Intimina Menstrual Cup Review

I have to be honest for a second…. up until about a month or so ago, I never knew menstrual cups were even a thing! Yes, I knew conventional tampons were not the way to go and buying organic was obviously better.. If you need reasons then go HERE. However, I never knew there were these little cups that would catch what your body would shed and that you could wear it for like 12 hours.

I remember seeing a BuzzFeed video of girls trying a menstrual cup for the first time. Some were reading the instructions and some were just going for it. Either way, their faces were hilarious. It’s that video alone on why I looked up the benefits to using the cups.


When my Intimina cup came in the mail, I was stoked. My period wasn’t for another 3 weeks, so until then, I would anxiously wait.

The day that Aunt Flow came, for the first time like ever.. I was so excited, but yet extremely nervous! I could finally try this bad boy out! I remembered back to the video I watched and thought that this was gonna be a piece of cake! So, I went for it.

After it was in, I felt pretty confident. Plus, I won’t lie.. I might of done some crazy bending and twisting, maybe a jumping jack or two, just to make sure it wasn’t going to fall out.

After about an hour, something didn’t feel right. I felt like it was leaking. So, I went to the bathroom, forgetting the instructions on how to remove it and just pulled. Uhhhhh yea, that’s not how you do it. I..about…died…  I seriously thought my insides were going to be pulled out. It was stuck. I had it suctioned to my cervix, granted it’s what it is supposed to do, but somehow with the way I inserted it, it didn’t have that much air inside. It was squeezed, so getting more air out to break the suction wasn’t an easy task.

Count this as a lesson learned… READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!


I should of just gotten up to go get them, but instead I continued to mess with it in a panicked state of mind. I thought maybe I could break the seal with my finger and if not, I swore to my self I’d just drive to the hospital. Luckily, I was able to break the seal, slide it back and get the cup out. I looked in it expecting to see that it caught at least a little bit. Nope! That cup was dry as a bone! I was bummed, but it was a given considering it was leaking.

So the whole if you fail, try, try again motto rang clear. I had to try it again. So, I washed it off and tried again. Followed by another round of weird squats and lunges. I had confidence this time. Plus, if by chance, I suctioned that cup to my cervix again.. I knew the trick to get it off.

I wore it for about the next 5 hours, then curiosity struck…. I needed to know. So, into the bathroom I went. After a much shorter struggle, what do ya know.. it worked!! YAY!

So for the next 3 days, I used my Intimina cup. I have to admit, I had a lighter period than normal. However, it didn’t fail me and it was easier than tampons! Nothing to throw away or worry about flushing. I think the only awkward time of using it is if your in a public room setting and you had to clean it. The whole walking out to the sink to rinse it off and worrying about yourself during that time, may cause some anxiety. Although, I think it turned me into a menstrual cup user.

The idea of not using disposable tampons or pads that can effect our landfills and futures, made me happy. I just really need to work on my technique, but menstrual cups are a win win for me!!

The one thing I really liked about Intimina was that they gave you options. Not only was the cup size based off of age and if you’ve ever had a child, but they gave you options of a compact cup!


So, no more stashing tampons in your purse. Just this little pink disc holder! I absolutely love this.


I was worried about the tip of the cup being too long since my cervix is tilted and my whole reproductive system is shifted to the left. I can usually always feel tampons, not enough to bother me, but enough that I don’t forget I’m wearing one. Sometimes I feel like they are resting lower. With the cup, I was afraid that the tip would bother me and I would of had to trim it back, but I didn’t! It was kinda cool!

So.. it all comes down to if I would recommend the Intimina menstrual cup to other ladies…..

Yes!! Hands Down!



If you would like to check out Intimina and get your own menstrual cup click that pink box below!  🙂


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  • Reply Danielle September 23, 2016 at 3:28 am

    I’m so glad you are a convert!! I use the Sckoon. It’s amazing. I’ve never needed to empty mine in public but I’ve read that some ladies will keep a small bottle of water in their purse to rinse it so there arent any awkward going out to the sink incidences 🙂
    Also, it just keeps getting easier to use everytime.

  • Reply Alisha September 23, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    This is great! I’ve been using a “diva cup” for about 6 months!! Definitely changed everything about my monthly visit from “flow”. Highly recommend too. Thanks for sharing this story and inspiring others????

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