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Miessence Product Reviews

I have another great review for you! I like it because, 1. I never heard of this brand and 2. I am supporting another beautiful lady in a natural organic momma group I am in. Looking further into the ingredients had me intrigued for sure. This brand is Miessence, and the beautiful lady I am talking about is Marie Beermann from Australia! I have to say first off, this blog has brought me to many parts of the world I would have never expected to reach and I am so excited that it has happened. If not, I doubt I would of heard of Miessence! They have all certified organic skincare, haircare, cosmetics, superfoods, homecare and other products. With Marie’s help I was able to check out the skincare and haircare line and I have nothing negative to say.

FOR WARNING the following content will contain photos of my face without makeup! Haha.. To any woman reading this, I’m sure can relate. As I was taking photos of my skin, I did with caution. Trying to find the appropriate light. However, I have to say it wasn’t that bad. These products were really conditioning and it made me feel confident. I didn’t have the horrible dry spots as I do usually. So, of course, I took pictures to share with you all.. Proceed with caution…..even though.. I felt pretty good!

So, after working most the day in the salon, my makeup had worn off some and with the heat outside my face melted somewhat. I was more than excited to wash my face and start over.


 The Cleanser was great! Took my makeup off super easy. I didn’t feel like I needed to really scrub. I like that. My eyeliner is prone to raccoon eyes. This wasn’t the case. Washed off easily! See…


Next, was the skin conditioner…..


The skin conditioner was more of a skin serum. It was sooo smooth! The one thing I loved compared to other skin serums was that I didn’t feel like I was suffocating! It was light weight and moisturizing!


The Moisturizer was probably my favorite!


It was smooth and smelled ok. As I put it on, it made me think of tea and butter, which was kind of odd, but it faded. Overall, It made my skin feel wonderful! It wasn’t heavy and didn’t have a greasy feeling like other moisturizers I have tried. I would of felt confident to stop right here, go about my day, feeling like my skin felt beautiful!


Next, I tried the foundations. Now I am a little picky when it comes to foundation. They can get clumpy, gritty and can dry out your skin. They make your skin look dry and flaky, so usually I just opt to not using any. However. Miessence didn’t disappoint! I tried 3 different kinds… Honey, Vanilla and Porcelain!




I was pretty surprised when I used all 3 of these colors on different sections of my face. When they say translucent, they actually mean it. All 3 gave me a different glow when I rubbed them in. The honey gave me a warm glow. I liked it! It was a nice sun kissed color to my cheek. The vanilla I would use probably on a daily basis. It matched my skin and it didn’t look like I was wearing makeup at all. The Porcelain,  would work well under my eyes as they can get darker just a tad and this would be a good way to cancel that out! When they were rubbed in, it felt more like a lotion than a foundation.

Can you tell I used 3 different types of foundation? I think that’s what I like most. They have their slight differences but yet cover my imperfections!


Eeeekk.. now forget you saw any of those images and just remember what I said…  Miessence is a win!!

I also had the pleasure to try some of their other products! Like the Shampoo and Conditioner….


Now with being a hairstylist and trying every single shampoo and conditioner under the sun. I can be pretty bias, but this was pretty good! The shampoo, I only had to use once. I usually only wash my hair once every 5 days or so, which in turn I need to wash my hair twice to get it really clean. This shampoo, one time did the trick!

20160820_202353The conditioner, left my hair soft and pliable. It wasn’t heavy and was easy to get through my hair. My hair has a tendency to tangle easily… Not the case here… For a natural conditioner, this worked well for me!


The last 3 products I used from Miessence were the Body Wash, Shave Gel and After Shave Balm. With body washes, I’m not to picky. As long as it smells decent (but not over powering with artificial fragrance) and cleans well, I don’t care. This body wash was good though. The smell was light, it lathered well and didn’t leave a soapy residue on my skin!

The Shave Gel and Balm worked well together. I shaved my legs with the gel. I have super sensitive skin. so shaving my legs always leaves me with bumps and the feeling of a rug burn. The shave gel worked well with my razor. It was smooth going on and let my razor get close. I felt like it moisturized as I used it and left no stubble.. YAY! The balm prevented any razor bumps. I was happy. I didn’t feel like I had burnt bumpy legs, probably because it has aloe vera! Plus, it was smooth! Happy lady right here!

Overall, I’d say Miessence is a winner. All the products I tried didn’t disappoint! They over exceeded my expectations and I am happy to recommend the brand to others! The ingredients list is easy to read on all the products and I knew what all of them were. The quality is great and price is probably more on the higher side for many, but more than reasonable for the quality you receive!

I hope you all give Miessence a chance!  Check out Miessence HERE or email Marie at  with any questions you may have!

Daisy Blue Naturals Review

I first came across Daisy Blue Naturals from a lady named Tina Anderson in a Facebook group for Natural Organic Mommas. I had never heard of Daisy Blue, but knowing that they are a company that uses no sulfates or phosphates, no artificial preservatives, no phthalates or artificial fragrances….. I was pretty happy! Plus, they don’t test on animals!


After my first conversation with Tina, I knew I needed to try Daisy Blue’s products. We went back and forth a little bit about the products and she was telling me how she uses Daisy Blue everyday. When she told me she was 44 years old I was stunned…. She could of told me she put spaghetti sauce on her face every night before bed and I would of done it. I mean come on, Look at her!


I tried a few different things from Daisy Blue Naturals. I tried both the Chardonnay Scrub and moisturizer, the Blue Daisy Lotion and the Lavender Lotion…

The Chardonnay Scrub is unlike other scrubs I have used. The ground grape and apricot seeds are very fine, this I love. They really get into the skin to remove all the dead skin. I am prone to dry, peeling skin and after I used the scrub I saw a significant difference in my face. My T zone and around my nostrils weren’t flaky anymore. They looked smooth and felt amazing! The smell was a little strong in the container but once it was out, it smelled really good!


Next, I used the Daisy Blue Chardonnay Moisturizer. It smelled just like the scrub and just as strong, but once I had it in my hands and on my skin, it was more pleasant. I really liked it, because it was thick, but lightweight on my face and absorbed well. It didn’t leave any residue on my skin like some moisturizers! It made my skin feel very soft. Plus, my foundation went on very smooth!


The “Blue Daisy” lotion was really nice. My daughter used it as well. She kept saying “it smells good.” My big thing that I loved about my daughter liking it, was that there was no fear if she put her fingers in her mouth later. There isn’t anything in the lotion that would make her sick. I wouldn’t be surprised if her fingers went in her mouth either considering it smells like candy or bubble gum! That’s always a winner in my book!  The lotion itself is really smooth and silky feeling with once again no oily residue feeling.


My favorite lotion that I got to try would be the Lavender Hand and Body Lotion. Lavender to me is the most relaxing smell. I would always mix my own lavender lotion to use on my children after bath time just to give a little calming massage before bed. Sometimes it was more of a mess than a success, because adding drops of lavender to lotion with a child trying to run away from your grasp can be a juggling act. So, this is perfect for us.

I did use a dab of this and rubbed it on my dogs. When ever they go outside, they like to lay by our back door. When it’s hot sometimes gnats will kinda fly around their back ends and I would hate it. When I would go to open the door those little gnats would then come in my house! Nothing is worse than a pesky gnat that keeps flying by your face. So, I rubbed a dab in my hands and then on their fur. This lotion works good to repel bugs! The gnats stayed away!  I wouldn’t use this as a mosquito repellent, but if I was out playing in the grass or something during the day and I didn’t want to be bothered by some little bugs… I think this could be a good thing to grab and try!


I’ve spent some time today just kinda browsing their site. I’m pretty impressed by the options they have for products. They have a great variety and remember everything is all natural and pure! You’ll be able to understand every ingredient!  I think I’m going to check out their baby and cleaning products next! When I talked to Tina, she mentioned her favorite things were the facial sets and the Dr. Daisy items….and once again if you looked at her picture above, you can see how awesome the Daisy Blue facial products are! She looks amazing!

You can check out what Daisy Blue Naturals has too by going HERE or HERE!

You can also head over to Facebook and stay up to date with everything that Daisy Blue Naturals is offering at Tina’s Daisy Blue Page!

Thank you Tina! Daisy Blue Naturals is definitely going on my WANTS and NEEDS list! 🙂

Have you tried Daisy Blue Naturals products before? If so, I want to hear your thoughts!