LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique Dress Review

About a month ago I was approached with an opportunity to review children’s clothing. Having two girls, this momma was all about that. When I saw the website, I was kinda shocked at what I was able to order. This website was LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique.

LaBella Flora has a handful of different types of girls designer clothes for sale, all gorgeous and they look like they came straight out of a magazine! They offer designs from Haute Baby, Doll Baby, Serendipity, Mustard Pie and more for their 2017 fall releases.

After going through all the designs, I wanted to find something that both my children would be able to enjoy on a special occasion. My mother in law actually brought up the idea of selecting something that they would wear to the father daughter dance or even just a daddy daughter date! Once that was decided, we knew what dress would be perfect.

So, fast forward to the day that I anxiously waited for, the day the dress came! Shipping was super fast, I was just impatient. I couldn’t wait to see this dress!

They had it wrapped so pretty! It came like a present!

If you’re wondering what could be wrapped so pretty, here’s a little peek!

The colors were perfect, the material was amazing. It’s soft, flowy and really well made. I was beyond excited about the head piece and belt. It really sets this dress off. However, I feel if you wanted to make it more of a casual and dress it down a little bit with some sandals, you can remove those two items and you have a whole other look. The quality exceeds every expectation that I could have even set. When I say it’s perfect, it is just that. PERFECT!

Okay, enough waiting. This is the dress we ordered

Oh My Goodness. I can’t even begin to describe how it makes me feel seeing her in this dress. I want to smile and I want to cry! She looks so precious and so beautiful. On top of that, she didn’t want to take it off! She felt beautiful and there is nothing better than your child telling you how pretty she feels! I love it!

While I had her all dressed up, we had to do a little fashion show!


She only had one complaint the whole time we were taking pictures! She didn’t like being barefoot on the grass!

I’m so glad I kept snapping because¬†you can really see how the petals at the end of the dress just lay so nice and really add great details to the dress!

I was having so much fun taking pictures of her, I almost forgot to take a photo of the back! So, I quickly took one as we were heading back inside!

When I was ordering, I wasn’t 100% sure on the size. She normally wears a size 5 since she is tall. After getting the dress, I was really happy with my size choice. Even if she continues to grow, which she will, this would even look great as a shorter dress! The fabric is so giving even though it’s thicker. I have no doubt we will get a lot of use out of this dress for multiple occasions!

So, if you’re looking for some new doll baby dresses for fall, check out what LaBella Flora has to offer! You will not be disappointed!

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