Emily’s Handmade Soaps Review

I’ve always been one to support small businesses, especially ones that make crafts and products. I appreciate the time and effort they put into each thing that they create. I love to go to craft shows and one of my favorites stops are the handmade soap tables. I’ve tried some that I was not a fan of, so I was intrigued when I made a connection with Emily. Her soaps were gorgeous and I was excited to try it!

Emily‘s Handmade Soaps are handmade in small batches by Emily Davis, a longtime resident of Des Moines, WA. They use vegan-focused ingredients and include combinations of oils, butters, earth clays, and other botanical ingredients to enhance your daily bathing ritual. While the purpose of soap is to clean you, Emily‘s Handmade Soaps endeavors to make nature-inspired soaps that are lovely to look at, sensational to smell, and add a little luxury to your daily routine.

My favorite thing about Emily’s Handmade Soaps, is that she takes pride in the ingredients that she uses and carefully labels everything so you know exactly what you are getting. Plus, it helps when you can pronounce everything on the label.

When my mailman dropped off my package he said, “something smells good in there.”  He was right too. I didn’t even have to open my package to know what was inside. When I opened it, it smelled so good! I could almost tell the kinds of “flavors” or “types” they were, without looking at the label. What I love is that they aren’t made with harmful fragrances, so even though they smelled so strong, it wasn’t overwhelming. Once I got rid of synthetic fragrances in the things I used in my home, I became more sensitive to smell, I get headaches easily when things are artificially fragrant. Emily’s soaps were different. They were wonderful!

I got 2 different kinds. Grapefruit Orange and Lavender Rosemary… Aren’t they pretty??20160709_192532_resized


The soaps are beautifully made. They lather well and really conditioned my hands and left them extremely smooth. Next, I’ll be using this as body soap!  I have pretty sensitive skin due to psoriasis. Emily’s soaps gave me no problems at all.

I really can’t get over how pretty they are.. Emily definitely uses her own creative ways to keep things as natural as possible.

 • Natural colorants (i.e. indigo, cocoa powder, and clays)
• Essential oils and high-quality, phthalate-free fragrances
• Alternative liquids (i.e. aloe juice, coconut milk, & almond milk)
• Botanical additives (i.e. oatmeal, raspberry seeds & coffee grounds)

Original 20150222 093314

I highly suggest Emily’s Handmade Soaps.. You can read more about Emily and her soaps here

http://www.emilyshandmadesoaps.com/our-story Then don’t forget to order!!

You can also check out Emily and her Handmade Soap over at her blog!


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  • Reply Donna July 27, 2016 at 12:39 am

    Hi. where can I purchase the Simply Organic Laundry soap without buying it wholesale like it is posted on their website? I don’t live anywhere in those areas as you mentioned. Thanks for your help.

    • Reply Oh My Organics July 28, 2016 at 6:45 pm

      I would personally just send a message to the email she has listed on her site. She personally runs her business and if you tell her you got the info from my blog, I’m sure she would work something out with you.. I will also give her your email address 🙂

  • Reply Donna July 29, 2016 at 12:34 am

    Oh, I appreciate that. Thanks. I hope she gets back to me before i move out of state as my email address will be changed. I forgot which one I put, but put the new one down with this email.

    • Reply Oh My Organics July 29, 2016 at 2:31 am

      I have sent her an email with you new email address 🙂 If you dont hear from her, send her a message on their facebook page. they are pretty quick to answer!

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