Sckoon Menstrual Cup Review

I have been using menstrual cups for about a year now. As you probably have read in my first menstrual cup review, my first time wasn’t very pretty. In fact, it was down right scary. I thought I would never try another menstrual cup again in my life.

but like they say….. if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again….

I had talked to a few friends that were using menstrual cups too, and after I heard some of their horror stories, I knew mine really wasn’t that bad!

I know, I’m supposed to be writing words of positivity when using menstrual cups and trust me, I’m getting there. I’m just trying to be real with you! I had to get my mind right!

I tried two other cups before I received my Sckoon Cup. By this time, I was a menstrual cup user through and through. I was happy with what was happening. I really wasn’t bothered by getting my period anymore. However, I didn’t realize how happy I could have been for so much longer if I had gotten my Sckoon Cup first!

The Sckoon Cup by far is my favorite menstrual cup yet. It’s comfortable, easy to put in and take out, it holds a lot and it’s really soft plastic, so you don’t feel it!

I can easily put my cup in in the morning and have no worries getting through the day without leaks. I know that once it’s in there, it’s in the right spot and I don’t have to mess with it to get it perfect. It’s really soft plastic, so it’s easy to shape to put in and you don’t have to worry about snapbacks! If you’re a menstrual cup user and have never experienced this, count your lucky stars! Trust me, that’ll wake you up in the morning!

I have never, ever had a single leak with my Sckoon, ever. It’s so awesome!

I love it so much, on the morning that I started my period, I decided to share my love for Sckoon on Snap Chat and Instagram! haha

As you can see in the picture, this cup has a really long tip on it. This is super helpful for women like me. Other cups I have to dig a little more than I’d like to, to get it out. With this long tip, I have no issues. my cervix is tilted and kinda shoved over to the left a little bit so my cups ride a little higher than what I think most women would. However, if the tip is too long, you can always cut it down.

Overall, Sckoon is my all-time favorite menstrual cup to use, hands down.

I highly suggest checking them out. Plus, right now by entering your email on their website, you’ll get 15% your first order!

Happy Period!!

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