Norwex Enviro Cloth Review

Norwex Enviro Cloths!

A friend of mine has been selling Norwex for a little while now. She messaged me one night and asked if she could drop off a couple enviro cloths for me to try for a week to see what I thought and write a review. I thought sure! I mean from my understanding, they were plain microfiber cloths. How clean could they really get my home?  I needed to put them to the test! She brought me a wet cloth and a dry cloth.

Test #1. Dog Snot

She had mentioned before she left that they are great for dog snot on windows. Well, you can only imagine how much dog snot I get on my windows from these two.


Usually, my husband takes a scrub brush to our door window and goes to town for about 10 minutes scrubbing it all off. It’s so gross. Remembering of what she had told me, I put it to the test. This is what we had on our window… YUCK!

I am not kidding you, I literally wiped over the grossness once and IT WAS CLEAN! Yelling at my husband to watch, we both just stared at the door.

Thinking about the countless times we scrubbed with anything and everything to get it off, and here all I did was wipe it off with water! Totally awesome.

Test #2. Grease Residue

We are currently painting our kitchen and I needed to scrub off all the grease and residue off my cabinet doors above the stove. Before I busted out my vinegar I decided to try the enviro cloth. I started wiping and the grease fought back. Just when I thought it wasn’t going to work, the grease gave up and wiped off.  Enviro cloth 2 – Kara 0.

Test #3. Cooked on Food

I have a glass top stove, and I like to be shiny. Key word being like. Doesn’t mean it ever is, BUT I got to say, the enviro cloth did help a lot! Plus, I finished it off with the dry cloth to polish it. It was way better and guess what, it was shiny! Yay!

Test #4. Dust

With all the painting going on in the house, things have been coming off the walls and needing to be dusted. Usually, I use my regular microfiber cloths and they get clogged and gross pretty fast. With the dry cloth the dust came off and I was able to easily shake off the dust and not have it clog my microfiber.

Overall, I have to say the enviro cloth was a HUGE success in my home.

I was very surprised how easily it cleaned and that didn’t even begin to touch the antibacterial properties with the wet enviro cloth. I have seen multiple videos, like Amanda’s below where they do the chicken test. It really surprises me how these cloths block out the bacteria and not allow any cross contamination! The cloths have silver in them and that is where it gets its super powers from.

My Opinion of Norwex Enviro Cloths

I’ve been using the cloths now for a week. I am pretty happy with their performance. It is really weird not using any type of soap. The need to see something bubbly and foaming to think something is clean has been thrown out the window! From researching these cloths and trusting a friend, I am confident my home is clean and safe! YAY!

If you’d like to hear more about Norwex and these amazing Enviro Cloths feel free to check them out HERE!



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