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Sckoon Menstrual Cup Review

I have been using menstrual cups for about a year now. As you probably have read in my first menstrual cup review, my first time wasn’t very pretty. In fact, it was down right scary. I thought I would never try another menstrual cup again in my life.

but like they say….. if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again….

I had talked to a few friends that were using menstrual cups too, and after I heard some of their horror stories, I knew mine really wasn’t that bad!

I know, I’m supposed to be writing words of positivity when using menstrual cups and trust me, I’m getting there. I’m just trying to be real with you! I had to get my mind right!

I tried two other cups before I received my Sckoon Cup. By this time, I was a menstrual cup user through and through. I was happy with what was happening. I really wasn’t bothered by getting my period anymore. However, I didn’t realize how happy I could have been for so much longer if I had gotten my Sckoon Cup first!

The Sckoon Cup by far is my favorite menstrual cup yet. It’s comfortable, easy to put in and take out, it holds a lot and it’s really soft plastic, so you don’t feel it!

I can easily put my cup in in the morning and have no worries getting through the day without leaks. I know that once it’s in there, it’s in the right spot and I don’t have to mess with it to get it perfect. It’s really soft plastic, so it’s easy to shape to put in and you don’t have to worry about snapbacks! If you’re a menstrual cup user and have never experienced this, count your lucky stars! Trust me, that’ll wake you up in the morning!

I have never, ever had a single leak with my Sckoon, ever. It’s so awesome!

I love it so much, on the morning that I started my period, I decided to share my love for Sckoon on Snap Chat and Instagram! haha

As you can see in the picture, this cup has a really long tip on it. This is super helpful for women like me. Other cups I have to dig a little more than I’d like to, to get it out. With this long tip, I have no issues. my cervix is tilted and kinda shoved over to the left a little bit so my cups ride a little higher than what I think most women would. However, if the tip is too long, you can always cut it down.

Overall, Sckoon is my all-time favorite menstrual cup to use, hands down.

I highly suggest checking them out. Plus, right now by entering your email on their website, you’ll get 15% your first order!

Happy Period!!

Lunette Menstrual Cup Review

Another month, another period, and another menstrual cup review!

This month, I bring you Lunette!


I used this menstrual cup towards the end of my last month period and this months. I felt pretty confident with this one. After my last cup review, I knew what to do and what NOT to do! haha

I do want to remind everyone why you should choose a menstrual cup over conventional tampons and pads! Check it out here!

This cup is a little firm. So, getting a fold that works for you may take a second. First time around I used the heart fold. Simply, by squeezing the 2 sides together and then folding it over. This fold took a second for it to pop open. I wasn’t exactly sure if it was in the correct spot, so I just went with it…  well needless to say it wasn’t exactly and I leaked, but I was able to go back into the bathroom and take it out and put it back in with no problem and then it was fine!

It’s a really comfortable cup! Never had any issues. I did debate for a second on trimming the tip. It’s pretty long and I could feel it kinda hanging out.. but, I decided to just ride it out and I’m glad I did. It didn’t bother me at all. Plus, I was glad I had that extra length on the tip because it really helps to take it out!

Next time when I went to go put it back in, I tried the triangular fold. This one was hands down the easiest! Once again, very comfortable and didn’t leak!

Overall this made for one happy period! I’ve been having some rough ones lately and it’s nice that I don’t have to worry about tampons and can have something dependable! Winner!!

Lunette will definitely be a cup that I’ll keep in my bathroom for sure!

They have 2 different sizes and 5 different colors(orange, blue, purple, clear or white, and yellow).

If you want to check out Lunette for yourself head over to their website!

Have you tried Lunette? Please share your comments or stories down in comments!!


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Bon Tampon Review

Well, this review may be a little TMI, but let’s face it.. periods suck. Especially this last one and I am so happy I had this little package of Bon Tampons with me. I had just had my period about 2 weeks ago. It was light and nothing major, but this past Friday came….. and Aunt Flow must of missed me and decided to make a surprise visit. I was totally bummed and a little confused. My period has always been right on schedule and always predictable. Not this time…. I just wasn’t prepared.

Like I was saying, Friday she came back. So, with my confusion.. I wasn’t ready. Yes, I could of used a menstrual cup, but I’m still getting used to them. I had some Bon Tampons and thought, well I guess it’s go time! I rarely use tampons without cardboard applicators, because I always have an issue getting the tampon high enough without leaking.


Friday, wasn’t so bad. The tampons fit well, they absorbed well, and I didn’t feel like it was hanging out. Later that night, things took a turn. My period became very heavy and leaks were happening. The “regular” just couldn’t keep up. I was determined though. We were out of town and the Bon Tampons was all that I brought. I leaked through multiple times, even though I was changing my tampon every hour. It was ridiculous.

Saturday morning, after leaking through throughout the night and once again while I was just getting ready, I had to go buy something else. Unfortunately, I had to buy some “super plus” at the nearest store. I tried not think about all of the horrible things in that tampon, but at that point, I just didn’t want to make a scene at the wedding we were attending.

I can tell you with being only a little embarrassed, not even the “super plus” held it’s end of the bargain.. What a disaster..  Yikes!

Anyway, that’s enough about how my period ruined my night. Let’s fast forward a couple days and my period still isn’t normal, but it’s getting there. I didn’t give up on my Bon Tampons. I wanted to prove to myself that they would be fine…..Guess what.. They Were! Yay!

During this time, I played around with another new menstrual cup and one more other brand of tampons and pads, but the times I wore a Bon Tampon…  it was without fault! Thank Goodness!

My favorite part of course is that they are 100% organic cotton.. that’s it! Nothing else.


I can’t tell you the anxiety I got from using just some store bought super plus tampon.. Desperate times call for desperate measures.. but this was different..

Next time, I’m definitely going to order Bon super tampons and just see how they are. I really felt like they would of done just fine if my period didn’t get all screwy. Today is basically my last day of my period and they are great. I love that they come in a small convenient tube. I can carry a whole pack of them and not worry about some bulky box! Fits great in my purse! Also since they are applicator free, if you get anxious around people , and if you have to hide a tampon to go to the ladies room, this easily hides in your palm or in your pocket. No one would ever know!

So many positive notes to Bon! Highly Recommended!

Don’t forget why using organic and high quality menstrual products are so important.. To jog your memory.. I’ll link in HERE.


To see everything Bon has.. check out their website! I promise you won’t be disappointed. You an even set up a auto shipment of products, so you never run out!


Have you tried Bon Organic Tampons?? What are your thoughts. Share in the comments below!

Intimina Menstrual Cup Review

I have to be honest for a second…. up until about a month or so ago, I never knew menstrual cups were even a thing! Yes, I knew conventional tampons were not the way to go and buying organic was obviously better.. If you need reasons then go HERE. However, I never knew there were these little cups that would catch what your body would shed and that you could wear it for like 12 hours.

I remember seeing a BuzzFeed video of girls trying a menstrual cup for the first time. Some were reading the instructions and some were just going for it. Either way, their faces were hilarious. It’s that video alone on why I looked up the benefits to using the cups.


When my Intimina cup came in the mail, I was stoked. My period wasn’t for another 3 weeks, so until then, I would anxiously wait.

The day that Aunt Flow came, for the first time like ever.. I was so excited, but yet extremely nervous! I could finally try this bad boy out! I remembered back to the video I watched and thought that this was gonna be a piece of cake! So, I went for it.

After it was in, I felt pretty confident. Plus, I won’t lie.. I might of done some crazy bending and twisting, maybe a jumping jack or two, just to make sure it wasn’t going to fall out.

After about an hour, something didn’t feel right. I felt like it was leaking. So, I went to the bathroom, forgetting the instructions on how to remove it and just pulled. Uhhhhh yea, that’s not how you do it. I..about…died…  I seriously thought my insides were going to be pulled out. It was stuck. I had it suctioned to my cervix, granted it’s what it is supposed to do, but somehow with the way I inserted it, it didn’t have that much air inside. It was squeezed, so getting more air out to break the suction wasn’t an easy task.

Count this as a lesson learned… READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!


I should of just gotten up to go get them, but instead I continued to mess with it in a panicked state of mind. I thought maybe I could break the seal with my finger and if not, I swore to my self I’d just drive to the hospital. Luckily, I was able to break the seal, slide it back and get the cup out. I looked in it expecting to see that it caught at least a little bit. Nope! That cup was dry as a bone! I was bummed, but it was a given considering it was leaking.

So the whole if you fail, try, try again motto rang clear. I had to try it again. So, I washed it off and tried again. Followed by another round of weird squats and lunges. I had confidence this time. Plus, if by chance, I suctioned that cup to my cervix again.. I knew the trick to get it off.

I wore it for about the next 5 hours, then curiosity struck…. I needed to know. So, into the bathroom I went. After a much shorter struggle, what do ya know.. it worked!! YAY!

So for the next 3 days, I used my Intimina cup. I have to admit, I had a lighter period than normal. However, it didn’t fail me and it was easier than tampons! Nothing to throw away or worry about flushing. I think the only awkward time of using it is if your in a public room setting and you had to clean it. The whole walking out to the sink to rinse it off and worrying about yourself during that time, may cause some anxiety. Although, I think it turned me into a menstrual cup user.

The idea of not using disposable tampons or pads that can effect our landfills and futures, made me happy. I just really need to work on my technique, but menstrual cups are a win win for me!!

The one thing I really liked about Intimina was that they gave you options. Not only was the cup size based off of age and if you’ve ever had a child, but they gave you options of a compact cup!


So, no more stashing tampons in your purse. Just this little pink disc holder! I absolutely love this.


I was worried about the tip of the cup being too long since my cervix is tilted and my whole reproductive system is shifted to the left. I can usually always feel tampons, not enough to bother me, but enough that I don’t forget I’m wearing one. Sometimes I feel like they are resting lower. With the cup, I was afraid that the tip would bother me and I would of had to trim it back, but I didn’t! It was kinda cool!

So.. it all comes down to if I would recommend the Intimina menstrual cup to other ladies…..

Yes!! Hands Down!



If you would like to check out Intimina and get your own menstrual cup click that pink box below!  🙂