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OCHO Organic Candy Bar Review

Oh, Candy Bars! I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before and I will mention it again. I am a candy junkie. I hide candy where I can. It’s like if it’s hidden then others don’t know how much I actually eat. Haha. Well until now I guess. I used to be a big gummy and chewy candy type of person. When I started looking into organic candy, I was seeing more chocolate than gummy candy, which I’m definitely okay with! So, I decided to give OCHO Candy Bars a try!

I was so stoked when I got my package from OCHO! They use no preservatives and no artificial additives. You get true organic ingredients, I love that! Reading their label, they don’t hide anything. You get exactly what you think you’re getting.

My all time favorite flavor when it comes to anything mixed with chocolate is definitely Peppermint!


The refreshing and cooling from the mint mixed the chocolate, you can’t beat that. OCHO’s peppermint is so smooth and good. It’s not gritty and doesn’t leave a bad after taste. They were my favorite to have after a meal. Even though it’s chocolate, it made me feel like I had better breath after I ate!

My husband’s favorite was Chocolate and Peanut Butter!

He may not have said that it was his favorite, but empty wrappers and missing peanut butter chocolate bars don’t lie. The peanut butter has that chunky peanut butter feel. It’s not gritty but almost has that texture, but I think this is from the fine peanut pieces. Either way, it doesn’t mess with the taste at all. It definitely reminds me of a healthier version of Reese’s cup! Yum Yum!

The Caramel is soo good!

Look at that caramel! It is so ooey and gooey and delicious! It just pours out of the chocolate. Oh my goodness, remember I am a sucker for anything chewy. Well, this is that! It’s buttery and smooth and the best thing to go with chocolate.

Lastly, I’m usually not a fan of Coconut.

However, something about this was different. The coconut was soft and sweet. It was finer and not overwhelming. I liked it so much, I ate more! That never happens, like ever. I hate coconut. Trust me, this is a winner.

I cannot say enough good about OCHO candy bars. If you’re looking for an organic alternative to chocolate or candy bars, OCHO is it!! The candy bars cost roughly $2 and I spent more on other candy bars that weren’t organic! Worth it!

Check out OCHO for yourself. You won’t be disappointed! 

Ecocentric Mom Box Unboxing and Review

As a mom, you gotta love mom subscription boxes! It’s so awesome. Every month you get a present in the mail, that is just for you! You don’t even have to share it if you don’t want to! I love it. This box is from Ecocentric Mom, it offers all-natural and/or organic products. You can get either the mom, pregnancy or mom and baby box.

My Ecocentric Mom Box was the mom box and it came with a lot of stuff in it! Check this out!

First, it comes all wrapped up in pretty pink paper.

With a paper that has all the contents and prices of each item! As you can see the $24 box is stuffed with items well over that amount.

There were two items from Live Inspired Organics. A Strawberry Sugar Scrub, that smells and feels absolutely amazing…

and a sample bag of tea. I am a huge tea drinker. This made the perfect cup of tea. Great to drink before bed and just relax! Go Ohio!

Common Sense Naturals included a spray hand sanitizer. It smelled wonderful and the convenience of being able to clip this onto a diaper bag or my purse was great!

Simply Earth Roll-On Relief in a Happy Joy scent. This stuff is pretty great. It is very uplifting and does help reduce stress and tension!

A gift card for handbags from Ivory Clasp. I have yet to use this gift card, but I did look over the website. They will match your style and make suggestions. This is another subscription service companies.

A sample size of Maty’s Cough Syrup.

A really cute magnetic picture hanging craft. We are currently redoing our homeschool room and I think this will be a cute addition to add to my daughters’ desks!

Hunkola!! I was pretty excited about this. I LOVE food, especially snacking type of food. This made the whole box worth it! haha.

Overall this was a pretty awesome box. Great quality products, no gimmicks. I was really impressed. Plus, it was nice to get a “gift” just for me!

When it was shipped it came really quick. The website is very user-friendly and you can pick how you would like your subscription to be set up. The more months you do the cheaper your box becomes! I highly suggest checking out Ecocentric Mom! Trust me, you’ll love it!

Check out my unboxing below!




GET $10 off the Pregnancy box by using the code MUSTHAVE

Ecocentric Mom Offer

Graze Box Unboxing and Review

Graze Box

I was so excited to get my Graze Box in the mail! Like you’ll see in my unboxing video, sometimes running out the door and remembering snacks, sippy cups and toys to keep my kids occupied while we’re out in public can get difficult. My mind is all over the place with getting everything I need for them, I usually forget the snacks.

After seeing Graze Box, I knew this was going to solve the issue. My girls won’t have to eat stale snacks in a baggie from weeks ago at the bottom of the diaper bag anymore! They can have a different snack every time and it will stay fresh!

I loved the look of this box. Not only was it pretty, but it’s biodegradable, 100% recyclable and made with wood from a sustainable forest! All pluses in my book!

In a full-size box, you get 8 snacks. These are the ones I received!

I know I mentioned it in my video, but I LOVE BANANA! So, I was so excited about the banana shortbread with caramel sauce.

It was so good!

My daughter was right over my shoulder when I started going through the box to try things. She couldn’t wait to get something. She tried the “Stars and Stripes”.

After she took one bite, she grabbed a blanket, curled up on the couch and these were gone in no time! I think it was safe to assume this was going to be a winner.

My husband tried the “Soy Roasted Seeds”. He was pretty impressed. The packaging is great, tasted good and how convenient they are going to be to have, you can’t go wrong!

The ingredients are great quality and for $14, it’s well worth it!

They have a great deal going on right now. You can get your 1st and 5th box FREE, just by using the promo code LIZM1D4DB at 

If you’d like to see more about Graze box and my unboxing, check out my video below!

Have you tried Graze Box before? Share your comments down below!

Yarok Haircare Review

Not sure if many of you know, but I work one day a week at a hair salon. I’ve been doing hair now for 11 years and love it. I’ve tried so many shampoos, conditioners and hair products. In the past couple of years, I’ve been looking for more natural and organic based products and unfortunately our local supply house doesn’t carry any. Most are filled with parabens, pthalates, sulfates and other chemicals that in the end do more damage to the hair than good.

I always suggest a brand to my clients so they can continue their hair care regimen at home, like many stylists do. However, it always bothered me that they are going home and using something filled with so many toxins and it was me who gave it to them. Something that I suggested to them, and it’s now polluting their home. To most people, this isn’t an issue because they don’t know or don’t care about all the details or ingredients and how harmful they can be. They just want their hair to look good.

I got to the point where I just wasn’t going to do that anymore and I made the switch. I was only using non toxic hair care on all my clients. Surprisingly enough, they all loved it. The issue that I was having though, it wasn’t working for everyone. With so many hair textures, I needed more. I needed more options.

I did some research and reached out to Yarok! An awesome woman named Jessica, who is also a hairstylist, returned my email. She knew exactly what my struggle had been and was more than accommodating when it came to allowing me to review their products. I knew I’d get these products into the salon, so I could give it a good run for what they could do.


When I got everything I could not wait to try it. In fact, I may or may not of got a shower and washed my hair right away..  what? ….I was excited!   Here were my thoughts…

First, I wanna start with the basics.. Shampoo!


So, when we talk about moisturizing shampoo, I think thick and creamy. We rarely get that with shampoo. Usually it’s thin and clear..what’s moisturizing about that? Yarok’s moisture shampoo was awesome. It was thick and creamy and glided through my hair. Usually my hair after I shampoo it, is a ratted mess. Not with this. I was pretty surprised. If my hair wasn’t as dry as it is, I probably could of skipped the conditioner.

I left the shampoo in the shower for my husband to try. He has some length on his hair and its pretty coarse. As soon as he got out of the shower, he just looked at me… I didn’t say a word. He said, “I really like that shampoo”. He’s pretty honest too. If he doesn’t like something, he will say it. So I pleased that he tried both the shampoo and conditioner and was pleased!

Big thing for me is that I don’t have to worry about my color stripping out fast. I color my hair red and I can tell you..I hate coloring it so much. With this, I have no worries. A little tip for my readers… if you enjoy getting your hair colored, only use a sulfate free shampoo. If it has any sulfate, your color will fade fast.

With this it’s made from vitamin infused water and Organic Fair Trade African black soap! It also has tons of hydration from the Argan, Organic Coconut and Organic Hemp Seed Oils! This is a good one!

The only thing that I wasn’t super excited about was the scent. Just didn’t mesh well with me. 

According to their Yarok Bible, Argan Kernel and Nut Oils are great for repairing damaged hair, moisturizing, repairing split ends while restoring shine; increases hair growth and helps control, cure and prevent dry, itchy scalp.

The other shampoo I got to try was the Volumizing Shampoo!


This is huge desire for so many of my clients. They all want fuller hair with more volume. I wanted a shampoo to offer them that was natural. Usually when they want fuller hair, they are teasing their hair as much as possible and depending on what they are using for shampoo, it’s breaking their hair off.

I used this on a few different clients. Short hair, shoulder length hair with layers and even a girl with long one length hair. I was pretty surprised that after blow drying the hair, even the ends had more volume. They say that the organic and natural herbs, flowers, vitamins, minerals and essential oils actually plump the hair. I’d have to agree with this!

The Calendula oil in the shampoo soothes inflammation and irritation. It clarifies, fights dandruff, improves texture,shine and elasticity and even brightens highlights!

The volumizing line also has a Conditioner!


This was probably a favorite of mine. I can never get a conditioner through my hair at my temples. It always gets tangled and I feel like I have to rip through it. Not with this. Hair glided right through my fingers. This was a huge headache saver for me….literally!

My husband is a huge fan of this conditioner. He will keep saying..”feel how soft my hair is”. I think it’s safe to say it won him over.

Best thing that I noticed is that it is really creamy, and most creamy conditioners will leave your hair flat…  not the case here! Love it!

Nettle is one of the ingredients- rich in vitamins and minerals, improves the strength and supports hair growth!


So, after you get out of the shower always use a Leave In Conditioner!!


I used this a lot on my daughter’s hair. I only wash my hair about every 4-5 days and I try to wash hers every 2-3 days. She could probably go longer if she didn’t sweat so much when she sleeps. She is pretty tender headed. Always flinching when a brush comes near her head. However, this did help with some of the tangles and it actually helped her hair curl a little more than normal.

I like it because my hair feels smooth while it’s wet. If I don’t use anything, my hair feels really blown out and there is that fried texture.

It’s good to put on your hair before you blow dry it to protect it from the heat as well. This is super important. Always use some form of heat protection.

One of the ingredients is Primrose Oil.. it’s used to moisturize the hair and scalp. It’s also high in fatty acids.


Next, I like to use a Root Boosting Mousse!


I used this a couple different ways in the salon. Both ways were directed by Yarok on how to use it and it was great!

Basically, you can use it as a regular root booster. Putting some in the root area and then blow drying in the opposite direction of which it grows.. great volume.

Or, you can apply it to dry hair by scrunching the mousse in sections and drying to achieve the beachy wave. Super cute and really in style right now!

Feed Your Roots has Black Currant Extract which encourages hair growth and strength!


The next two I actually enjoyed using together on wet hair! Feed Your Shine and Feed Your Do!


So, these two I really liked mixing together and putting on my wet hair, right on the ends. I read that when mixing these two is like a power punch of moisture.. let me tell ya…. After blow drying my hair, my ends felt so nice! This is definitely a thing I’m going to be carrying at the shop for when the girls want super blonde hair… this will be my secret weapon!


The Feed Your Do is also great for putting a little on your hands and getting rid of those fly aways!!

Next, Let’s talk Hair Spray!


Hairspray and I are like BFFs.. I love me some hairspray, but I hate all the horrible things that can be in it. When its prom or wedding season, the salon can really give me a headache. Not that I don’t love doing updos, but the smell of hairspray all day makes my head hurts so bad. I know it’s because my body is telling me that it’s bad and I shouldn’t be around it. However, it’s my job.. This is getting added to the better hairspray basket!

I used this a few times in the salon. It’s taken me a while to get use to spritz hairsprays but this one is pretty awesome. This stuff really works! I can confidently use this on a bride and be confident the curls are going to hold!

When my husband and I were away for a wedding this was the hairspray I brought. I really wanted to see how well it was going to hold. I sprayed each piece of hair before I curled it. You better believe 12 hours later and driving home, my hair looked exactly the way it did that morning when I did it. Insane!

Oh! It’s not sticky either. I can do updo after updo and I can walk on the floor after I am done. Usually my feet are glued to the floor because of all the hairspray!

It smells fabulous too. I think from the Rosemary Oil, which promotes hair growth and strengthens hair..


Do you see it yet??  All the ingredients basically promote hair growth!! Not break it off and make it brittle and dry!!   Quality!!


So, like I mentioned before, I try not to wash my hair that often.. best thing ever for this is… Dry Shampoo!


So, I know a lot of ladies that sprinkle baby powder in their hair.. Yes it does work, however…SO BAD FOR YOU! Please please do your research on talc powder. Yarok uses organic Arrowroot Tapioca powder and organic Corn Starch to absorb the oils in the hair to help stretch out the time between washing your hair.

I especially liked using this on clients for volume. I’d sprinkle a little in while styling and backcomb the hair to add some volume. It gave some great texture to the hair!

I really liked this!

The Defining Creme was a big hit!


I have some curly haired clients and I have curly/wavy hair as well. Biggest complaint is FRIZZ! Oh that awful frizz that can ruin a perfectly good hair day in seconds. Plus going back to when I said I don’t wash my hair that often..well when I wear it curly, we’re talking more like 7-8 days without washing. That’s always my goal. Anything that’s going to give my hair a little bit of  a break. The one thing that makes me really start hating my hair on day 4 is..flyaways and frizz. I always have to get my hair damp again and try to rework it with out making it worse.

Using the defining creme I was able to get more curl and less frizz. My Dream! It did still get frizzy because of sleeping on it, but I’d just mist my hair with water (not really wet like before) and run some more defining creme through it again lightly. problem solved!

Clients really liked it. Most of my curly headed girls walk out still damp in fear of the dreaded frizz. Yes, I can use a diffuser on them, but if they don’t want to continue that at home I’d prefer for their hair to look the same after I do it. One of my girls told me she really liked it. Her curls were soft and managable and they didn’t get crunchy!

According to the Yarok Bible they sent me, they suggest using it on days you’ll use a flat’ll keep your hair straighter longer!! Great Tip!!


Last but not least, a Treatment!! Ooohhh!


The one thing that I love about this treatment is that it helps correct all the crappy things the enviroment can do to your hair! Im talking sun damage and aging! I actually used this for the first time right after I took all of these pictures. I forgot I had it! Which is sad because it worked so well.

I have some clients that I cannot wait to get this on their hair. I have clients that vacation is hot sunny places and come to me wondering why their hair doesn’t look as great as it did. The sun and the atmosphere can do some damage and wear it out.. I always encourage wearing a hat in the sun, not only to protect your hair but also your skin 🙂

It’s really easy to use too. Put it on your hair and let it sit for 10 mins and wash and condition. Easy peasy! Plus the citrus smell is yummy!

Sweet Orange Oil is good for so many things too. Helps increase blood flow and circulation which is something that screams healthier scalp and hair growth! Love it!


Overall this is a really great line of haircare! Like I said I’ve tried anything and everything and when it comes to finding a great natural/organic product line that works so well.. Yarok hit all the bullet points for me.

Plus, I just love their overall mission! Their name alone in Hebrew means “Green”. How cool is that? They are all about preserving the planet. Actually Yarok donates 3% of its annual profits to The Pachamama Alliance. This project helps support the indigenous people of Ecuador and Peru to protect over 10 million acres of the Amazonian Rainforest!

Yarok is definitely a brand that you should check out. They use quality products that are pure. No hidden junk! Love it! Huge shoutout again to them for being a company that people can depend on for great products!

Check them out on their website or Facebook!

Have you tried Yarok? Share your thoughts down in the comments!



Tamalia Naturals Review

Tamalia Natural Organic Skincare is an Organic and 100% Natural company that offers a wide variety of skin care. The one thing that I found intriguing from the very start is that every product is made to order. So, that means when you place your order, they make it and ship it. It has never sat on a shelf! I found this to be super beneficial. Not only are they using high quality ingredients, but it’s also fresh! Huge plus for me!

The two products I tried was the Rose Facial Moisturizer and the  Organic Calendula Salve.


I got the most use out of the facial moisturizer obviously….and I really liked it! It smelled amazing and it wasn’t greasy or heavy. It absorbed quickly and made my skin really smooth. I’ve been using it for a while now and over time I have noticed my pores actually look smaller! I wish I would of taken before and after photos, but I guess I didn’t think a moisturizer would do so much. My skin looks more even and softer.

On their website they also state that if you use it on a daily basis, you’ll notice the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and it prevents and treats acne! Which I can say I have noticed that I’ve barely had any pop up pimples!


The Calendula Salve came just at the right time. I was looking at making my own salve. Neosporin is full of harmful nasty ingredients.

You can read more why you need to switch from Neosporin to a natural product HERE.

Looking at Tamalia’s Calendula Salve ingredients, it’s everything that I would use in my own salve. It’s perfect. With having 2 kids, we have lots of bumps and bruises. Plus, I may or may not burn my hand on a regular basis on our toaster oven. haha..  You’d think one of these days I’d remember it was hot!

So, I’ve had more incidences than I care to admit that I was able to use the Salve on. It was perfect. It helped take the sting out of burns, the pain out of cuts and scrapes and using it over the duration of the wound, it helped with healing! I think this is one that I’ll keep purchasing instead of trying to make my own! Plus, the smell was pretty good! I really liked the addition of the lavender oil!


I’m overly pleased by both of these Tamalia products. The ingredients are good and the quality is even better. If you’d like to check out these products yourself go to their Website!

You can also stay up to date on what they are offering over on their Facebook page!

Thanks Tamalia Naturals!!  A+ in my book!

Bon Tampon Review

Well, this review may be a little TMI, but let’s face it.. periods suck. Especially this last one and I am so happy I had this little package of Bon Tampons with me. I had just had my period about 2 weeks ago. It was light and nothing major, but this past Friday came….. and Aunt Flow must of missed me and decided to make a surprise visit. I was totally bummed and a little confused. My period has always been right on schedule and always predictable. Not this time…. I just wasn’t prepared.

Like I was saying, Friday she came back. So, with my confusion.. I wasn’t ready. Yes, I could of used a menstrual cup, but I’m still getting used to them. I had some Bon Tampons and thought, well I guess it’s go time! I rarely use tampons without cardboard applicators, because I always have an issue getting the tampon high enough without leaking.


Friday, wasn’t so bad. The tampons fit well, they absorbed well, and I didn’t feel like it was hanging out. Later that night, things took a turn. My period became very heavy and leaks were happening. The “regular” just couldn’t keep up. I was determined though. We were out of town and the Bon Tampons was all that I brought. I leaked through multiple times, even though I was changing my tampon every hour. It was ridiculous.

Saturday morning, after leaking through throughout the night and once again while I was just getting ready, I had to go buy something else. Unfortunately, I had to buy some “super plus” at the nearest store. I tried not think about all of the horrible things in that tampon, but at that point, I just didn’t want to make a scene at the wedding we were attending.

I can tell you with being only a little embarrassed, not even the “super plus” held it’s end of the bargain.. What a disaster..  Yikes!

Anyway, that’s enough about how my period ruined my night. Let’s fast forward a couple days and my period still isn’t normal, but it’s getting there. I didn’t give up on my Bon Tampons. I wanted to prove to myself that they would be fine…..Guess what.. They Were! Yay!

During this time, I played around with another new menstrual cup and one more other brand of tampons and pads, but the times I wore a Bon Tampon…  it was without fault! Thank Goodness!

My favorite part of course is that they are 100% organic cotton.. that’s it! Nothing else.


I can’t tell you the anxiety I got from using just some store bought super plus tampon.. Desperate times call for desperate measures.. but this was different..

Next time, I’m definitely going to order Bon super tampons and just see how they are. I really felt like they would of done just fine if my period didn’t get all screwy. Today is basically my last day of my period and they are great. I love that they come in a small convenient tube. I can carry a whole pack of them and not worry about some bulky box! Fits great in my purse! Also since they are applicator free, if you get anxious around people , and if you have to hide a tampon to go to the ladies room, this easily hides in your palm or in your pocket. No one would ever know!

So many positive notes to Bon! Highly Recommended!

Don’t forget why using organic and high quality menstrual products are so important.. To jog your memory.. I’ll link in HERE.


To see everything Bon has.. check out their website! I promise you won’t be disappointed. You an even set up a auto shipment of products, so you never run out!


Have you tried Bon Organic Tampons?? What are your thoughts. Share in the comments below!

Miessence Product Reviews

I have another great review for you! I like it because, 1. I never heard of this brand and 2. I am supporting another beautiful lady in a natural organic momma group I am in. Looking further into the ingredients had me intrigued for sure. This brand is Miessence, and the beautiful lady I am talking about is Marie Beermann from Australia! I have to say first off, this blog has brought me to many parts of the world I would have never expected to reach and I am so excited that it has happened. If not, I doubt I would of heard of Miessence! They have all certified organic skincare, haircare, cosmetics, superfoods, homecare and other products. With Marie’s help I was able to check out the skincare and haircare line and I have nothing negative to say.

FOR WARNING the following content will contain photos of my face without makeup! Haha.. To any woman reading this, I’m sure can relate. As I was taking photos of my skin, I did with caution. Trying to find the appropriate light. However, I have to say it wasn’t that bad. These products were really conditioning and it made me feel confident. I didn’t have the horrible dry spots as I do usually. So, of course, I took pictures to share with you all.. Proceed with caution…..even though.. I felt pretty good!

So, after working most the day in the salon, my makeup had worn off some and with the heat outside my face melted somewhat. I was more than excited to wash my face and start over.


 The Cleanser was great! Took my makeup off super easy. I didn’t feel like I needed to really scrub. I like that. My eyeliner is prone to raccoon eyes. This wasn’t the case. Washed off easily! See…


Next, was the skin conditioner…..


The skin conditioner was more of a skin serum. It was sooo smooth! The one thing I loved compared to other skin serums was that I didn’t feel like I was suffocating! It was light weight and moisturizing!


The Moisturizer was probably my favorite!


It was smooth and smelled ok. As I put it on, it made me think of tea and butter, which was kind of odd, but it faded. Overall, It made my skin feel wonderful! It wasn’t heavy and didn’t have a greasy feeling like other moisturizers I have tried. I would of felt confident to stop right here, go about my day, feeling like my skin felt beautiful!


Next, I tried the foundations. Now I am a little picky when it comes to foundation. They can get clumpy, gritty and can dry out your skin. They make your skin look dry and flaky, so usually I just opt to not using any. However. Miessence didn’t disappoint! I tried 3 different kinds… Honey, Vanilla and Porcelain!




I was pretty surprised when I used all 3 of these colors on different sections of my face. When they say translucent, they actually mean it. All 3 gave me a different glow when I rubbed them in. The honey gave me a warm glow. I liked it! It was a nice sun kissed color to my cheek. The vanilla I would use probably on a daily basis. It matched my skin and it didn’t look like I was wearing makeup at all. The Porcelain,  would work well under my eyes as they can get darker just a tad and this would be a good way to cancel that out! When they were rubbed in, it felt more like a lotion than a foundation.

Can you tell I used 3 different types of foundation? I think that’s what I like most. They have their slight differences but yet cover my imperfections!


Eeeekk.. now forget you saw any of those images and just remember what I said…  Miessence is a win!!

I also had the pleasure to try some of their other products! Like the Shampoo and Conditioner….


Now with being a hairstylist and trying every single shampoo and conditioner under the sun. I can be pretty bias, but this was pretty good! The shampoo, I only had to use once. I usually only wash my hair once every 5 days or so, which in turn I need to wash my hair twice to get it really clean. This shampoo, one time did the trick!

20160820_202353The conditioner, left my hair soft and pliable. It wasn’t heavy and was easy to get through my hair. My hair has a tendency to tangle easily… Not the case here… For a natural conditioner, this worked well for me!


The last 3 products I used from Miessence were the Body Wash, Shave Gel and After Shave Balm. With body washes, I’m not to picky. As long as it smells decent (but not over powering with artificial fragrance) and cleans well, I don’t care. This body wash was good though. The smell was light, it lathered well and didn’t leave a soapy residue on my skin!

The Shave Gel and Balm worked well together. I shaved my legs with the gel. I have super sensitive skin. so shaving my legs always leaves me with bumps and the feeling of a rug burn. The shave gel worked well with my razor. It was smooth going on and let my razor get close. I felt like it moisturized as I used it and left no stubble.. YAY! The balm prevented any razor bumps. I was happy. I didn’t feel like I had burnt bumpy legs, probably because it has aloe vera! Plus, it was smooth! Happy lady right here!

Overall, I’d say Miessence is a winner. All the products I tried didn’t disappoint! They over exceeded my expectations and I am happy to recommend the brand to others! The ingredients list is easy to read on all the products and I knew what all of them were. The quality is great and price is probably more on the higher side for many, but more than reasonable for the quality you receive!

I hope you all give Miessence a chance!  Check out Miessence HERE or email Marie at  with any questions you may have!

Steaks with Frying Peppers and Gremolata Recipe

Steak…. yum.. It’s not something that I cook a lot but when I do, I always like to try new things. When I ordered my Sun Basket delivery I really wanted steak. Plus, if this was good, I would make it again! Let me tell you…. this is one I will make again and again. This was so simple. It had ingredients I could easily get at our local grocery store and it was done in a half hour!


Here is what you’ll need:

2 tbsp butter

Fresh flat-leaf parsley

1-2 garlic cloves

1/4 ounce pine nuts

1 lime

Fresh oregano

1/4 tsp sweet smoked paprika

2- 6oz top sirloin steaks

3 ounces spring onions

5 ounces cherry tomatoes

5 ounces sweet Italian frying peppers

Salt and Pepper

Olive oil


Step 1. Prep your ingredients

-Let the butter come to room temp.

-Coarsely chop the parsley leaves.

-Coarsely chop the garlic

-Coarsely chop the pine nuts

-Finely chop the oregano leaves


Step 2. Make the Gremolata.

-In a mixing bowl, combine the parsley, garlic, pine nuts, and half the lime zest. Season with salt and pepper.


Step 3. Make the paprika butter.

-In a small bowl, using a fork, mash the butter with the oregano, paprika, and the remaining lime zest. Season with salt.


Step 4. Cook the steak.

-Pat the steaks dry with a paper towel and season generously with salt and pepper.


-In a pan, warm 1 tbsp oil over medium-high heat. Add the steaks and cook until well browned, 4 to 5 minutes per side for medium rare, depending on thickness. Transfer to a plate and let rest. While the meat cooks, start the veggies.


-Once the steak is cooked, set aside to rest.


Step 5. Cook the spring onions and peppers.

-Trim the root ends from the spring onions; cut in half lengthwise.

-Cut the cherry tomatoes in half.


-In the same pan used for the steak, add 1 tablespoon oil if dry. Warm over medium heat. Add the spring onions, season with salt, and cook, turning once, until lightly charred and softened, 3 to 4 minutes per side.


Transfer to a plate.


-In the same pan, raise the heat to medium-high. Add the peppers and season with salt. Cook until slightly charred and softened, 4 to 5 minutes.




This dish was DELICIOUS!!  The steak was amazing.. Look at this cook on the meat!


If you try this dish, please comment below and let me know what you think!

NaturOli Review + Coupon Code

I’m so excited to be able to write this review. Even though its funny that I’m excited over laundry detergent, shampoo, and soap, but the mom in me is one happy camper. Finding products that are truly safe to use around children can be hard. Some claim to be safe, but once you get down to the nitty gritty in the ingredients, some can be debatable.

I bring you…  NaturOli..

I was happy when I came across their website. They have a lot of great options. The products I tried were Soap Nuts, Liquid Laundry Detergent, Pretreat Laundry Stick, Shampoo Bar, Liquid Shampoo and a Cleansing Bar.

The ingredients in all the products are pure and natural. It was nice to be able to pronounce every ingredient and even know what it was! NaturOli are all about preserving the environment. The use all recyclable and biodegradable packaging and they take all the steps necessary to ensure and promote eco-friendly practices.

Speaking of the environment, I want to start with one of the products I was on the edge about first. I really wanted to like it because here in America alone, we dump thousands of gallons of shampoo down the drain daily just from rinsing it out of our hair in the shower. Shampoo contains chemical after chemical and our water treatment plants aren’t  designed to eliminate these chemicals, so all of these harmful chemicals make it back into our water supply. Scary….   So having safe alternatives, I love..

This product was NaturOli’s Secret Shampoo Bar.


As a hairstylist, I was stoked. I wanted to like it, because it would give me another option to use in the salon. However, my experience was a little different.

I got in the shower and had the bar in my hand. I tried rubbing it in my hands and then into my hair… that didn’t work well for me. I found it worked best if I just rubbed the bar directly onto my head. It was so smooth.  It wasn’t extremely foamy, which is a positive thing. Plus, you can really tell where your missing to wash. It felt very conditioning, probably because it has coconut oil and olive oil. I didn’t feel like I needed to condition, but out of habit, I used just a little..  this was a mistake!

I had to wash my hair again the next morning. It felt greasy, like I didn’t get out all the conditioner. So, I rewashed with the shampoo bar and then blow dried. Once again, I wasn’t excited. My hair looked frizzy..but I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. I’m so glad I did. As the day went on, the better my hair looked. I had volume like WOAH!

 20160726_124812Last night, after my husbands shower, he mentioned he used the shampoo bar on his beard. He said he was pleased because the little bubbles it creates really gets in and cleans! I wouldn’t of even thought about using it for facial hair but it makes sense and could eliminate beard oils!

I read on their site that it takes a few washes to really get used to it, because it takes a little bit of time to eliminate all the stuff that’s in our hair that shouldn’t be there. Which explains why my hair felt the way it did. They are right though, the more I have used it, the better my hair looks and feels and it hasn’t faded my color one bit!

I used the liquid Nut Shampoo on my daughters hair. Her hair does tangle very easily, but I do feel as if I was able to brush through her hair easier! This was a win win for us. No tears and a happy child!

The other bar I tried was the Cleansing Bar. Using the “soap” from the soap nuts with beneficial oils really makes this cleansing bar great! It left my skin feeling soft and clean. The soap it creates is very creamy feeling and I knew it would be hydrating, which my skin always needs. I am a sufferer of psoriasis and my skin can freak out with certain products. With the cleansing bar, it was calming and actually helped with the redness!


Next, the Pretreat Stain Stick. With having 2 younger kids, comes with a ton of stained clothes. Every meal, every step outside, will lead to a stain. One of my kids favorites though to make would be a fruit stain. Blueberries, blackberries and strawberries are the most popular. Plus, the hardest to get out. So I wanted to try this stain stick on a fruit stain. I didn’t have to wait long for a stain to happen. This is a strawberry stain. It happened at a birthday party and it dried and sat for a good 5+ hours before it was even touched with the pretreat. I followed the directions and wet the stick and rubbed it on the stain. Waited 5 mins and threw it in the wash. I was shocked when it came out. Most of the fruit stains don’t come out on the first wash, but this one did! I was ecstatic. Check it out!


I loved the Extreme 18X concentrated liquid detergent. It is a very concentrated soap berry detergent that is gluten, corn and soy free. No sulfates, parabens, phthalates, phosphates, petro-chemicals, dyes or chemical brighteners. 100% fragrance free and great for sensitives skin and noses!


I was surprised when I read that you could use it for more than just detergent! You can mix it to make household cleaners, carpet cleaner, dish soap and even to wash your fruits and veggies! How many laundry detergents can you do that with?

100% Non Toxic!!  I love it!

When making the concentrated liquid detergent, they use Soap Nuts/Berries.


Which you can actually make your own liquid detergent and I’ll show you how in another post, but it is all based on a small nut! I am a huge fan of soap nuts. They are my all time favorite for laundry soap.I am very pleased with NaturOli’s soap nuts. The quality is great and they clean really well.

You only need about 5 or 6 nuts and you throw them into a muslin bag and toss it into the wash. It stays in there the whole cycle until the load is done. Like I mentioned before, with all the stains my house sees. The soap nuts do the trick!


You’ll want to find your nuts after every wash though. They can easily get lost in the clothes.

They don’t have a scent, which is okay! I usually add a drop of essential oil into the wash just to give a good smell naturally!

I also noticed with most soap nuts, you get a longer life from your nuts if you use cold water. Not as much soap is released with cold, but it still cleans well.

Overall the soap nuts are probably my favorite NaturOli product. I can do so much with it. Make cleaners, laundry soap, veggie cleaner and other household uses. Plus, when I’m done with it, I can put them in my compost to help add nutrients to the soil and plants! Very cool!

If you would like to get all of the products I mention, I have a special for you!

NaturOli has a great set with all of these included HERE!

AND you can get an additional 10% OFF by using the code:   ohmyorganics16


I hope you guys take the time and check out NaturOli. I promise if you’re like me and love non toxic ways of living…. this is for you!


Sun Basket Unboxing Review

I can’t tell you how excited I was to open my Sun Basket box when the Fed Ex driver dropped it off. I was running around trying to get my children situated so I could get that bad boy opened.

If you don’t know what Sun Basket is, they are a meal delivery service based out of the West Coast that offers meals that are all organic, containing no hormones or antibiotics, humanely raised, fresh ingredients to make some fancy looking meals! They have a lot of different options to fit all diet needs. I personally chose a steak, shrimp and cod dish to try. I got 3 meals, each having 2 servings.

I received notice on Tuesday that my package was shipped and on Wednesday it was delivered. I was very surprised to feel that the box was cool to touch. Which made me happy. I was a little nervous on how all the works, considering they are shipping meat.

20160720_212641Well, there it is! Loved the box design. I think that’s initially what made me excited. It just screams… Open Me!

20160720_212919_resizedThe Box is fully insulated and was cool to the touch. I knew everything that was inside remained the appropriate temperature throughout it’s travel. Opening you can see that all three meals have their own back of ingredients. I thought this was awesome. How much easier can it get right?


Under all food bags was another cooler section that had freezer packs surrounding the meat! How smart!


The meat looked great. The best part that they are labeled with handling instructions and when to use by. So, even if your plan isn’t to cook right away, you’ll know when you need to do it by.

It comes with all the recipe cards as well and any tips you may need when it comes to cooking your food.


Here are the meals that I chose.

Vietnamese Cod with Rice Noodles and Mango Salad20160720_213343_resized

HERE it is made!! YUM!

Steaks with Frying Peppers and Gremolata


This was was delicious!

Cuban Shrimp Mojo with Lime Roasted Vegetables20160720_213849_resized

I am so pumped to make these this weekend! I will be posting all of the recipes so if you want, you can try to recreate these in your own home!

Overall. my first impression with Sun Basket is A+ with no complaints. The quality and freshness are wonderful! Now if I can just cook all of this so it can look like it does on the card… we will be in good shape!!


Thank you, Sun Basket!




Get 3 Meals Free from Sun Basket! Fresh organic ingredients and easy recipes delivered, with Paleo, Gluten-free and Vegetarian options.

All your resolutions in one delicious delivery

CORE Foods Review

  Breakfast on the GO! 

Let’s start off the reviews with the most important meal of the day, breakfast! CORE Foods offers great oatmeal bars that you can grab right out of the refrigerator and head out the door.  CORE Meals are the only 100% organic, gluten-free packaged meals to go that don’t contain any added syrups, oil, salt, and preservatives. Perfect for breakfast, workouts, travel, outdoors, busy days, and anytime you need a healthy meal on the go.

I was excited when we got these, as we are always looking for quick meals for my husband to take to work in the morning. Convenience is always a plus.

When Joe and I first tried them, I think we were both a little surprised. I was expecting more of a moist granola bar, but this wasn’t the case. It’s a little drier, however the flavor is definitely there! We both felt satisfied and was able to go about our morning without being hungry again until lunch.

If you’re looking for that regular, sweet tasting meal bar to tide you over to lunch or dinner, this probably isn’t for you. Personally, I like this, because those meal replacement or snack bars make  me crave more, since they are sweet. The CORE bars, depending on the flavor has at most 17g of sugar, due to the raisins. All others, range around 6-8 grams. They pack a bunch of protein, healthy fats and fiber into the Meal bars, which is great!

There are 2 different kind of bars in 3 different flavors. Regular Meal bars….

 and Meal Whey bars..

Almond Raisin, Cashew Cacao and Walnut Banana.

Of the 3 flavors, Cashew Cacao was probably my least favorite. However, I still thought it was good. To me, it just didn’t have a whole lot of flavor. Next, I liked the Walnut Banana. It tasted like a not so sweet banana bread. I’d definitely order more of these. But most of all, I really liked the Almond Raisin. It is the sweetest of the 3 and it reminded me more of a cookie. However, like my complaints about sweet snack bars, it didn’t leave me craving more. I was satisfied.

The ingredients used are pretty straight forward. No extra fillers or additives, just as Cory Rennell the guy behind CORE Foods intended. He traveled all over, as he studied nutrition and wanted to keep the ingredients as pure and fresh as possible.

California Grown

Raw, sproutable, ground, small batch, & sustainably grown
Raw, sproutable, ground, small batch, & sustainably grown
Raw, sun-dried select miniatures for best flavor, never oiled
Whey Protein
Cold-concentrated, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, free-range, grass-fed
Local, de-ionized, and filtered using both carbon and particulate filtration

USA Grown

Rolled whole grain kernels, flash steamed (Colorado)
Raw, truly cold-milled, hand-selected seeds, never pressed for oil (North Dakota)

Internationally Grown

Raw, sproutable, ground, small batch, & sustainably grown(Vietnam)
Raw, freeze-dried, sustainably grown, no additives (Chile)
Cacao Mass
Fermented, dried, and roasted (Dominican Republic)
Cacao Powder
Raw, heirloom, and traditionally fermented (Dominican Republic)
Raw, sun-dried whole fruit shavings (Sri Lanka)
Vanilla Beans
Ground whole beans (Indonesia)
Ground raw whole bark (India)

Storage is key with these bars, in order to keep them fresh. 1 week in the pantry, 2 months in the refrigerator or 1 year frozen.

So overall, I really liked these and will continue to purchase them. If you’d like to try them, you can find a store closest to you, using their store locator.

Or you can buy directly from their site. 

I found that they can also be purchased on Amazon for roughly $45 for a 10 pack, so depending if you choose to do the subscribe and save option on their website, Amazon may be your better option.

I wanna hear from you! What is your favorite grab and go meal?