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Madison Reed Hair Color Review

As a hairstylist, I love hair color. It’s my favorite service to do on my clients. You can get creative, use your imagination, and try new trends. However, I’m not a fan of all the not so great ingredients that comes with achieving that perfect color. To be honest, I didn’t know there were hair color companies out there that used better ingredients until I went to our last hair show in Columbus. It really opened up my eyes to using better hair color and got me wanting to know more.

Who would have thought, you don’t need ammonia to process hair color.  It can be free of phthalates and parabens. I was already making sure that all of my hair products and shampoos were like this, so why not hair color?

I reached out to a hair color company that met all the criteria I was looking for. This was Madison Reed! This company isn’t just for professionals either. Anyone can go to the website, answer questions about how their hair now and what the desired result is and they will give you their color suggestion. Easy peasy and that’s just what I did!  They matched me at a Level 4 NMG (dark mahogany with hints of gold). I like dark rich colors, so this is what I ordered!

It came with everything I needed. Color, developer, gloves, cleansing wipes, shampoo, conditioner and even a barrier cream (which I didn’t use, I like to live on the wild side).

As you can see, my hair was well over due for some color! The last thing I want to do after a full day in the salon is to sit down and have someone color my hair. Definitely, do as I say and not as I do situation.


I do have some blondish chunks through the front of my hair which I am keeping. If I can find a “healthier” lightener, I’ll use that, but until then I have to use what I got.

First, mix the two bottles together! 


Now, apply the color to your roots!

Smush it through the ends!

Use a wipe and clean up any color left on the skin!

Time to process!

I processed mine for 30 mins and then jumped in the shower. The shampoo and conditioner helped get out all the leftover color from rinsing and left my hair super soft! The color is gorgeous!! I don’t ever want it to fade! Look at how pretty!!

Love it right? I do! I highly recommend Madison Reed! You get beautiful color without all the harmful ingredients. Non-damaging and so easy to apply yourself. Not that I want to put myself out of business at the salon, but this is an easy way to get professional hair color right at home!


Yarok Haircare Review

Not sure if many of you know, but I work one day a week at a hair salon. I’ve been doing hair now for 11 years and love it. I’ve tried so many shampoos, conditioners and hair products. In the past couple of years, I’ve been looking for more natural and organic based products and unfortunately our local supply house doesn’t carry any. Most are filled with parabens, pthalates, sulfates and other chemicals that in the end do more damage to the hair than good.

I always suggest a brand to my clients so they can continue their hair care regimen at home, like many stylists do. However, it always bothered me that they are going home and using something filled with so many toxins and it was me who gave it to them. Something that I suggested to them, and it’s now polluting their home. To most people, this isn’t an issue because they don’t know or don’t care about all the details or ingredients and how harmful they can be. They just want their hair to look good.

I got to the point where I just wasn’t going to do that anymore and I made the switch. I was only using non toxic hair care on all my clients. Surprisingly enough, they all loved it. The issue that I was having though, it wasn’t working for everyone. With so many hair textures, I needed more. I needed more options.

I did some research and reached out to Yarok! An awesome woman named Jessica, who is also a hairstylist, returned my email. She knew exactly what my struggle had been and was more than accommodating when it came to allowing me to review their products. I knew I’d get these products into the salon, so I could give it a good run for what they could do.


When I got everything I could not wait to try it. In fact, I may or may not of got a shower and washed my hair right away..  what? ….I was excited!   Here were my thoughts…

First, I wanna start with the basics.. Shampoo!


So, when we talk about moisturizing shampoo, I think thick and creamy. We rarely get that with shampoo. Usually it’s thin and clear..what’s moisturizing about that? Yarok’s moisture shampoo was awesome. It was thick and creamy and glided through my hair. Usually my hair after I shampoo it, is a ratted mess. Not with this. I was pretty surprised. If my hair wasn’t as dry as it is, I probably could of skipped the conditioner.

I left the shampoo in the shower for my husband to try. He has some length on his hair and its pretty coarse. As soon as he got out of the shower, he just looked at me… I didn’t say a word. He said, “I really like that shampoo”. He’s pretty honest too. If he doesn’t like something, he will say it. So I pleased that he tried both the shampoo and conditioner and was pleased!

Big thing for me is that I don’t have to worry about my color stripping out fast. I color my hair red and I can tell you..I hate coloring it so much. With this, I have no worries. A little tip for my readers… if you enjoy getting your hair colored, only use a sulfate free shampoo. If it has any sulfate, your color will fade fast.

With this it’s made from vitamin infused water and Organic Fair Trade African black soap! It also has tons of hydration from the Argan, Organic Coconut and Organic Hemp Seed Oils! This is a good one!

The only thing that I wasn’t super excited about was the scent. Just didn’t mesh well with me. 

According to their Yarok Bible, Argan Kernel and Nut Oils are great for repairing damaged hair, moisturizing, repairing split ends while restoring shine; increases hair growth and helps control, cure and prevent dry, itchy scalp.

The other shampoo I got to try was the Volumizing Shampoo!


This is huge desire for so many of my clients. They all want fuller hair with more volume. I wanted a shampoo to offer them that was natural. Usually when they want fuller hair, they are teasing their hair as much as possible and depending on what they are using for shampoo, it’s breaking their hair off.

I used this on a few different clients. Short hair, shoulder length hair with layers and even a girl with long one length hair. I was pretty surprised that after blow drying the hair, even the ends had more volume. They say that the organic and natural herbs, flowers, vitamins, minerals and essential oils actually plump the hair. I’d have to agree with this!

The Calendula oil in the shampoo soothes inflammation and irritation. It clarifies, fights dandruff, improves texture,shine and elasticity and even brightens highlights!

The volumizing line also has a Conditioner!


This was probably a favorite of mine. I can never get a conditioner through my hair at my temples. It always gets tangled and I feel like I have to rip through it. Not with this. Hair glided right through my fingers. This was a huge headache saver for me….literally!

My husband is a huge fan of this conditioner. He will keep saying..”feel how soft my hair is”. I think it’s safe to say it won him over.

Best thing that I noticed is that it is really creamy, and most creamy conditioners will leave your hair flat…  not the case here! Love it!

Nettle is one of the ingredients- rich in vitamins and minerals, improves the strength and supports hair growth!


So, after you get out of the shower always use a Leave In Conditioner!!


I used this a lot on my daughter’s hair. I only wash my hair about every 4-5 days and I try to wash hers every 2-3 days. She could probably go longer if she didn’t sweat so much when she sleeps. She is pretty tender headed. Always flinching when a brush comes near her head. However, this did help with some of the tangles and it actually helped her hair curl a little more than normal.

I like it because my hair feels smooth while it’s wet. If I don’t use anything, my hair feels really blown out and there is that fried texture.

It’s good to put on your hair before you blow dry it to protect it from the heat as well. This is super important. Always use some form of heat protection.

One of the ingredients is Primrose Oil.. it’s used to moisturize the hair and scalp. It’s also high in fatty acids.


Next, I like to use a Root Boosting Mousse!


I used this a couple different ways in the salon. Both ways were directed by Yarok on how to use it and it was great!

Basically, you can use it as a regular root booster. Putting some in the root area and then blow drying in the opposite direction of which it grows.. great volume.

Or, you can apply it to dry hair by scrunching the mousse in sections and drying to achieve the beachy wave. Super cute and really in style right now!

Feed Your Roots has Black Currant Extract which encourages hair growth and strength!


The next two I actually enjoyed using together on wet hair! Feed Your Shine and Feed Your Do!


So, these two I really liked mixing together and putting on my wet hair, right on the ends. I read that when mixing these two is like a power punch of moisture.. let me tell ya…. After blow drying my hair, my ends felt so nice! This is definitely a thing I’m going to be carrying at the shop for when the girls want super blonde hair… this will be my secret weapon!


The Feed Your Do is also great for putting a little on your hands and getting rid of those fly aways!!

Next, Let’s talk Hair Spray!


Hairspray and I are like BFFs.. I love me some hairspray, but I hate all the horrible things that can be in it. When its prom or wedding season, the salon can really give me a headache. Not that I don’t love doing updos, but the smell of hairspray all day makes my head hurts so bad. I know it’s because my body is telling me that it’s bad and I shouldn’t be around it. However, it’s my job.. This is getting added to the better hairspray basket!

I used this a few times in the salon. It’s taken me a while to get use to spritz hairsprays but this one is pretty awesome. This stuff really works! I can confidently use this on a bride and be confident the curls are going to hold!

When my husband and I were away for a wedding this was the hairspray I brought. I really wanted to see how well it was going to hold. I sprayed each piece of hair before I curled it. You better believe 12 hours later and driving home, my hair looked exactly the way it did that morning when I did it. Insane!

Oh! It’s not sticky either. I can do updo after updo and I can walk on the floor after I am done. Usually my feet are glued to the floor because of all the hairspray!

It smells fabulous too. I think from the Rosemary Oil, which promotes hair growth and strengthens hair..


Do you see it yet??  All the ingredients basically promote hair growth!! Not break it off and make it brittle and dry!!   Quality!!


So, like I mentioned before, I try not to wash my hair that often.. best thing ever for this is… Dry Shampoo!


So, I know a lot of ladies that sprinkle baby powder in their hair.. Yes it does work, however…SO BAD FOR YOU! Please please do your research on talc powder. Yarok uses organic Arrowroot Tapioca powder and organic Corn Starch to absorb the oils in the hair to help stretch out the time between washing your hair.

I especially liked using this on clients for volume. I’d sprinkle a little in while styling and backcomb the hair to add some volume. It gave some great texture to the hair!

I really liked this!

The Defining Creme was a big hit!


I have some curly haired clients and I have curly/wavy hair as well. Biggest complaint is FRIZZ! Oh that awful frizz that can ruin a perfectly good hair day in seconds. Plus going back to when I said I don’t wash my hair that often..well when I wear it curly, we’re talking more like 7-8 days without washing. That’s always my goal. Anything that’s going to give my hair a little bit of  a break. The one thing that makes me really start hating my hair on day 4 is..flyaways and frizz. I always have to get my hair damp again and try to rework it with out making it worse.

Using the defining creme I was able to get more curl and less frizz. My Dream! It did still get frizzy because of sleeping on it, but I’d just mist my hair with water (not really wet like before) and run some more defining creme through it again lightly. problem solved!

Clients really liked it. Most of my curly headed girls walk out still damp in fear of the dreaded frizz. Yes, I can use a diffuser on them, but if they don’t want to continue that at home I’d prefer for their hair to look the same after I do it. One of my girls told me she really liked it. Her curls were soft and managable and they didn’t get crunchy!

According to the Yarok Bible they sent me, they suggest using it on days you’ll use a flat’ll keep your hair straighter longer!! Great Tip!!


Last but not least, a Treatment!! Ooohhh!


The one thing that I love about this treatment is that it helps correct all the crappy things the enviroment can do to your hair! Im talking sun damage and aging! I actually used this for the first time right after I took all of these pictures. I forgot I had it! Which is sad because it worked so well.

I have some clients that I cannot wait to get this on their hair. I have clients that vacation is hot sunny places and come to me wondering why their hair doesn’t look as great as it did. The sun and the atmosphere can do some damage and wear it out.. I always encourage wearing a hat in the sun, not only to protect your hair but also your skin 🙂

It’s really easy to use too. Put it on your hair and let it sit for 10 mins and wash and condition. Easy peasy! Plus the citrus smell is yummy!

Sweet Orange Oil is good for so many things too. Helps increase blood flow and circulation which is something that screams healthier scalp and hair growth! Love it!


Overall this is a really great line of haircare! Like I said I’ve tried anything and everything and when it comes to finding a great natural/organic product line that works so well.. Yarok hit all the bullet points for me.

Plus, I just love their overall mission! Their name alone in Hebrew means “Green”. How cool is that? They are all about preserving the planet. Actually Yarok donates 3% of its annual profits to The Pachamama Alliance. This project helps support the indigenous people of Ecuador and Peru to protect over 10 million acres of the Amazonian Rainforest!

Yarok is definitely a brand that you should check out. They use quality products that are pure. No hidden junk! Love it! Huge shoutout again to them for being a company that people can depend on for great products!

Check them out on their website or Facebook!

Have you tried Yarok? Share your thoughts down in the comments!