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LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique Dress Review

About a month ago I was approached with an opportunity to review children’s clothing. Having two girls, this momma was all about that. When I saw the website, I was kinda shocked at what I was able to order. This website was LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique.

LaBella Flora has a handful of different types of girls designer clothes for sale, all gorgeous and they look like they came straight out of a magazine! They offer designs from Haute Baby, Doll Baby, Serendipity, Mustard Pie and more for their 2017 fall releases.

After going through all the designs, I wanted to find something that both my children would be able to enjoy on a special occasion. My mother in law actually brought up the idea of selecting something that they would wear to the father daughter dance or even just a daddy daughter date! Once that was decided, we knew what dress would be perfect.

So, fast forward to the day that I anxiously waited for, the day the dress came! Shipping was super fast, I was just impatient. I couldn’t wait to see this dress!

They had it wrapped so pretty! It came like a present!

If you’re wondering what could be wrapped so pretty, here’s a little peek!

The colors were perfect, the material was amazing. It’s soft, flowy and really well made. I was beyond excited about the head piece and belt. It really sets this dress off. However, I feel if you wanted to make it more of a casual and dress it down a little bit with some sandals, you can remove those two items and you have a whole other look. The quality exceeds every expectation that I could have even set. When I say it’s perfect, it is just that. PERFECT!

Okay, enough waiting. This is the dress we ordered

Oh My Goodness. I can’t even begin to describe how it makes me feel seeing her in this dress. I want to smile and I want to cry! She looks so precious and so beautiful. On top of that, she didn’t want to take it off! She felt beautiful and there is nothing better than your child telling you how pretty she feels! I love it!

While I had her all dressed up, we had to do a little fashion show!


She only had one complaint the whole time we were taking pictures! She didn’t like being barefoot on the grass!

I’m so glad I kept snapping because you can really see how the petals at the end of the dress just lay so nice and really add great details to the dress!

I was having so much fun taking pictures of her, I almost forgot to take a photo of the back! So, I quickly took one as we were heading back inside!

When I was ordering, I wasn’t 100% sure on the size. She normally wears a size 5 since she is tall. After getting the dress, I was really happy with my size choice. Even if she continues to grow, which she will, this would even look great as a shorter dress! The fabric is so giving even though it’s thicker. I have no doubt we will get a lot of use out of this dress for multiple occasions!

So, if you’re looking for some new doll baby dresses for fall, check out what LaBella Flora has to offer! You will not be disappointed!

Madison Reed Hair Color Review

As a hairstylist, I love hair color. It’s my favorite service to do on my clients. You can get creative, use your imagination, and try new trends. However, I’m not a fan of all the not so great ingredients that comes with achieving that perfect color. To be honest, I didn’t know there were hair color companies out there that used better ingredients until I went to our last hair show in Columbus. It really opened up my eyes to using better hair color and got me wanting to know more.

Who would have thought, you don’t need ammonia to process hair color.  It can be free of phthalates and parabens. I was already making sure that all of my hair products and shampoos were like this, so why not hair color?

I reached out to a hair color company that met all the criteria I was looking for. This was Madison Reed! This company isn’t just for professionals either. Anyone can go to the website, answer questions about how their hair now and what the desired result is and they will give you their color suggestion. Easy peasy and that’s just what I did!  They matched me at a Level 4 NMG (dark mahogany with hints of gold). I like dark rich colors, so this is what I ordered!

It came with everything I needed. Color, developer, gloves, cleansing wipes, shampoo, conditioner and even a barrier cream (which I didn’t use, I like to live on the wild side).

As you can see, my hair was well over due for some color! The last thing I want to do after a full day in the salon is to sit down and have someone color my hair. Definitely, do as I say and not as I do situation.


I do have some blondish chunks through the front of my hair which I am keeping. If I can find a “healthier” lightener, I’ll use that, but until then I have to use what I got.

First, mix the two bottles together! 


Now, apply the color to your roots!

Smush it through the ends!

Use a wipe and clean up any color left on the skin!

Time to process!

I processed mine for 30 mins and then jumped in the shower. The shampoo and conditioner helped get out all the leftover color from rinsing and left my hair super soft! The color is gorgeous!! I don’t ever want it to fade! Look at how pretty!!

Love it right? I do! I highly recommend Madison Reed! You get beautiful color without all the harmful ingredients. Non-damaging and so easy to apply yourself. Not that I want to put myself out of business at the salon, but this is an easy way to get professional hair color right at home!


Sckoon Menstrual Cup Review

I have been using menstrual cups for about a year now. As you probably have read in my first menstrual cup review, my first time wasn’t very pretty. In fact, it was down right scary. I thought I would never try another menstrual cup again in my life.

but like they say….. if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again….

I had talked to a few friends that were using menstrual cups too, and after I heard some of their horror stories, I knew mine really wasn’t that bad!

I know, I’m supposed to be writing words of positivity when using menstrual cups and trust me, I’m getting there. I’m just trying to be real with you! I had to get my mind right!

I tried two other cups before I received my Sckoon Cup. By this time, I was a menstrual cup user through and through. I was happy with what was happening. I really wasn’t bothered by getting my period anymore. However, I didn’t realize how happy I could have been for so much longer if I had gotten my Sckoon Cup first!

The Sckoon Cup by far is my favorite menstrual cup yet. It’s comfortable, easy to put in and take out, it holds a lot and it’s really soft plastic, so you don’t feel it!

I can easily put my cup in in the morning and have no worries getting through the day without leaks. I know that once it’s in there, it’s in the right spot and I don’t have to mess with it to get it perfect. It’s really soft plastic, so it’s easy to shape to put in and you don’t have to worry about snapbacks! If you’re a menstrual cup user and have never experienced this, count your lucky stars! Trust me, that’ll wake you up in the morning!

I have never, ever had a single leak with my Sckoon, ever. It’s so awesome!

I love it so much, on the morning that I started my period, I decided to share my love for Sckoon on Snap Chat and Instagram! haha

As you can see in the picture, this cup has a really long tip on it. This is super helpful for women like me. Other cups I have to dig a little more than I’d like to, to get it out. With this long tip, I have no issues. my cervix is tilted and kinda shoved over to the left a little bit so my cups ride a little higher than what I think most women would. However, if the tip is too long, you can always cut it down.

Overall, Sckoon is my all-time favorite menstrual cup to use, hands down.

I highly suggest checking them out. Plus, right now by entering your email on their website, you’ll get 15% your first order!

Happy Period!!

OCHO Organic Candy Bar Review

Oh, Candy Bars! I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before and I will mention it again. I am a candy junkie. I hide candy where I can. It’s like if it’s hidden then others don’t know how much I actually eat. Haha. Well until now I guess. I used to be a big gummy and chewy candy type of person. When I started looking into organic candy, I was seeing more chocolate than gummy candy, which I’m definitely okay with! So, I decided to give OCHO Candy Bars a try!

I was so stoked when I got my package from OCHO! They use no preservatives and no artificial additives. You get true organic ingredients, I love that! Reading their label, they don’t hide anything. You get exactly what you think you’re getting.

My all time favorite flavor when it comes to anything mixed with chocolate is definitely Peppermint!


The refreshing and cooling from the mint mixed the chocolate, you can’t beat that. OCHO’s peppermint is so smooth and good. It’s not gritty and doesn’t leave a bad after taste. They were my favorite to have after a meal. Even though it’s chocolate, it made me feel like I had better breath after I ate!

My husband’s favorite was Chocolate and Peanut Butter!

He may not have said that it was his favorite, but empty wrappers and missing peanut butter chocolate bars don’t lie. The peanut butter has that chunky peanut butter feel. It’s not gritty but almost has that texture, but I think this is from the fine peanut pieces. Either way, it doesn’t mess with the taste at all. It definitely reminds me of a healthier version of Reese’s cup! Yum Yum!

The Caramel is soo good!

Look at that caramel! It is so ooey and gooey and delicious! It just pours out of the chocolate. Oh my goodness, remember I am a sucker for anything chewy. Well, this is that! It’s buttery and smooth and the best thing to go with chocolate.

Lastly, I’m usually not a fan of Coconut.

However, something about this was different. The coconut was soft and sweet. It was finer and not overwhelming. I liked it so much, I ate more! That never happens, like ever. I hate coconut. Trust me, this is a winner.

I cannot say enough good about OCHO candy bars. If you’re looking for an organic alternative to chocolate or candy bars, OCHO is it!! The candy bars cost roughly $2 and I spent more on other candy bars that weren’t organic! Worth it!

Check out OCHO for yourself. You won’t be disappointed! 

Sun Potion Review

When Sun Potion told me I could review any two of their products, I got really excited. They have so many great products, it was hard to decide. After going through all of their superfoods, tonic herbs and goods, I decided it was best to do something practical for me. Yes, I could have gone out on a limb and tried something completely new, but what kind of review would that be? I went with what I know, or well somewhat.

I wanted to try their Shea Butter and Dried Mulberries. 

Shea butter is so multi purpose. You can make deodorants and lotions or products that include shea butter in the recipe. Using it alone, however, has amazing healing properties. I have psoriasis. Sometimes my spots are worse than other days, but using shea butter really helps calm the skin. Keeps it from getting raw and promotes the healing of my skin. I get a lot less scarring with using shea butter.

It’s not just great for psoriasis, but really any skin disorder or blemish. It’s amazing on wrinkles! A friend of our family is from Turkey, and during her last visit she whipped up a cream she swears by to fight off aging. A lot of shea butter, some coconut oil and a handful of different essential oils. It didn’t smell the greatest, but she has amazing skin, so I think it’s safe to say it works.

Reading the back label, I was really impressed to see what their source was. How they get such a great quality shea butter.  Prepared by a women’s collective in Ghana. That’s wonderful. Plus, all the proceeds go directly to the community and wildlife conservation projects in Ghana. It’s nice to see companies that truly care and help support their sources 100%.

Overall, this is one of the best shea butter I have ever used. I will be reordering this.  It’s super creamy and melts well. The smell isn’t overwhelming, like some that I have used in the past. I love this.


The mulberries were something new for me. I have always enjoyed fresh mulberries but I had never had them dry.

Upon opening the bag, I was afraid. The smell was a little too much for me. Definitely not what I was expecting. The health benefits however out weigh any smell these little guys had that I wanted to give it a solid effort.

One of the big benefits in my eyes is that they improve digestive health. I need all the digestive help I can get. I’ve struggled with some sort of issue for about 8 or 9 years now. It’s a mystery on why I feel the way that I do but if these can help me. I’ll eat my 2oz a day forever!

They taste pretty good. Way better than they smell. I can see myself adding these to my trail mix or granola mix. Since they are sun dried, some can be a little too dry or gritty, but the taste helps with that. Plus, it’s something you get used to pretty quickly.

Mulberries also help with lowering cholesterol, help with weight loss, slows down the aging process, lowers blood pressure, improves metabolism, increases circulation, boosting the immune system and preventing certain cancers. These may the secret to living forever!

With all the benefits, it’s a wonder why more people don’t eat them daily. You can easily soak them and include them in baked goods and smoothies. So many ways of getting the 2oz into your diet!


I get so consumed into their website of products. So many things I’ve never heard of before, but reading the health benefits, I need to hear about them more! I’m excited to try more things and get some of their products into my normal routine of using.

Make sure you check out Sun Potion for yourself and see what they all have to offer. It’s definitely worth checking out!





Design By Humans Racerback Tank Review

Last time I reviewed Design By Humans, it was for their t-shirts. This time around, I want to talk about their racerback tank tops! On top of that, some bonus things you need to know about when ordering your own apparel!

I was so excited when they asked me to review a racerback. I had just dug out all of my tanks since it’s been so muggy and hot outside. However, I’ve been seeing a lot of cute ads on Facebook for shirts that say things with “Mama Bear” on them. I really wanted one. My only issue from ordering off Facebook is that you don’t know what you’re going to get. You don’t know how the quality is going to be or if it’ll look even remotely the same.

I went through all the tank top designs that Design By Humans had on their website. I was searching hard for a mama bear shirt. When I was reaching the last page, I had found a lot of backup shirts I could order if I didn’t find what I was looking for. I just didn’t want to settle, then I saw it. The search box! What would be the chances that I would find a mama bear shirt?

Well… what do you know? The first thing that pops up!

Awesome! So, I click on it….it’s a t-shirt….Dang!

WAIT!!!  There is a tank top category!! I clicked on it….

AHHHH!! It worked!

Doing it this way I learned so many new things about their website. I have to say, I was so impressed! Usually, with clothing websites, you’re limited to what that category offers. With Design By Humans, you can get that print on any of the sizes they offer! How cool is that? I can not express my excitement when I figured that out. It’s the little things!

By the end of the week, this little gem was in my mailbox!

Eeekkk! I love it. It’s exactly what I was wanting. I usually avoid shirts with wording like this. Sometimes it can look too kiddish. But the mix of the vintage worn looking logo on the heather gray tank. I think it’s perfect! Plus, it says mama bear! Sweet!

It’s soft and it fits well. I used their sizing guide that I had mentioned before in my last review for DBH. Once again a perfect fit! Check out the backside!

Racerback tanks are always flattering. Showing off the shoulders and a little bit of the back. I have no muscle, but even in this shirt, I think my shoulders look great!

I have to mention again that all of their shirts are made eco-friendly! Go Green! 

I cannot say enough positive things about this company. I love their business practice and their mission. They give an amazing opportunity to so many artists around the world. Plus, you get to support many creative minds through wearing some really great clothing.

You can even get the art you like on cell phone cases, mugs, hats, stickers and more! If your an artist, you can submit your art for their Clash of Clans t-shirt design contest!

Once again, I’m giving Design By Humans a thumbs up! Just remember if you see something you like and the style of shirt is incorrect, you can change it! The versatility of the site is amazing!


Get your own Racerback Tank top from Design By Humans! 

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Logo - 728 x 90

Design By Humans Review!

Not a lot of people know this about me, but after I graduated high school I went to a small, local college.  I was at a point where I needed to do something creative and to learn new directions I could take in the art field. It was seriously the coolest year of school! I did change my major about 5 times that year. However, I was able to try many different mediums of art. Even though I didn’t pursue any of those fields, it still gave me a huge appreciation for the arts and has opened my eyes since to what I am capable of creating.

Now, that I am older I am a huge fan of the arts. I love supporting local artists and any artist that puts their art out there to raise money for charities.

Another thing about me, I am a stay at home mom. I don’t know about other moms, but my daily wardrobe mainly consists of t-shirts (usually plain or my friend’s bands) and leggings. Anything comfortable. However, my favorites are shirts with great designs that can attract attention.

One night, while browsing the web for neat new t-shirts to help represent a healthier lifestyle, I came across Design By Humans. I was looking for a shirt that either had some sort of plants or trees on it. Instead, I found bold wording “Powered By Plants.”

This wasn’t my normal go to t-shirt, but it was eye catching and I liked it that way! What kind of person would I be running a blog called Oh My Organics, if I didn’t own a Powered By Plants t-shirt? It had to be mine!

Ordering was super easy, but digging around on their website really impressed me. It struck the artist in me. Not only do they support artists, but 15,000 of them! Over 110 countries are involved in the design process of these t-shirts. That’s so amazing! Even the proceeds from each shirt sale go directly to the artist! This is something I can definitely stand behind!

Let’s just talk about quality for a second. I am a huge advocate for eco-friendly clothing. Plus, most dyes on clothing anymore is horrible. Full of chemicals that soak into your skin. Design By Humans t-shirts are so soft! They are eco-friendly, phthalate-free or the ink is water based! They also guarantee that none of their clothing was made in a sweatshop or by child labor.  They have all their ducks in a row for sure over at Design By Humans.

They have so many designs! It was hard for me not to load my shopping cart full of shirts. Especially, after I saw that they also support charities, where a portion of each sale goes to that week’s charity! How cool!

Design By Humans definitely played upon many aspects of what I like from a clothing company! I know I will definitely be ordering a lot more from them. The quality is great. I’ve washed this shirt a bunch of times and most graphics can start to fade or get kind of funky by now, not this shirt. I’m definitely impressed.

One thing that you need to pay attention to before ordering is the size charts. They do a wonderful job of showing you how things are going to fit by using height, weight, and visually seeing how it fits on other models that are similar to your body shape. Most t-shirts I order are small. I decided by looking at the models and by the companies guidelines on ordering, I actually ordered a medium. I am so glad I did. It’s a fantastic guide to follow!

Design By Humans gets an A from me for sure! Try it!

Have you ever ordered from Design By Humans? Let me know down in the comments!

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Eat Pak’d Review

Lunch time for my girls can sometimes be a struggle. We try new things and most the time, it’s a complete fail. I try to make it exciting, cutting different shapes and making faces with their food, but we always end up in the same slump. We go back to our main staples and I can’t stand it. There are only so many days a week I want to make the same thing over and over.

Also, with homeschooling, I can’t take all morning prepping lunch. It needs to be quick and easy, so it doesn’t take any time away from learning. I desperately wanted something new for my kids. That’s when I found Eat Pak’d.

One day, during nap time, I was browsing around on Facebook. I came across a sponsored ad for Eat Pak’d and basically, it was this young boy explaining what it was and it caught my eye. They were fun, little packaged lunches that could surprise my girls daily with healthy food to eat. They can even pick out what they want for the following week, as the menu changes. How cool!

The ordering process is so easy. They list the meals for you to pick from and you just select the ones you wish to receive. The great thing is that,  if your child doesn’t like something, you can swap it out for another option or make your own combo and pick a special name to call it.

They come in a box with freezer packs that keep the lunches cool until it’s time to take them out of the package. Check out great these look!

They are perfectly packaged, so you can see what comes in each pack and they easily snap apart to fit into any lunch box!


The quality of food that comes in each pack is great! It’s super fresh and delicious. Yes, I made sure to sneak a bite of everything that came. Some of the things I never thought my kids would try, but they did! Some things were quickly shoved to a side, However, most of the food that came, both my girls enjoyed!

^^This girl is my picky eater!

She was so excited every day to get a new lunch out of the refrigerator to try!

^^This is the face of food concentration!

Anything that her sister passed on ended up on her plate. She didn’t let a single package of food go to waste!

Eat Pak’d is so awesome! I highly recommend it for any busy parent to give to their kids. Take back lunch time with Eat Pak’d!

To check out more of our review, watch our You Tube Review!

Have you ever tried Eat Pak’d? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

Just So Baby Outfit Review

Having children is one of the best achievements of my life! There is is no greater joy than watching my children grow and learn every day. The one thing that makes it even better, is when they look adorable doing it.

Both my girls love dressing up. They have always let me put them in so many dresses and outfits. However, I wish we did more tutus! They are so cute! I ordered a few online before, but they were usually scratchy and not all that great. I kinda just gave up.

When Just So Baby contacted me for a review, I couldn’t wait to see what they would send. My best friend just had a baby and this was going to be perfect to play dress up with for cute pictures. Look at what they sent!!

I was so surprised by the quality of the tutu. It was soft and not scratchy at all. It was bright and vibrant and made of really nice tulle.

Oh my goodness, can we take a second and talk about those shoes? Are they not the best bedazzled shoes you’ve seen?

When I mentioned it to the owner of Just So Baby, she was pleased to know I loved the shoes. However, she was a little upset on how a couple of the rhinestones overlapped one another and offered to send a whole other pair! Talk about meeting expectations. I thought they were gorgeous and reassured her they were perfect, just the way they were! I was happy to see though that she truly cares about her business and would do anything to see her customers satisfied!

I couldn’t wait to get this outfit on my best friends baby. This was absolutely perfect. This would make an ideal newborn or beginning months photo shoot for a baby girl.

Look at how perfect this outfit is!

You need to check out Just So Baby and get one of these for your babies or a friend! Her prices are crazy good for the quality you get!

LaKenya also makes adorable diaper cakes and other blinged out shoes! Ones that are covered in pearls or spikes depending if there for a boy or a girl!

Check out Just So Baby on Facebook or Etsy!

I highly suggest Just So Baby! I cannot wait to order more things from her store in the future!

Here…. one more dose of cuteness before I leave.

Latch Time Baby Onesies Review. Breastfeeding Support

As a breastfeeding mother, I feel it is important to feel supported. Breastfeeding anymore is filled with such a stigma that we as nursing mothers are made to feel bad about our choices on how we feed our babies. This bothers me to no end and that’s a whole other post and rant that I may at some point make. I do know, however, nursing a baby is a lot of work. Sometimes it takes blood, sweat and a lot of tears…..a lot! I think it’s a badge of honor we get to wear no matter if you made it 1 day or 2 years. Either way, it’s hard.

When I was contacted by a wonderful woman named Sharice from Latch Time, to see if I would review her baby onesies for breastfeeding support and awareness, of course, I said yes! Not only were the onesies adorable, but it was that nice little badge of honor that everyone could see. Not that I want to rub my lifestyle in anyone’s face, but I definitely feel like it was something to be proud about!

I struggled so hard with my oldest daughter to make it 10 months. It was an exhausting second job that had my anxiety at its peak. With my youngest daughter, it came so easy. I had a huge supply and it took me no time at all to feed her and carry on with what we were doing, sometimes multitasking.

When I received these onesies, my first initial reaction was that I was bummed because neither one of my girls were nursing anymore and two, they wouldn’t fit them anyway! haha. They were so cute! The colors could work for a boy or a girl and the graphic on the shirt was very well done. Excellent quality!

To do the perfect review, though, I had to find a cute baby to put in the onesies! Luckily, I knew just where to look!

“Here Comes Milky”

“Leche Letdown”

“Half Baby|Half Boob”

and my personal favorite…for obvious reasons

“Here Comes Milky”

Is he not the cutest????

The onesies are soft and very well done. The graphics are adorable and it’s something as a hard working mom that is nursing, can feel pretty darn good putting on their baby to wear! I LOVE IT!

Aside from the onesies, Latch Time offers wonderful support. They have a super encouraging Instagram that is full of images that are empowering. I highly suggest checking them out. I cannot say enough, how wonderful Sharice and Latch Time are!

Please please please, check them out. Visit them on their website, Instagram or Facebook/Support Group! Get some of these cute onesies! They have a great selection to choose from!

I will finish by saying this…..

Stand proud as a mom. We all work hard and it takes a village to raise a child. Stop the shameing and come together to do what is right for our children. Making the world brighter for them! Be proud of your accomplishments and help one another! No matter how you choose to parent, how you feed your child, we are all different and that is okay! Always remember that!

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Homeschooling Fun With Bramble Box!

I am always looking for new ways to incorporate crafts into Rylynn’s schooling, but she’s more of a book work person. What can I say? She’s just like her dad. I haven’t given up, though. This time around we tried Bramble Box! Guess what? She loved it!

She may have been more excited to make a video of opening the box than actually making the things that came in it at first. She is a fan of those crazy YouTube videos of kids unboxing toys. Anyway, once she saw what was inside, she said three words that lit up my world. “Let’s Get Started!”

This box was a Chinese craft box. It had everything to make a really cool dragon, chicken, and Chinese food! Take a look!

How cute is she?

Bramble Box, definitely got 2 thumbs up from the Taylor family. It was super simple and she was able to do all the steps on her own with minimal help from me! How awesome!!

Check out our video about Bramble Box and how she created these super cute crafts!



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Have your kids tried Bramble Box before? Leave your thoughts in the comments!!

Ecocentric Mom Box Unboxing and Review

As a mom, you gotta love mom subscription boxes! It’s so awesome. Every month you get a present in the mail, that is just for you! You don’t even have to share it if you don’t want to! I love it. This box is from Ecocentric Mom, it offers all-natural and/or organic products. You can get either the mom, pregnancy or mom and baby box.

My Ecocentric Mom Box was the mom box and it came with a lot of stuff in it! Check this out!

First, it comes all wrapped up in pretty pink paper.

With a paper that has all the contents and prices of each item! As you can see the $24 box is stuffed with items well over that amount.

There were two items from Live Inspired Organics. A Strawberry Sugar Scrub, that smells and feels absolutely amazing…

and a sample bag of tea. I am a huge tea drinker. This made the perfect cup of tea. Great to drink before bed and just relax! Go Ohio!

Common Sense Naturals included a spray hand sanitizer. It smelled wonderful and the convenience of being able to clip this onto a diaper bag or my purse was great!

Simply Earth Roll-On Relief in a Happy Joy scent. This stuff is pretty great. It is very uplifting and does help reduce stress and tension!

A gift card for handbags from Ivory Clasp. I have yet to use this gift card, but I did look over the website. They will match your style and make suggestions. This is another subscription service companies.

A sample size of Maty’s Cough Syrup.

A really cute magnetic picture hanging craft. We are currently redoing our homeschool room and I think this will be a cute addition to add to my daughters’ desks!

Hunkola!! I was pretty excited about this. I LOVE food, especially snacking type of food. This made the whole box worth it! haha.

Overall this was a pretty awesome box. Great quality products, no gimmicks. I was really impressed. Plus, it was nice to get a “gift” just for me!

When it was shipped it came really quick. The website is very user-friendly and you can pick how you would like your subscription to be set up. The more months you do the cheaper your box becomes! I highly suggest checking out Ecocentric Mom! Trust me, you’ll love it!

Check out my unboxing below!




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Ecocentric Mom Offer

The Tea Spot Review

Tea has always reminded me of home. My dad was/is a huge tea drinker. Hot or cold, it’s all he drinks. I remember being a kid and him heating up a big pot of water and throwing in a couple tea bags and letting them sit. I feel like there was always a steeping cup in the kitchen at all times.

However, what I am used to and what The Tea Spot offers, are completely different. When I think of tea, I think of boring black tea bags. Check out what The Tea Spot has!

These are the 3 types I got to try from The Tea Spot! Morning Mojo, Keep Fit and Lights Out.

Morning Mojo

Look at how pretty that tea is! This is the perfect cup of tea to wake up to. The vanilla is super smooth, but yet the orange is super fragrant and refreshing! Check out that orange peel!

I didn’t have a great way to steep my tea. Yes, I could have thrown it in a pot of hot water and then strained it out, but I decided to improvise!

I took a coffee filter and filled it with a spoonful of tea. Wrapped it up and let the hot water pour over it! I hooked the filter to the side of my cup and got a beautiful cup of tea!

Keep Fit

This tea looked really rustic. In fact, when I put it in my coffee filter it kind of poked some holes in it. Once steeped, it made a pretty golden color tea!

So, I might have liked this one so much that I forgot to take a picture until it was almost gone! I love lemon flavored tea. This was light and delicious!

Lights Out

This one was definitely the prettiest of the three. It had flowers in it!  It was so floral and pretty and it tasted so good! I love calming teas and this one did the trick. It has chamomile, lavender, licorice root and peppermint. It definitely tasted more like licorice and peppermint.

The tea is a really pretty burgundy color.

Overall these were a great variety of teas. Not only did they look attractive and earthy but they tasted amazing. Browsing through their website this is only a small amount of what they offer. From tons of black tea to specialty teas, ways to steep your tea and gift sets for any occasion. I am pretty impressed and will definitely be ordering more!

If youd like to check out more, make sure you head over to The Tea Spot!



Candy Club Review and Unboxing

I’m just going to get this out of the way now, I Love Candy! I’ve gotten better over time, of course. I used to have candy stashed all over the place. In my car, purse, pantry, desk and at work. Basically, it was anywhere I was within reach. My husband always thought it was hilarious, I couldn’t help myself.

After I started switching to only buying organic candy, I started reading the labels. Some of those ingredients made me not want candy anymore. Organic candy is great, you get that guilty pleasure feeling when really you’re okay! However, organic candy isn’t a thing you find easily where I live. If I want it, I have to order it. That’s fine and all, but sometimes you just need that sweet fix!

Lately, I’ve been loving these subscription boxes. You just have stuff show up every month! It’s a nice surprise for me and my family. I really wanted a candy box of some sort, and then one-day browsing facebook I see these adorable containers with candy in them! BINGO!

I went to their website hoping to find some sort of organic candy. They didn’t have that, but they had a nice replacement. They had dark chocolate! Who doesn’t love chocolate??

If you didn’t know, dark chocolate has so many health benefits! It is loaded with antioxidants, improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, protects your skin from the sun and improves brain function!

With all those reasons right there is why Candy Club and I are going to be great friends!

What is Candy Club?

Candy Club is a candy subscription box company that sends you candy every month! They have a wide variety to choose from and you can choose 3 different kinds at the minimum. Look how pretty it comes!

They even fill it with hard candies to give an extra surprise

So, I ordered.. Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins. These were my favorite!

 A Bridge Mix, which is a mix of dark chocolate covered nuts, caramels, and creams. There was a little milk chocolate covered things as well. I ordered it because it had dark in it. These were my husband’s favorite.

Lastly, I ordered chocolate covered almonds. When I ordered this, for some reason I thought it said dark chocolate covered, but really it was milk chocolate. It was my mistake, but it was really good!

They come in a great food grade plastic container that you can use over again for crafts and storage!


I really liked Candy Club. Shipping was super fast. Their website is easy to work through. They have a huge list of FAQ so, you know exactly how their system works. They have great customer service and overall their candy is really good! I’ll definitely be checking back to see what other chocolate they have available.


I think  Candy Club has something for everyone! Definitely worth a try! They have some awesome promos going on right now. Check out these coupons!!

50% off + Free Shipping on Your First Candy Club Box

Just in time for Valentines Day! This would make the perfect gift instead of that boring heart shaped box of candy from the store!