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Babo Botanicals Sunscreen Review

Well, Summer has come and gone.. sorta..  Here in Ohio, we’re still cruising in 80+ degree weather with raging sun. So, sunscreen is still a must. I’ve tried a handful of sunscreens this summer, but I was still on the lookout for an all natural or organic sunscreen that was a spray. I know, I know, aerosol usually means not so great ingredients, however I was determined to find something!

The convenience of a spray is nice, but the smell and sting isn’t pleasing to anyone. So, I started searching around for a fragrance free, natural aerosol and what do ya know… I found Babo Botanicals!


It came at the perfect time too! The weekend of Labor Day! We had some cookouts to go to, that would include a lot of time outside in the sun. I knew I wanted to try it out! I get a little nervous trying new sunscreens. My husband and I both have really fair skin so, our children have been blessed with beautiful porcelain skin, but cursed because, if they even think of the sun…they will get a sunburn! It’s awful!

At our first cookout, I brought my girls over and sprayed them down. I did not spray it directly on their face though. I sprayed it on my hand first and rubbed in on the face. It absorbed quickly and didn’t bother them one bit.  Best part..It’s not greasy one bit!!

My older daughter can run around for one minute and be the sweatiest kid possible. Beat red face with sweat runs. This always makes me nervous with sunscreen. We have had incidences where she sweat and got burnt where the sunscreen dripped off basically. Babo prevented it! Yes she sweat, but she didn’t burn! YAY!!

Neither one of the girls got in the water, the sunscreen however is water resistant. I love that. With these hot days that were still having, we are still swimming!

Over the rest of the weekend, we continued to use the sunscreen as we played outside. Overall I am very happy! Plus, looking at the ingredients..


I don’t see anything bad! WOO HOO! To top it off its for super sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, dairy, soy and gluten free and safe to use on babies and children. Hit every point that I was looking for. I am more than pleased by the way this sunscreen held up!

I strongly suggest you looking into Babo Botanicals for next summer season! Unless, you still have 80+ degree weather like we have here.. Then go check it out here… right now!  Babo Botanicals can also be found on Facebook!

Have you tried Babo Botanical sunscreen before? Share your thoughts down in the comments!

Beachcomber Review

All summer long, I was searching for a great natural sunscreen. I did come up with some that did a pretty good job. Then, one day I’m looking online and come across a brand called Beachcomber Sun & Skin Products. I was pretty excited, I had heard great things and even referred to them as a natural sunscreen option in an earlier post. Even better, they are local to me in Lima, Ohio! I had no clue! So, I thought that was pretty neat since I love supporting local businesses!

Beachcomber offers all natural and organic sunscreen, lip balm and lotion that contain no harmful chemicals or preservatives, no parabens, pthalates or dyes.They make it all and package it themselves. They take a lot of care in their products and even helped educate me with some interesting facts that I’ll share with you in a bit!

The first thing I tried was the Beachcomber Beach Butter.20160901_221954

This is exactly what I was looking for. A natural and organic sunscreen that worked, that was safe for my children to use and that was strong enough to protect our skin without the worry while we were out in the sun. It was smooth and went on their skin quick. Usually my oldest complains since I have to really rub it in. With Beachcomber,there were no complaints since its more like a whipped lotion. As a mom, that couldn’t make me happier. It’s SPF 30. I did reapply every hour or so on their faces and shoulders like advised on the label and my babies didn’t get sun burnt, even in 85+ degree weather! Beachcomber nailed everything I wanted from a natural sunscreen.

Next, I tried was 2 different flavors of lip balm. Blueberry and Natural Cocoa.


The first one I used was the blueberry. Unfortunately, I was a little too excited when I took it out of my mailbox and wanted to use it right away, I didn’t think of it being in the heat. Your regular non natural brand of chapstick wouldn’t of had this issue, but with this being natural, it was really soft and melted. However, it didn’t alter my opinion on it. Melted or not, it was smooth and smelled wonderful. It was very hydrating and I didn’t feel like I had to put more on a half hour later. The natural cocoa was just as great. Smells delicious and worked great. Since they were both a little soft when I first got them, I’ve actually been keeping them in my fridge. I thought this would make them too firm to apply, but the mix of being smooth and chilled, it’s pretty nice.

I have to add that every night before bed, my 3 year old asks to have some blueberry lipbalm! She is a lip picker. I’m not sure if it’s habit from being bored or nervous, but she would pick her lips until they would bleed in little spots. Since shes been using Beachcomber lip soothing stick, her lips have been looking much better! Gotta love quality ingredients!


Oh, remember when I mentioned that the owner of Beachcomber helped educate me a little on lip balms and chapsticks? Well, most companies put natural or artificial sweeteners in their lip balms and chapsticks. By doing this, the flavor is more intense and is a little secret weapon to getting people to purchase more!  Not only are the sweeteners addictive, but they will make you lick your lips more, causing the membrane to become dry. Then, what do you do when your lips become dry? You apply more chapstick or lip balm… oh what a vicious, sneaky cycle! So, needless to say, Beachcomber doesn’t use any sweeteners!

So overall, Beachcomber products rank pretty high in my books. What you see on the label is what you get. They offer pure, quality ingredients with pure, quality service. They don’t have a ton of products, but what they have is wonderful! Definitely a case of quality over quantity for sure!

Thanks Beachcomber!!

Have you tried any Beachcomber products? Share your thoughts down in the comments section!

All Natural/Organic Baby Product Guide

Having children can make you a nervous wreck. You’re now responsible for this little human, to keep them happy and healthy. The happy part is pretty easy. Well, unless you’re child is like my youngest daughter, then it makes things a little more of challenge. However, for the most part, you play with them and give them attention and they are content. Keeping them healthy seems like it is a pretty easy job, but looking at labels anymore can make any heart race. So many preservatives, artificial who knows what and chemicals galore. Their little bodies and their super thin skin can be easily irritated by the smallest things. That’s why as parents we need to conscious of what we buy and use. To top it off, most of these chemicals are cancer causing. I know, I personally never want my child to ever have to go through something like that.

One thing to remember, just because the store sells it, doesn’t mean it’s safe. One large company years ago……*cough Johnson and Johnson *cough, finally removed formaldehyde from their ingredients and lately were sued for causing ovarian cancer with their talc (baby powder). It’s crazy to me. Just because they label products “soft” and “gentle”, could be anything but that. Or even better, using the words “natural”, when really only 1 ingredient is.  Just be aware and read your labels. If you can’t pronounce it, google it or look the product up yourself on the Environmental Working Group page.

Luckily, there are so many great companies that offer alternatives to many of the products we buy for our children. Yes, they might cost a little more, but it’s worth it.

I’ve been researching a lot of these companies and thinking about all the categories needing to cover. Anything and everything that touches their skin.. Eating is a whole other post..  but this is what I came up with. Please look at the ingredients list closely as most links just get you to a main page of products. If you question a product, run it through the EWG. Overall I hope this helps raise awareness to safer products to use for your children.


Naty– Fragrance and Chlorine Free.

Andy Pandy– 100% Bamboo fiber and biodegradable.

Bambo Nature– Free of chlorine, perfume, brighteners and lotions.

Nurtured By Nature– Chlorine Free

Babyganics– No chlorine, latex, petroleum based lotions or fragrances

Broody Chick– 100% Natural and Compostable

Attitude– Free of carcinogens, mutagens & reproductive toxins


Baby Products- Baby Wash/Shampoo, Lotion, Diaper Cream

Tamalia Naturals– Natural and Organic

Daisy Blue Naturals- 100% Natural

Beaming Baby– Organic Lotion, Baby Wash and Bubble Bath.

Naty– Paraben and SLS Free.

Earth’s Best–  At least 70% Organic, hypoallergenic.

Pure Haven Essentials– All natural and organic. Baby wash, lotion, powder and diaper cream.

Badger- USDA Organic

Babo Botanicals– No sulfates, parabens, pthalates, synthetic fragrances and dyes.

Lafes Natural Body Care– Over 70% Organic

Earth Mama Angel Baby– Certified Organic

Mom of 11 Kids– All Natural


Baby Wipes

Beaming Baby– Certified Organic

Naty– 100% Biodegradable.

Bambo Nature- Chlorine and perfume free, no brighteners, eco friendly and biodegradeable.  However some ingredients depending on your beliefs can be questionable.

Babyganics– No alcohol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial dyes or fragrances. However do contain sodium benzonate which can be questionable depending on your research.

Jackson Reece– no  parabens, alcohol, phthalates, DMDM hydantoin, sodium benzoate or phenoxyethanol

Bum Boosa– Bamboo and plant based.

Water Wipes– Contain water and grapeseed oil…that’s it.

Broody Chick– Chemical and fragrance free.



Earth’s Best– Fluoride Free and Organic Teething Gel.

Pure Haven Essentials– All natural and made with organic ingredients. Orange

Dr Bronners– this is for older children and adults.

Poofy Organics- Cherry Organic Toothpaste for Toddlers

Jack & Jill– Natural Toothpaste, Fluoride free with organic ingredients.



The Best 26 Organic Clothing Brands of 2016. Credit- The Good Trade


Earth’s Best– All natural, fragrance free and water resistant.

Babyganics– SPF 50+

Badger– 98% Organic and Certified Natural

Raw Elements USA– Organic

California Baby– Top Marks from EWG.

Coola– Organic

Beachcomber– Organic, no parabens or pthalates.

Kabana Skincare– Organic. My review here.

Bug Repellant

Babyganics– Citronella, Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemongrass & Geranium

Badger– Certified Natural

Lafes Natural Body Care– Certified Organic


My list grows everyday as I’m a mom that wants to use what’s best. If I find something I don’t like, I stop using it and move on. I haven’t personally tried every single one of these brands. Like I mentioned, this was mainly researching these brands and seeing what I thought was best. Use your best judgement.

Do you have any comments about the brands I have listed? How would you rate them on your own scale? Share in the comments below!

Kabana Sunscreen Review

Well, I live in Ohio… You never know what the weather will be like everyday. All I do know is, that if it’s summer, it’s going to be hot outside. Not just hot, but humid and gross. If it were up to me on most days, I’d just stay inside all day. Since I have children, this really isn’t an option for me. They want to play outside in that super hot sun, but as I’ve posted before HERE, one of the real concerns isn’t the’s what sunscreen you use. Lately, I’ve been struggling to find a good sunscreen, one that protects you from the sun, safe for babies and kids and where you don’t have to reapply every half hour, because it melts right off.

I decided I wanted to try Kabana Sunscreen. Going to their website, first off they were all about educating. Talking about how our skin is our largest organ and how we need to protect it without the chemicals.. This had me excited. As I ran down their list of sunscreens, I was pleased. They had a little something for everyone. Original, Tinted, Water Resistant, Lip Balm and even a SPF Body Wash!

I got the Original for myself and the water resistant for my kiddos.

20160713_173219The original GreenScreen is SPF 30. It’s Organic, Non Nano Particle, Chemical and Fragrance Free and Biodegradable. It was easy to squeeze out, smooth to go on and covered well.

The  BaliBlock is what I used on my kids. It smells like vanilla and you can even see the vanilla bean in the sunscreen. Its also Non Nano Particle and Organic. It is water resistant. It is very thick to go on.I found it easier to rub the stick in my hand first then apply to my 3 year old. My 1 year old, she didn’t mind me rubbing the stick over her legs and arms, then rubbing it in. It is very white on the skin. I choose not to rub it in completely, as this would take you forever. Plus, I think the zinc oxide being on top of the skin really helps protect from the sun. Think about old school life guards with their white noses!

20160713_173230 Both of these sunscreens are safe for all ages including babies under 6 months old. Both are to be reapplied every 2 hours and initially 15 mins before being exposed to the skin. Most importantly..check out those ingredients! Who can complain with that? So exciting!

So here we are playing outside! Playing in the water table in the morning and swimming in the afternoon!



Oh my precious water babies!! They are very fair skinned like myself. Plus, their dad has red hair. So, being burnt by the sun can happen very easily for all of us.

BUT…… after using Kabana Sunscreen while we were outside… NO SUNBURN!!  YAY!!

I am so excited and happy by this. Trying out new sunscreens can be a little nerve wrecking for this momma. Kabana came through with flying colors!


If you’d like to get your own Kabana Sunscreen, you can check out their variety HERE .  If you’d like some additional information on sunscreen, SPF and zinc oxide vs. other active ingredients check out their FAQ.