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Somethings Missing…..No More Microwave

It’s been something I used almost all of my life. It has simplified things and made life convenient. It was easy as a push of a button and boom, food was done! Never did I think I was putting myself in harms way by using it. Yea, my parents told me when I was a kid not to stand so close or stare directly at it, but I thought it was all a bunch of bologna..  A couple years ago, my husband and I became more conscious of the things we were doing. One of these things was using the Microwave. We were making changes on how we would microwave our food. Using only glass, not using plastic wrap or covering our food with a styrofoam plate when heating stuff that would splatter. When our microwave stopped working after replacing it once before, we decided maybe it’d be best just to give it the boot all together.  We were taking all these special steps on using it, when just using it alone could be causing us harm…

So we ripped it down and threw it away!

 Isn’t it pretty?? I personally think so! In fact, it’s a great conversation starter! We haven’t decided what we want to do with the wall yet for a back splash so that’s how it looks today! When people come over they look at it oddly… point at it with their head cocked to the side a little bit with confusion. During this time were able to tell people “we are no longer using a microwave!” Some just go with it and some ask “Why?”


1. Cooking food in the microwave kills the nutrients that it once had. So you spend all that time preparing a healthy dinner and when you reheat the leftovers the next day, its pointless. It may fill your belly, but won’t be beneficial anymore. You food loses 30-40% of the vitamins it once had which turns them inactive.

2.As a nursing mom, I’ve never microwaved breast milk, but know of some mothers that do. I know, if they knew what it was doing to their milk, they would no longer do this. All of the powerful bacteria fighting agents in the milk are killed by the microwave. This leaves the milk 18 times more susceptible to growing E coli!

3. More times than not, when we reheat food in the microwave its either in a plastic container or covered in saran wrap. When heated the plastic will release cancer causing agents into our food.

4.The non-ionizing radiation of the microwave can affect changes in your blood and your heart rate. There was a study done with 8 individuals and the ones that consumed microwaved food had an decrease of red blood cells, increase in white blood cells and cholesterol.

5. The radiation that is produced from the microwave has been proven to mess with your heart rate and your heart rate variability.


Now, this is a topic that has been highly debated, but there have been studies that have proven these facts. I know some say this is completely on speculation and opinion, but personally even if one of these reasons have the slightest bit of validity to it, then I feel comfortable with my decision not replace our microwave.

I want to hear your thoughts though. Do you have a microwave? Would you ever consider getting rid of it? Do you believe the reasons posted?