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Norwex Enviro Cloth Review

Norwex Enviro Cloths!

A friend of mine has been selling Norwex for a little while now. She messaged me one night and asked if she could drop off a couple enviro cloths for me to try for a week to see what I thought and write a review. I thought sure! I mean from my understanding, they were plain microfiber cloths. How clean could they really get my home?  I needed to put them to the test! She brought me a wet cloth and a dry cloth.

Test #1. Dog Snot

She had mentioned before she left that they are great for dog snot on windows. Well, you can only imagine how much dog snot I get on my windows from these two.


Usually, my husband takes a scrub brush to our door window and goes to town for about 10 minutes scrubbing it all off. It’s so gross. Remembering of what she had told me, I put it to the test. This is what we had on our window… YUCK!

I am not kidding you, I literally wiped over the grossness once and IT WAS CLEAN! Yelling at my husband to watch, we both just stared at the door.

Thinking about the countless times we scrubbed with anything and everything to get it off, and here all I did was wipe it off with water! Totally awesome.

Test #2. Grease Residue

We are currently painting our kitchen and I needed to scrub off all the grease and residue off my cabinet doors above the stove. Before I busted out my vinegar I decided to try the enviro cloth. I started wiping and the grease fought back. Just when I thought it wasn’t going to work, the grease gave up and wiped off.  Enviro cloth 2 – Kara 0.

Test #3. Cooked on Food

I have a glass top stove, and I like to be shiny. Key word being like. Doesn’t mean it ever is, BUT I got to say, the enviro cloth did help a lot! Plus, I finished it off with the dry cloth to polish it. It was way better and guess what, it was shiny! Yay!

Test #4. Dust

With all the painting going on in the house, things have been coming off the walls and needing to be dusted. Usually, I use my regular microfiber cloths and they get clogged and gross pretty fast. With the dry cloth the dust came off and I was able to easily shake off the dust and not have it clog my microfiber.

Overall, I have to say the enviro cloth was a HUGE success in my home.

I was very surprised how easily it cleaned and that didn’t even begin to touch the antibacterial properties with the wet enviro cloth. I have seen multiple videos, like Amanda’s below where they do the chicken test. It really surprises me how these cloths block out the bacteria and not allow any cross contamination! The cloths have silver in them and that is where it gets its super powers from.

My Opinion of Norwex Enviro Cloths

I’ve been using the cloths now for a week. I am pretty happy with their performance. It is really weird not using any type of soap. The need to see something bubbly and foaming to think something is clean has been thrown out the window! From researching these cloths and trusting a friend, I am confident my home is clean and safe! YAY!

If you’d like to hear more about Norwex and these amazing Enviro Cloths feel free to check them out HERE!



Dapple Review,

As a mom, I use a lot of detergent, dish soap and cleaning supplies.. I’m always looking for new options as far as brands go. Yes, I always prefer to make my own, however if I run out of something, it’s nice to be able to reach for a bottle I trust to use around my kids.

The wonderful people over at Dapple sent me a few products to try just for that reason. They believe that products should be made with children in mind, and the messes that they make. For instance, using regular dish soap on bottles and sippy cups, they realized it was leaving a film and scent on all the bottles that they didn’t want. The lingering floral scent from the soap was not a safe mesh with the milk that was put in it.

They decided to make plant based products without any harmful chemicals or fragrances/perfumes, that was designed to clean up all the messes that children can make!

I love their message, because when I buy anything anymore, I turn the bottle over and read the ingredients. If there is one thing in the product that has me concerned to use around my daughters… I put it back.  With cleaning products, it’s really easy to pollute your home, I do my best not to do so.

Dapple has some pretty awesome products. I encourage you to head over to their website and check them out!

Remember the dish soap I was talking about?


I really liked this. My kids…. well my 18 month old is an expert at hiding things, especially her sippy cup. So, when I see a hidden sippy cup, my stomach instantly turns. I’m praying it’s no more than a day old and it’s just water. However, that’s never the case.. It’s always a 2 or 3 day old sippy cup of almond milk. I can see the dreaded thick milk film on the side of the cup and consider just throwing the whole cup away!

This soap though is good! Cuts right through it with no problem! Big thing I like is that it is fragrance free. So, you don’t have the gagging smell of old almond milk and flowers. That happened once, never again!


Check out those ingredients! I love their humor too. Notice the difference though, most warning labels consist of “if consumed, contact poison control”. Not dapple, theirs say “drink water to dilute”. It’s all plant based and natural products. It can give moms that breathe easy feeling when it comes to cleaning products.

Next, Cleaning Spray!


Babies have blowouts. It happens A LOT! I’ve gotten pretty smart and stopped changing diapers on those pretty little changing table pillow cases. We have ruined more of those than I know. However, now that we’re changing on easy to clean surfaces, the last thing I want to do is spray some chemical filled spray where they will be laying on it again, an hour later. Just doesn’t seem right to me. Plus, most cleaners have bleach or stinky chemicals to where their room now smells.

Dapple has an awesome lemon scented spray that cuts through any disgusting mess and leaves a clean smell after. It’s their nursery cleaner and I love it. I don’t only just use it in the nursery, but also for wiping down highchairs and their food trays.


I want you to go find the cleaner you are using now. Read the warning label. I bet most don’t say just drink a glass of water if ingested.. Once again… it’s safe! They even have a little tip which I know a lot of people don’t consider when they are buying a “natural” product. You have to read your ingredients..Some can still have allergens and toxic by products.

I really love this brand!


What every kitchen needs….Cleaning Wipes!

20161015_130839After our kids are done eating or while we are cleaning the kitchen, most people reach for a tub of cleaning wipes. If this is you, I encourage you to read the ingredients. Most of us know that cleaning wipes consist of bleach. Not exactly kid friendly.

Dapple cleaning wipes really cut through the grit and grime and clean! I was pretty impressed when I used it on my stove. I am an incredibly messy person when it comes to cooking. Things overflow and get cooked onto my stove top. I have sauces and oils all over the counter and my oldest never fails to say “mommy, you made a mess!”

I love how durable the wipes are and the messes it can easily clean. They can scrub and not crumble and tear, but they are so gentle when needed.


Once again, look at the ingredients. Cleaners made from vegetables, sugar and apples! Hard to believe considering how well these wipes clean! Great to have in the car too. I’ve spilled my coffee in the console and didn’t have the time to clean it up right away. What a sticky mess. Used a wipe and bam it was gone and no sticky residue.

Last, but definitely not least…. Laundry Soap!


Now, this may not pertain to all moms, but I like to cloth diaper. It was always such a pain though to find a safe detergent that I could use that was compatible with my inserts and covers. Plus, my youngest breaks out with eczema here and there, so a natural soap is important. Finding something that fit both of these categories and actually cleaned was difficult.

Dapple cut through the poopy diapers, cleaned the clothes, and didn’t make Remy’s eczema act up.

All of the cleaning agents are derived from vegetables, glucose and coconuts. Love it!


Overall, dapple is pretty awesome. I was so excited to see that when they say it’s safe for babies and children….they mean it! It’s just not a labeling scheme to get you to buy. They taking quality ingredients and make something great for families.

I’d recommend Dapple 100%!

Check them out on Facebook or their Website….either way.. make sure you see what all they have to offer!!



Biokleen Product Review

When I was searching for new cleaning products, I came across Biokleen. They have all natural household cleaners. As many know, I am pretty picky when it comes to what products I allow in my home. I have 2 young children and my youngest gets into everything. So, having a safe alternative that works is important.

I tried 3 of their products. The Laundry Liquid, the Oxygen Bleach Plus and the Bac-Out Stain Remover. I’ve been trying these products for a while now to really form an opinion. Here are my thoughts!

biokleen Laundry Liquid


This Laundry Liquid is formulated mainly for HE washers, however I had a standard washing machine at the time. What I liked is that they had listed how to use it for standard wash as well, so I knew I wasn’t going to screw anything up. It does say 64 loads, but if you’re like me and use it for a standard washer, you’ll get about half as many washes since you’ll need to use more liquid. It doesn’t contain any Phosphate, chlorine, ammonia, petroleum solvents, butyl, glycol ether, metasilicate, brighteners, SLES, or EDTA. Looking at the ingredients, I was pretty happy. Everything is plant based and it really did work!

My kids are pretty messy. My 3 year old is pretty careful, but she always seems to get something on her. My 16 month old has an adventurous spirit. She has no boundaries when it comes to dirt and messes. So, when I first used this liquid, it was on some straight up muddy clothes. Clothes came out great and looked fresh!

Another thing I really liked about this was the packaging. It’s made from 100% cardboard and newspaper. and the bottle actually pulls apart at the seam.


So, from there youll have 2 different pieces. the cardboard/newspaper outer shell and the inside bad that held the liquid. According to their website it’s 70% less plastic than regular laundry bottles. I found this pretty impressive!


See! Pretty cool huh? So, then you can dispose as you’re supposed to!

biokleen Oxygen Bleach Plus


Next, I tried the Oxygen Bleach Plus. I could go on forever why regular bleach is horrible for you, but many may not understand how oxygen bleach is different. One huge thing is….it’s not bleach! Like this product, it’s mainly a washing soda or sodium carbonate. With regular bleach, you can’t wash your colors with it… oxygen bleach you can and it will actually brighten them! It’s a safer alternative and way better for the environment. It’ll whiten your whites and it won’t break down your clothes and wear them out faster.


So, what did I think? I really liked it! I had a stain I couldn’t get out of my daughters white shorts. Playing outside and falling in a mud puddle while we were at a friend’s house sat too long. I washed it once and there was a faded grey stain all over her shorts. I basically just told her to wear them under long dresses or to bed, I thought they were ruined. When I got the Oxygen Bleach Plus, I thought, I’d give it a try. Well what do you know.. it got the stain out. Please forgive me, I did take photos, but my phone went all wacko and I had to get a new one and lost the before and after picture. Trust me though, it worked wonderfully!

biokleen Bac-Out


I have dogs so Bac-Out was right up my alley. Especially with our Schnauzer with a sensitive stomach..  That dog is prone to getting an upset and throwing up. Ugh! Let me tell you though, this stuff worked. It’s citrus and plant based with live enzymes cultures that really eat at the odors and eliminate them. I’ve invested in enzyme treatments and cleaners in my time of having animals and nothing really eliminated the stain and the odor, that didn’t leave the fabric or carpet funky feeling. We have a whitish carpet and the carpet looked better after using Bac-Out than before the incident even happened. It’s pretty concentrated, but you don’t have to dilute it to use it. Just point and squirt.. I’m a fan!


Looking at the ingredients, everything is plant based. The big warning for children had me look into it a little further. As that always raises a red flag for me even when its advertised as safe. According their website, they basically say since it is a household cleaner and even though it’s not toxic, they just want to raise awareness to be careful with using household cleaners around children. If they were to get it in their eyes, it would burn etc. So, just be aware!

Overall, I really liked the biokleen products. They tackled every job I gave them and succeeded! It’s nice to see that there are natural cleaning products out there that really work and aren’t misleading with labeling. What you see is what you get here.

Thanks biokleen!

If you’d like to check out biokleen and it’s products head over to their website HERE or their Facebook page HERE!

Have you used biokleen? Share your thoughts down below in the comments!