Bon Tampon Review

Well, this review may be a little TMI, but let’s face it.. periods suck. Especially this last one and I am so happy I had this little package of Bon Tampons with me. I had just had my period about 2 weeks ago. It was light and nothing major, but this past Friday came….. and Aunt Flow must of missed me and decided to make a surprise visit. I was totally bummed and a little confused. My period has always been right on schedule and always predictable. Not this time…. I just wasn’t prepared.

Like I was saying, Friday she came back. So, with my confusion.. I wasn’t ready. Yes, I could of used a menstrual cup, but I’m still getting used to them. I had some Bon Tampons and thought, well I guess it’s go time! I rarely use tampons without cardboard applicators, because I always have an issue getting the tampon high enough without leaking.


Friday, wasn’t so bad. The tampons fit well, they absorbed well, and I didn’t feel like it was hanging out. Later that night, things took a turn. My period became very heavy and leaks were happening. The “regular” just couldn’t keep up. I was determined though. We were out of town and the Bon Tampons was all that I brought. I leaked through multiple times, even though I was changing my tampon every hour. It was ridiculous.

Saturday morning, after leaking through throughout the night and once again while I was just getting ready, I had to go buy something else. Unfortunately, I had to buy some “super plus” at the nearest store. I tried not think about all of the horrible things in that tampon, but at that point, I just didn’t want to make a scene at the wedding we were attending.

I can tell you with being only a little embarrassed, not even the “super plus” held it’s end of the bargain.. What a disaster..  Yikes!

Anyway, that’s enough about how my period ruined my night. Let’s fast forward a couple days and my period still isn’t normal, but it’s getting there. I didn’t give up on my Bon Tampons. I wanted to prove to myself that they would be fine…..Guess what.. They Were! Yay!

During this time, I played around with another new menstrual cup and one more other brand of tampons and pads, but the times I wore a Bon Tampon…  it was without fault! Thank Goodness!

My favorite part of course is that they are 100% organic cotton.. that’s it! Nothing else.


I can’t tell you the anxiety I got from using just some store bought super plus tampon.. Desperate times call for desperate measures.. but this was different..

Next time, I’m definitely going to order Bon super tampons and just see how they are. I really felt like they would of done just fine if my period didn’t get all screwy. Today is basically my last day of my period and they are great. I love that they come in a small convenient tube. I can carry a whole pack of them and not worry about some bulky box! Fits great in my purse! Also since they are applicator free, if you get anxious around people , and if you have to hide a tampon to go to the ladies room, this easily hides in your palm or in your pocket. No one would ever know!

So many positive notes to Bon! Highly Recommended!

Don’t forget why using organic and high quality menstrual products are so important.. To jog your memory.. I’ll link in HERE.


To see everything Bon has.. check out their website! I promise you won’t be disappointed. You an even set up a auto shipment of products, so you never run out!


Have you tried Bon Organic Tampons?? What are your thoughts. Share in the comments below!

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