Kabana Sunscreen Review

Well, I live in Ohio… You never know what the weather will be like everyday. All I do know is, that if it’s summer, it’s going to be hot outside. Not just hot, but humid and gross. If it were up to me on most days, I’d just stay inside all day. Since I have children, this really isn’t an option for me. They want to play outside in that super hot sun, but as I’ve posted before HERE, one of the real concerns isn’t the sun..it’s what sunscreen you use. Lately, I’ve been struggling to find a good sunscreen, one that protects you from the sun, safe for babies and kids and where you don’t have to reapply every half hour, because it melts right off.

I decided I wanted to try Kabana Sunscreen. Going to their website, first off they were all about educating. Talking about how our skin is our largest organ and how we need to protect it without the chemicals.. This had me excited. As I ran down their list of sunscreens, I was pleased. They had a little something for everyone. Original, Tinted, Water Resistant, Lip Balm and even a SPF Body Wash!

I got the Original for myself and the water resistant for my kiddos.

20160713_173219The original GreenScreen is SPF 30. It’s Organic, Non Nano Particle, Chemical and Fragrance Free and Biodegradable. It was easy to squeeze out, smooth to go on and covered well.

The  BaliBlock is what I used on my kids. It smells like vanilla and you can even see the vanilla bean in the sunscreen. Its also Non Nano Particle and Organic. It is water resistant. It is very thick to go on.I found it easier to rub the stick in my hand first then apply to my 3 year old. My 1 year old, she didn’t mind me rubbing the stick over her legs and arms, then rubbing it in. It is very white on the skin. I choose not to rub it in completely, as this would take you forever. Plus, I think the zinc oxide being on top of the skin really helps protect from the sun. Think about old school life guards with their white noses!

20160713_173230 Both of these sunscreens are safe for all ages including babies under 6 months old. Both are to be reapplied every 2 hours and initially 15 mins before being exposed to the skin. Most importantly..check out those ingredients! Who can complain with that? So exciting!

So here we are playing outside! Playing in the water table in the morning and swimming in the afternoon!



Oh my precious water babies!! They are very fair skinned like myself. Plus, their dad has red hair. So, being burnt by the sun can happen very easily for all of us.

BUT…… after using Kabana Sunscreen while we were outside… NO SUNBURN!!  YAY!!

I am so excited and happy by this. Trying out new sunscreens can be a little nerve wrecking for this momma. Kabana came through with flying colors!


If you’d like to get your own Kabana Sunscreen, you can check out their variety HERE .  If you’d like some additional information on sunscreen, SPF and zinc oxide vs. other active ingredients check out their FAQ.




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