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February 2017

Ecocentric Mom Box Unboxing and Review

As a mom, you gotta love mom subscription boxes! It’s so awesome. Every month you get a present in the mail, that is just for you! You don’t even have to share it if you don’t want to! I love it. This box is from Ecocentric Mom, it offers all-natural and/or organic products. You can get either the mom, pregnancy or mom and baby box.

My Ecocentric Mom Box was the mom box and it came with a lot of stuff in it! Check this out!

First, it comes all wrapped up in pretty pink paper.

With a paper that has all the contents and prices of each item! As you can see the $24 box is stuffed with items well over that amount.

There were two items from Live Inspired Organics. A Strawberry Sugar Scrub, that smells and feels absolutely amazing…

and a sample bag of tea. I am a huge tea drinker. This made the perfect cup of tea. Great to drink before bed and just relax! Go Ohio!

Common Sense Naturals included a spray hand sanitizer. It smelled wonderful and the convenience of being able to clip this onto a diaper bag or my purse was great!

Simply Earth Roll-On Relief in a Happy Joy scent. This stuff is pretty great. It is very uplifting and does help reduce stress and tension!

A gift card for handbags from Ivory Clasp. I have yet to use this gift card, but I did look over the website. They will match your style and make suggestions. This is another subscription service companies.

A sample size of Maty’s Cough Syrup.

A really cute magnetic picture hanging craft. We are currently redoing our homeschool room and I think this will be a cute addition to add to my daughters’ desks!

Hunkola!! I was pretty excited about this. I LOVE food, especially snacking type of food. This made the whole box worth it! haha.

Overall this was a pretty awesome box. Great quality products, no gimmicks. I was really impressed. Plus, it was nice to get a “gift” just for me!

When it was shipped it came really quick. The website is very user-friendly and you can pick how you would like your subscription to be set up. The more months you do the cheaper your box becomes! I highly suggest checking out Ecocentric Mom! Trust me, you’ll love it!

Check out my unboxing below!




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Ecocentric Mom Offer

The Tea Spot Review

Tea has always reminded me of home. My dad was/is a huge tea drinker. Hot or cold, it’s all he drinks. I remember being a kid and him heating up a big pot of water and throwing in a couple tea bags and letting them sit. I feel like there was always a steeping cup in the kitchen at all times.

However, what I am used to and what The Tea Spot offers, are completely different. When I think of tea, I think of boring black tea bags. Check out what The Tea Spot has!

These are the 3 types I got to try from The Tea Spot! Morning Mojo, Keep Fit and Lights Out.

Morning Mojo

Look at how pretty that tea is! This is the perfect cup of tea to wake up to. The vanilla is super smooth, but yet the orange is super fragrant and refreshing! Check out that orange peel!

I didn’t have a great way to steep my tea. Yes, I could have thrown it in a pot of hot water and then strained it out, but I decided to improvise!

I took a coffee filter and filled it with a spoonful of tea. Wrapped it up and let the hot water pour over it! I hooked the filter to the side of my cup and got a beautiful cup of tea!

Keep Fit

This tea looked really rustic. In fact, when I put it in my coffee filter it kind of poked some holes in it. Once steeped, it made a pretty golden color tea!

So, I might have liked this one so much that I forgot to take a picture until it was almost gone! I love lemon flavored tea. This was light and delicious!

Lights Out

This one was definitely the prettiest of the three. It had flowers in it!  It was so floral and pretty and it tasted so good! I love calming teas and this one did the trick. It has chamomile, lavender, licorice root and peppermint. It definitely tasted more like licorice and peppermint.

The tea is a really pretty burgundy color.

Overall these were a great variety of teas. Not only did they look attractive and earthy but they tasted amazing. Browsing through their website this is only a small amount of what they offer. From tons of black tea to specialty teas, ways to steep your tea and gift sets for any occasion. I am pretty impressed and will definitely be ordering more!

If youd like to check out more, make sure you head over to The Tea Spot!



Candy Club Review and Unboxing

I’m just going to get this out of the way now, I Love Candy! I’ve gotten better over time, of course. I used to have candy stashed all over the place. In my car, purse, pantry, desk and at work. Basically, it was anywhere I was within reach. My husband always thought it was hilarious, I couldn’t help myself.

After I started switching to only buying organic candy, I started reading the labels. Some of those ingredients made me not want candy anymore. Organic candy is great, you get that guilty pleasure feeling when really you’re okay! However, organic candy isn’t a thing you find easily where I live. If I want it, I have to order it. That’s fine and all, but sometimes you just need that sweet fix!

Lately, I’ve been loving these subscription boxes. You just have stuff show up every month! It’s a nice surprise for me and my family. I really wanted a candy box of some sort, and then one-day browsing facebook I see these adorable containers with candy in them! BINGO!

I went to their website hoping to find some sort of organic candy. They didn’t have that, but they had a nice replacement. They had dark chocolate! Who doesn’t love chocolate??

If you didn’t know, dark chocolate has so many health benefits! It is loaded with antioxidants, improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, protects your skin from the sun and improves brain function!

With all those reasons right there is why Candy Club and I are going to be great friends!

What is Candy Club?

Candy Club is a candy subscription box company that sends you candy every month! They have a wide variety to choose from and you can choose 3 different kinds at the minimum. Look how pretty it comes!

They even fill it with hard candies to give an extra surprise

So, I ordered.. Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins. These were my favorite!

 A Bridge Mix, which is a mix of dark chocolate covered nuts, caramels, and creams. There was a little milk chocolate covered things as well. I ordered it because it had dark in it. These were my husband’s favorite.

Lastly, I ordered chocolate covered almonds. When I ordered this, for some reason I thought it said dark chocolate covered, but really it was milk chocolate. It was my mistake, but it was really good!

They come in a great food grade plastic container that you can use over again for crafts and storage!


I really liked Candy Club. Shipping was super fast. Their website is easy to work through. They have a huge list of FAQ so, you know exactly how their system works. They have great customer service and overall their candy is really good! I’ll definitely be checking back to see what other chocolate they have available.


I think  Candy Club has something for everyone! Definitely worth a try! They have some awesome promos going on right now. Check out these coupons!!

50% off + Free Shipping on Your First Candy Club Box

Just in time for Valentines Day! This would make the perfect gift instead of that boring heart shaped box of candy from the store!

Norwex Enviro Cloth Review

Norwex Enviro Cloths!

A friend of mine has been selling Norwex for a little while now. She messaged me one night and asked if she could drop off a couple enviro cloths for me to try for a week to see what I thought and write a review. I thought sure! I mean from my understanding, they were plain microfiber cloths. How clean could they really get my home?  I needed to put them to the test! She brought me a wet cloth and a dry cloth.

Test #1. Dog Snot

She had mentioned before she left that they are great for dog snot on windows. Well, you can only imagine how much dog snot I get on my windows from these two.


Usually, my husband takes a scrub brush to our door window and goes to town for about 10 minutes scrubbing it all off. It’s so gross. Remembering of what she had told me, I put it to the test. This is what we had on our window… YUCK!

I am not kidding you, I literally wiped over the grossness once and IT WAS CLEAN! Yelling at my husband to watch, we both just stared at the door.

Thinking about the countless times we scrubbed with anything and everything to get it off, and here all I did was wipe it off with water! Totally awesome.

Test #2. Grease Residue

We are currently painting our kitchen and I needed to scrub off all the grease and residue off my cabinet doors above the stove. Before I busted out my vinegar I decided to try the enviro cloth. I started wiping and the grease fought back. Just when I thought it wasn’t going to work, the grease gave up and wiped off.  Enviro cloth 2 – Kara 0.

Test #3. Cooked on Food

I have a glass top stove, and I like to be shiny. Key word being like. Doesn’t mean it ever is, BUT I got to say, the enviro cloth did help a lot! Plus, I finished it off with the dry cloth to polish it. It was way better and guess what, it was shiny! Yay!

Test #4. Dust

With all the painting going on in the house, things have been coming off the walls and needing to be dusted. Usually, I use my regular microfiber cloths and they get clogged and gross pretty fast. With the dry cloth the dust came off and I was able to easily shake off the dust and not have it clog my microfiber.

Overall, I have to say the enviro cloth was a HUGE success in my home.

I was very surprised how easily it cleaned and that didn’t even begin to touch the antibacterial properties with the wet enviro cloth. I have seen multiple videos, like Amanda’s below where they do the chicken test. It really surprises me how these cloths block out the bacteria and not allow any cross contamination! The cloths have silver in them and that is where it gets its super powers from.

My Opinion of Norwex Enviro Cloths

I’ve been using the cloths now for a week. I am pretty happy with their performance. It is really weird not using any type of soap. The need to see something bubbly and foaming to think something is clean has been thrown out the window! From researching these cloths and trusting a friend, I am confident my home is clean and safe! YAY!

If you’d like to hear more about Norwex and these amazing Enviro Cloths feel free to check them out HERE!