Design By Humans Racerback Tank Review

Last time I reviewed Design By Humans, it was for their t-shirts. This time around, I want to talk about their racerback tank tops! On top of that, some bonus things you need to know about when ordering your own apparel!

I was so excited when they asked me to review a racerback. I had just dug out all of my tanks since it’s been so muggy and hot outside. However, I’ve been seeing a lot of cute ads on Facebook for shirts that say things with “Mama Bear” on them. I really wanted one. My only issue from ordering off Facebook is that you don’t know what you’re going to get. You don’t know how the quality is going to be or if it’ll look even remotely the same.

I went through all the tank top designs that Design By Humans had on their website. I was searching hard for a mama bear shirt. When I was reaching the last page, I had found a lot of backup shirts I could order if I didn’t find what I was looking for. I just didn’t want to settle, then I saw it. The search box! What would be the chances that I would find a mama bear shirt?

Well… what do you know? The first thing that pops up!

Awesome! So, I click on it….it’s a t-shirt….Dang!

WAIT!!!  There is a tank top category!! I clicked on it….

AHHHH!! It worked!

Doing it this way I learned so many new things about their website. I have to say, I was so impressed! Usually, with clothing websites, you’re limited to what that category offers. With Design By Humans, you can get that print on any of the sizes they offer! How cool is that? I can not express my excitement when I figured that out. It’s the little things!

By the end of the week, this little gem was in my mailbox!

Eeekkk! I love it. It’s exactly what I was wanting. I usually avoid shirts with wording like this. Sometimes it can look too kiddish. But the mix of the vintage worn looking logo on the heather gray tank. I think it’s perfect! Plus, it says mama bear! Sweet!

It’s soft and it fits well. I used their sizing guide that I had mentioned before in my last review for DBH. Once again a perfect fit! Check out the backside!

Racerback tanks are always flattering. Showing off the shoulders and a little bit of the back. I have no muscle, but even in this shirt, I think my shoulders look great!

I have to mention again that all of their shirts are made eco-friendly! Go Green! 

I cannot say enough positive things about this company. I love their business practice and their mission. They give an amazing opportunity to so many artists around the world. Plus, you get to support many creative minds through wearing some really great clothing.

You can even get the art you like on cell phone cases, mugs, hats, stickers and more! If your an artist, you can submit your art for their Clash of Clans t-shirt design contest!

Once again, I’m giving Design By Humans a thumbs up! Just remember if you see something you like and the style of shirt is incorrect, you can change it! The versatility of the site is amazing!


Get your own Racerback Tank top from Design By Humans! 

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Logo - 728 x 90

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