oil.. it’s used to moisturize the hair and scalp. It’s also high in fatty acids.


Next, I like to use a Root Boosting Mousse!


I used this a couple different ways in the salon. Both ways were directed by Yarok on how to use it and it was great!

Basically, you can use it as a regular root booster. Putting some in the root area and then blow drying in the opposite direction of which it grows.. great volume.

Or, you can apply it to dry hair by scrunching the mousse in sections and drying to achieve the beachy wave. Super cute and really in style right now!

Feed Your Roots has Black Currant Extract which encourages hair growth and strength!


The next two I actually enjoyed using together on wet hair! Feed Your Shine and Feed Your Do!


So, these two I really liked mixing together and putting on my wet hair, right on the ends. I read that when mixing these two is like a power punch of moisture.. let me tell ya…. After blow drying my hair, my ends felt so nice! This is definitely a thing I’m going to be carrying at the shop for when the girls want super blonde hair… this will be my secret weapon!


The Feed Your Do is also great for putting a little on your hands and getting rid of those fly aways!!

Next, Let’s talk Hair Spray!


Hairspray and I are like BFFs.. I love me some hairspray, but I hate all the horrible things that can be in it. When its prom or wedding season, the salon can really give me a headache. Not that I don’t love doing updos, but the smell of hairspray all day makes my head hurts so bad. I know it’s because my body is telling me that it’s bad and I shouldn’t be around it. However, it’s my job.. This is getting added to the better hairspray basket!

I used this a few times in the salon. It’s taken me a while to get use to spritz hairsprays but this one is pretty awesome. This stuff really works! I can confidently use this on a bride and be confident the curls are going to hold!

When my husband and I were away for a wedding this was the hairspray I brought. I really wanted to see how well it was going to hold. I sprayed each piece of hair before I curled it. You better believe 12 hours later and driving home, my hair looked exactly the way it did that morning when I did it. Insane!

Oh! It’s not sticky either. I can do updo after updo and I can walk on the floor after I am done. Usually my feet are glued to the floor because of all the hairspray!

It smells fabulous too. I think from the Rosemary Oil, which promotes hair growth and strengthens hair..


Do you see it yet??  All the ingredients basically promote hair growth!! Not break it off and make it brittle and dry!!   Quality!!


So, like I mentioned before, I try not to wash my hair that often.. best thing ever for this is… Dry Shampoo!


So, I know a lot of ladies that sprinkle baby powder in their hair.. Yes it does work, however…SO BAD FOR YOU! Please please do your research on talc powder. Yarok uses organic Arrowroot Tapioca powder and organic Corn Starch to absorb the oils in the hair to help stretch out the time between washing your hair.

I especially liked using this on clients for volume. I’d sprinkle a little in while styling and backcomb the hair to add some volume. It gave some great texture to the hair!

I really liked this!

The Defining Creme was a big hit!


I have some curly haired clients and I have curly/wavy hair as well. Biggest complaint is FRIZZ! Oh that awful frizz that can ruin a perfectly good hair day in seconds. Plus going back to when I said I don’t wash my hair that often..well when I wear it curly, we’re talking more like 7-8 days without washing. That’s always my goal. Anything that’s going to give my hair a little bit of  a break. The one thing that makes me really start hating my hair on day 4 is..flyaways and frizz. I always have to get my hair damp again and try to rework it with out making it worse.

Using the defining creme I was able to get more curl and less frizz. My Dream! It did still get frizzy because of sleeping on it, but I’d just mist my hair with water (not really wet like before) and run some more defining creme through it again lightly. problem solved!

Clients really liked it. Most of my curly headed girls walk out still damp in fear of the dreaded frizz. Yes, I can use a diffuser on them, but if they don’t want to continue that at home I’d prefer for their hair to look the same after I do it. One of my girls told me she really liked it. Her curls were soft and managable and they didn’t get crunchy!

According to the Yarok Bible they sent me, they suggest using it on days you’ll use a flat’ll keep your hair straighter longer!! Great Tip!!


Last but not least, a Treatment!! Ooohhh!


The one thing that I love about this treatment is that it helps correct all the crappy things the enviroment can do to your hair! Im talking sun damage and aging! I actually used this for the first time right after I took all of these pictures. I forgot I had it! Which is sad because it worked so well.

I have some clients that I cannot wait to get this on their hair. I have clients that vacation is hot sunny places and come to me wondering why their hair doesn’t look as great as it did. The sun and the atmosphere can do some damage and wear it out.. I always encourage wearing a hat in the sun, not only to protect your hair but also your skin 🙂

It’s really easy to use too. Put it on your hair and let it sit for 10 mins and wash and condition. Easy peasy! Plus the citrus smell is yummy!

Sweet Orange Oil is good for so many things too. Helps increase blood flow and circulation which is something that screams healthier scalp and hair growth! Love it!


Overall this is a really great line of haircare! Like I said I’ve tried anything and everything and when it comes to finding a great natural/organic product line that works so well.. Yarok hit all the bullet points for me.

Plus, I just love their overall mission! Their name alone in Hebrew means “Green”. How cool is that? They are all about preserving the planet. Actually Yarok donates 3% of its annual profits to The Pachamama Alliance. This project helps support the indigenous people of Ecuador and Peru to protect over 10 million acres of the Amazonian Rainforest!

Yarok is definitely a brand that you should check out. They use quality products that are pure. No hidden junk! Love it! Huge shoutout again to them for being a company that people can depend on for great products!

Check them out on their website or Facebook!

Have you tried Yarok? Share your thoughts down in the comments!



Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review

Ok Ok, ya got me.. I’m not a dog…obviously. So how can I review this? Trust me.. I do know my fur babies 🙂  My dogs have always ate high quality dog food and I believe they always should. What they eat is just as important as what my family eats, because our dogs are our family. I’d like to think over the span of their lifetime to this point, I know what works for them and what doesn’t.

Our 50lb Schnauzer (Tober) for instance, he has a pretty sensitive gut. It’s taken us some time to find foods that work for him. If it doesn’t work…well, we usually find it upchucked onto our floor soon after.

Our 150lb Irish Wolfhound (Ronan), he’s pretty much a tank. He can handle pretty much any food. He’s eaten some things that he probably shouldn’t have. However, we have always tried to feed him high quality and high caloric food. One reason, because he has a short life span, usually only 6-10 years. So, we want to feed him the best we can and keep him in the best shape to live as long as possible. The second reason, the more calories per cup means less food. Less food going in..less waste coming out..and with him being so large, less poop the better!!

Needless to say with our pickiness in food, we usually buy from our veterinarian and buy holistic.

I find it really important though to review other brands because, not everyone can go to their vet and get food. Some can only depend on dog food stores and at that point the choices can be overwhelming!  So, I thought if I can help make some choices than it’s a win win. We need to be more aware of what we are buying for our dogs. Their stomach’s can be sensitive and just as we watch what we eat, why shouldn’t we treat our dogs the same!

I could go on a long time about dog food, but I wont.. However, I’ll just jump into my review!

Taste Of The Wild


The 3 I had were Appalachian Valley Small Breed Canine Formula with Venison & Garbanzo Beans (this is what we fed Tober)…



Southwest Canyon Canine Formula with Wild Boar…



and Wetlands Canine Formula with Roasted Fowl (both of these we gave to Ronan).



The ingredients overall between the 3 bags were good! They all started with the MEAT, then added the veggies and the meal. Most dog food anymore starts with corn gluten or mixed meat meals. So, this was definitely impressive. Plus, the food smelled like meat! You didn’t get the dog food smell. It smelled like cooked meat. My favorite however was that it is grain free! I feel like you get more quality food when the it’s grain free. Less fillers, but that’s just my opinion!

We decided to give Tober the small breed bag because, the cup and a half of food that comes in a package roughly fit what he would need per serving for their brand. However, with Ronan we had to give 2 bags of the other. Between the 2 bags it said he would need roughly 6+ cups of food a day. He gets fed twice a day so the 3 cups between the 2 bags worked.   Keep in mind with their regular food, Tober gets 1 cup and Ronan gets 2 cups twice a day.


Here is our daughter ordering her dogs to sit before she feeds them. They listen to her so well. Isn’t it cute??


They are both usually pretty good about not reaching forward to the food and waiting till Rylynn tells them “OK”, but tonight they both were curious as to what was going in their bowls.


And their off! It was gone pretty quick.


My conclusion….

Once they were done eating, they drank some water and very soon after they both went and laid down. Neither one of them usually do this. Ronan is usually waiting at the back door, not that he has to go to the bathroom or anything. He  just likes to go outside and walk around the back yard and Tober usually goes out to patrol.

They haven’t done that yet…..


It’s kinda weird. They both still haven’t moved and I’m writing this hours after they have ate.

My husband and I both don’t think it was anything negative against the food, because trust me they couldn’t of ate it any faster.. they obviously enjoyed it…. However, I think its just more than they usually get.

Joe did take a piece of kibble and put it in a bowl of water to see how quickly it puffs up and expands. It nearly doubled in size pretty fast. So, I can only imagine what all that food is doing in their stomachs. No wonder they are laying down, I’d be doing the same.

That being said, I am still happy we tried it. I think it’s a great brand for others to try. I think the quality is there and the ingredients are on the higher end! I think it’s a brand that people can depend on for sure.

I don’t think we would switch from our food we currently buy now to Taste of the Wild, but I do think it’s a good one! If we didn’t have a brand we were so set on, I think this would be a good option for us. The amount of protein, fat and fiber and where it is all sourced from is good!


Thank you to Taste of the Wild for allowing me to review their products.


If you’d like to try Taste of the Wild for you dog, check out their website! You can also use their Store Locator to find where you can purchase Taste of the Wild near you!

You can also check them out on Facebook!


Has your dog tried Taste of the Wild? Share your thoughts down in the comments!


20 Uses for Castile Soap

I’ve only been using castile soap for a little while now. I don’t know why. I was so dependent on many brands for certain things, I was oblivious that one bottle of soap could be used for everything! Less bottles under my sink and less things I have to buy… makes me a pretty happy mom!

I’ve used a handful of different brands of castile soap. Some I like more than others, and that’s basically because of the scents. Some use different essential oils and some are stronger than others, but you always want to read the ingredients. Some I have looked at aren’t as great as I thought..using artificial fragrances or cheaper oils can change the consistency and potency of the soap. So, just be aware.

My personal preference is Dr. Bronners. All the information below will be how to use and dilute for Dr. Bronners castile soap and you may have to change the dilution slightly for other brands! 

Let’s start with the basics….. What is Castile Soap?


It’s a natural soap made from different pure vegetable oils. This soap is completely safe and is multi-use and 2-3x concentrated than ordinary liquid soaps.

Ingredients (for example, Dr. Bronners):

Water, Organic Coconut  Oil (Certified Fair Trade), Potassium Hydroxide (used in saponification, none remains after this process), Organic Palm Kernel Oil (Certified Fair Trade), Organic Olive Oil (Certified Fair Trade), Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Citric Acid, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

Depending on the scent of the soap, they will add essential oils to make it smell good 🙂 My favorite is peppermint and rose from Dr Bronners!


The Multi Uses of Castile Soap!


We’re talking body, face, hands, teeth, dishes, laundry, mopping, pets, and more! It’s all about diluting what comes in the bottle. So many uses…Here We Go!


2-3 Drops on wet hands, rub together and apply to wet face!


Small squirt on a wash cloth and apply to wet body!


1/2 tbsp. in hand and scrub into wet hair. Rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar.


2 tbsp. in an average size bath tub. Won’t foam or suds up like regular bubble bath, but will clean well!


lathers well and is great for shaving. Use 10 drops for face, 3 drops for underarms or 1/2 tsp for legs.


Brush your teeth with 1 drop on toothbrush. Peppermint would be my choice of soap!

Foot Bath-

1 1/2 tsp in small tub of hot water.

Congestion/Cold & Flu-

1 tbsp in a bowl of hot steamy water. Peppermint would be my choice for this to really open up your sinuses. Place a towel over your head and inhale the steam. Breathe!


Dilute 1:10 in a separate bottle and squirt on scrub brush. (This is for handwashing only)


1/2 cup soap (half for HE) for large load on average wash! Use 1/2 vinegar for rinse cycle.


1/2 cup soap in 3 gallons of water.

All purpose cleaning-

1/4 cup of soap added to 1 quart of water in a spray bottle. Tea Tree, Theives, Lemon or any other essential oil of your choice may be added depending on the job.


1 tbsp soap added to water in a spray bottle. Finish the window with club soda or a mix of half vinegar and half water.


1/4 cup of soap to 1 quart of water in a spray bottle. Add 1/4 tsp of tea tree oil. Turn off water, flush toilet, squirt bowl, scrub with baking soda, let sit 10 mins, turn on water and flush.

Fruit and Veggie Cleaner-

1/4 tsp in a bowl of water, Add fruit and move it through the water, and rinse in clear water.


Amount will depend on the size of your dog. Always apply to wet hair and massage down into skin. Peppermint and lavender is best to deter bugs.

Plant spray (for bugs)-

1 tbsp in quart of water in spray bottle. Can also add cinnamon or cayenne pepper.

Ant Spray-

1/4 cup Dr Bronners Tea Tree Castile Soap in a quart of water. Do not apply to plants!!

Baby Wipes-

A couple squirts of castile soap in 1 cup of water, add either lavender or tea tree oil and use on your reusable or disposable wipe cloths.

Disinfecting Wipes-

2 Tbsp castile soap, 8-10 drops Tea Tree Oil in 1 cup of water.


So many uses!! Best thing to remember is DILUTE your soap!! Castile soap is a little bit more expensive than ordinary liquid soap. Diluting soap will stretch the amount that comes in each bottle, which in the long run will save you money!!


What is your favorite use for castile soap!?  Please share down in the comments! If you have any great recipes, please post! 🙂

Tamalia Naturals Review

Tamalia Natural Organic Skincare is an Organic and 100% Natural company that offers a wide variety of skin care. The one thing that I found intriguing from the very start is that every product is made to order. So, that means when you place your order, they make it and ship it. It has never sat on a shelf! I found this to be super beneficial. Not only are they using high quality ingredients, but it’s also fresh! Huge plus for me!

The two products I tried was the Rose Facial Moisturizer and the  Organic Calendula Salve.


I got the most use out of the facial moisturizer obviously….and I really liked it! It smelled amazing and it wasn’t greasy or heavy. It absorbed quickly and made my skin really smooth. I’ve been using it for a while now and over time I have noticed my pores actually look smaller! I wish I would of taken before and after photos, but I guess I didn’t think a moisturizer would do so much. My skin looks more even and softer.

On their website they also state that if you use it on a daily basis, you’ll notice the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and it prevents and treats acne! Which I can say I have noticed that I’ve barely had any pop up pimples!


The Calendula Salve came just at the right time. I was looking at making my own salve. Neosporin is full of harmful nasty ingredients.

You can read more why you need to switch from Neosporin to a natural product HERE.

Looking at Tamalia’s Calendula Salve ingredients, it’s everything that I would use in my own salve. It’s perfect. With having 2 kids, we have lots of bumps and bruises. Plus, I may or may not burn my hand on a regular basis on our toaster oven. haha..  You’d think one of these days I’d remember it was hot!

So, I’ve had more incidences than I care to admit that I was able to use the Salve on. It was perfect. It helped take the sting out of burns, the pain out of cuts and scrapes and using it over the duration of the wound, it helped with healing! I think this is one that I’ll keep purchasing instead of trying to make my own! Plus, the smell was pretty good! I really liked the addition of the lavender oil!


I’m overly pleased by both of these Tamalia products. The ingredients are good and the quality is even better. If you’d like to check out these products yourself go to their Website!

You can also stay up to date on what they are offering over on their Facebook page!

Thanks Tamalia Naturals!!  A+ in my book!

Bon Tampon Review

Well, this review may be a little TMI, but let’s face it.. periods suck. Especially this last one and I am so happy I had this little package of Bon Tampons with me. I had just had my period about 2 weeks ago. It was light and nothing major, but this past Friday came….. and Aunt Flow must of missed me and decided to make a surprise visit. I was totally bummed and a little confused. My period has always been right on schedule and always predictable. Not this time…. I just wasn’t prepared.

Like I was saying, Friday she came back. So, with my confusion.. I wasn’t ready. Yes, I could of used a menstrual cup, but I’m still getting used to them. I had some Bon Tampons and thought, well I guess it’s go time! I rarely use tampons without cardboard applicators, because I always have an issue getting the tampon high enough without leaking.


Friday, wasn’t so bad. The tampons fit well, they absorbed well, and I didn’t feel like it was hanging out. Later that night, things took a turn. My period became very heavy and leaks were happening. The “regular” just couldn’t keep up. I was determined though. We were out of town and the Bon Tampons was all that I brought. I leaked through multiple times, even though I was changing my tampon every hour. It was ridiculous.

Saturday morning, after leaking through throughout the night and once again while I was just getting ready, I had to go buy something else. Unfortunately, I had to buy some “super plus” at the nearest store. I tried not think about all of the horrible things in that tampon, but at that point, I just didn’t want to make a scene at the wedding we were attending.

I can tell you with being only a little embarrassed, not even the “super plus” held it’s end of the bargain.. What a disaster..  Yikes!

Anyway, that’s enough about how my period ruined my night. Let’s fast forward a couple days and my period still isn’t normal, but it’s getting there. I didn’t give up on my Bon Tampons. I wanted to prove to myself that they would be fine…..Guess what.. They Were! Yay!

During this time, I played around with another new menstrual cup and one more other brand of tampons and pads, but the times I wore a Bon Tampon…  it was without fault! Thank Goodness!

My favorite part of course is that they are 100% organic cotton.. that’s it! Nothing else.


I can’t tell you the anxiety I got from using just some store bought super plus tampon.. Desperate times call for desperate measures.. but this was different..

Next time, I’m definitely going to order Bon super tampons and just see how they are. I really felt like they would of done just fine if my period didn’t get all screwy. Today is basically my last day of my period and they are great. I love that they come in a small convenient tube. I can carry a whole pack of them and not worry about some bulky box! Fits great in my purse! Also since they are applicator free, if you get anxious around people , and if you have to hide a tampon to go to the ladies room, this easily hides in your palm or in your pocket. No one would ever know!

So many positive notes to Bon! Highly Recommended!

Don’t forget why using organic and high quality menstrual products are so important.. To jog your memory.. I’ll link in HERE.


To see everything Bon has.. check out their website! I promise you won’t be disappointed. You an even set up a auto shipment of products, so you never run out!


Have you tried Bon Organic Tampons?? What are your thoughts. Share in the comments below!