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When Sun Potion told me I could review any two of their products, I got really excited. They have so many great products, it was hard to decide. After going through all of their superfoods, tonic herbs and goods, I decided it was best to do something practical for me. Yes, I could have gone out on a limb and tried something completely new, but what kind of review would that be? I went with what I know, or well somewhat.

I wanted to try their Shea Butter and Dried Mulberries. 

Shea butter is so multi purpose. You can make deodorants and lotions or products that include shea butter in the recipe. Using it alone, however, has amazing healing properties. I have psoriasis. Sometimes my spots are worse than other days, but using shea butter really helps calm the skin. Keeps it from getting raw and promotes the healing of my skin. I get a lot less scarring with using shea butter.

It’s not just great for psoriasis, but really any skin disorder or blemish. It’s amazing on wrinkles! A friend of our family is from Turkey, and during her last visit she whipped up a cream she swears by to fight off aging. A lot of shea butter, some coconut oil and a handful of different essential oils. It didn’t smell the greatest, but she has amazing skin, so I think it’s safe to say it works.

Reading the back label, I was really impressed to see what their source was. How they get such a great quality shea butter.  Prepared by a women’s collective in Ghana. That’s wonderful. Plus, all the proceeds go directly to the community and wildlife conservation projects in Ghana. It’s nice to see companies that truly care and help support their sources 100%.

Overall, this is one of the best shea butter I have ever used. I will be reordering this.  It’s super creamy and melts well. The smell isn’t overwhelming, like some that I have used in the past. I love this.


The mulberries were something new for me. I have always enjoyed fresh mulberries but I had never had them dry.

Upon opening the bag, I was afraid. The smell was a little too much for me. Definitely not what I was expecting. The health benefits however out weigh any smell these little guys had that I wanted to give it a solid effort.

One of the big benefits in my eyes is that they improve digestive health. I need all the digestive help I can get. I’ve struggled with some sort of issue for about 8 or 9 years now. It’s a mystery on why I feel the way that I do but if these can help me. I’ll eat my 2oz a day forever!

They taste pretty good. Way better than they smell. I can see myself adding these to my trail mix or granola mix. Since they are sun dried, some can be a little too dry or gritty, but the taste helps with that. Plus, it’s something you get used to pretty quickly.

Mulberries also help with lowering cholesterol, help with weight loss, slows down the aging process, lowers blood pressure, improves metabolism, increases circulation, boosting the immune system and preventing certain cancers. These may the secret to living forever!

With all the benefits, it’s a wonder why more people don’t eat them daily. You can easily soak them and include them in baked goods and smoothies. So many ways of getting the 2oz into your diet!


I get so consumed into their website of products. So many things I’ve never heard of before, but reading the health benefits, I need to hear about them more! I’m excited to try more things and get some of their products into my normal routine of using.

Make sure you check out Sun Potion for yourself and see what they all have to offer. It’s definitely worth checking out!





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